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  1. The benefits agency, DWP and HMRC have been using experian for a couple of years. I was answering security questions for the Tax Credits, and the Q's went into mortgage payments, utility DD's when I queried the questions I was told that they had to ask certain Q's because Experian had given them a list they had to complete. When I became angry, and asked what the fek Experian had to do with my tax credits claim. I was referred to a supervisor, who assured me that experian could not view my details or access their database. But she wouldnt answer why they were using experian.
  2. Just a quick addition, since 2001 I have had three cars, all taxed, mot'd and insured, lived at the same address, an no probs.... however did get taken to court in absence for supposedly failing to provide details on a NIP, it went to magistrates and was squashed, but was warned by the magistrate that the DVLA would in all probability want to re try the case, they did and again it was squashed. could they be out to get me???
  3. Hi, wondering if anyone can shed any light on my problem... My licence was apparantly revoked in 2001, for failing to surrender it for endorsement. I never recieved any notification whatsoever.. I was "done" in 2003 for speeding, sent licence off, all was ok, done again in march this year for another offence, again sent licence off, got it back, yet n Today I was stopped by the police on a random stop, and was informed my licence was revoked and had been since 2001, they have impounded my car. getting the car back is an bugbear, but how do I unrevoke a licence after all this time?
  4. Oppsss Officer so sorry my number plate was damaged.... wonder how many will try it... How could they (police) prove your number plate had not been damaged in the last few hours...?
  5. Hi the name is Alan, 1st time on here, Has anyone any experience of Abbey Mortgage charges, my bank Abbey again, refused to pay the DD, and charged me,,,, the Abbey mortgage side also charged me £35.00, and I reefused to pay it, so as they say I am in arrears they have been charging me 35.00 per month for the 1last 11-12 months.. has anyone any idea if I can claim this back?
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