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  1. Okay, as a newbie and totally "mashed ma heid" today with all the information on this site today...can someone answer me a couple of questions?


    1)For initial contact asking for statements from BOS, which one of the many contact addresses do I use?


    2)Is it possible to claim back through the English courts even though I live in Scotland, and have no known address that I can think of that I could use down there to send correspondence to? Is it just a case of mailing the N1 form instead of registering online?


    The reason I ask the second question is that when I tally up the amount I could theoretically be owed in my head...its a hefty sum and would involve NUMEROUS small claims actions for £750...so I would rather a couple of english actions instead!


    Help! :|

  2. Hi!


    Just discovered this site today, and what an invaluable resource it is!


    I knew it was possible to reclaim bank charges but didnt realise that it would still be possible no matter what sort of a financial mess you are in! I'll be blunt and say I am in up to my neck, although most of my debts will be paid off with the sale of my house (my wife and I have split), so thinking back to how much I have been charged by the bank over the past 5/6 years...I could be in for a nice little windfall!


    Even just last month I was charged over £300! the bank know how much of a mess I am currently in yet continue to charge me!


    So i will be starting the process over the next few days to have my statements sent to me, once I have read over the site a little more! I'm still not sure whether to claim against the BOS (HBOS) in England or Scotland!


    So I look forward to some help...and hopefully to helping some other people once I get a grip on things! :)

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