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  1. Has any one done this yet?????? I have had several charges since my original claim in March. Can I add on the charges I have paid since March to my original claim??? If I can, does it just take a letter to the court manager and a copy to FD. It seems silly to start proceedings all over again for a few hundred quid! Thanks
  2. Hi, just a quick update. Received a court date for the 27th July, despite putting on my allocation questionnaire that I was unavailable from 20th July to the 29th, the court still managed to give me a 'duff' date. Have been intouch and hoping to get a new date this week. I have a question for the 'old hat's' around. Since filing my claim in March this year I have continued to incurr further charges amounting to around £200+. Instead of starting the process all over again, is it possible to write to the court to consider a refund of the further charges I have received??? Thanks,
  3. Not sure if the 11th June is a court date now, after reading all the 'bumph' I have a questionaire to fill out and a fee to enclose? (I have already paid the court £80). Not sure what the fee is so will have to ring the court up on Tuesday. The questionaire is asking me if I want the court to proceed and will I have witnesess, also any dates I am not available to appear in court. it also has an area on he sheet to write down particulars for the judge to take nto considration, here was also a copy from HSBC solicitors stating they are in the right blah blah blah! Has anyone any idea's? I need to fill it in and have to return it to court before the 11th June and then within 4mths a date will be given.
  4. Postman brought my court date today. Hearing at Huntingdon Cambridgeshire on June 11th, FD going to defend. I must admit I thought it would be in the bag, but with the news just of late it has made me a little nervy! Is there a court buddy out there who lives near by just in case?
  5. At last a settlement. I have decided to accept £500. I knew I wouldn't get the £995 deposit back so I have only lost out on £205. I'm happy with that. Does anyone now where I put this thread and how, now that it has finished?
  6. Letter yesterday to say FD had acknowledged my claim and we are now on the count down. FD have got until 27th May to 'cough up'. I had better start reading up!!!!!
  7. HI, just an update. Went to CAB, they recommended a letter from my GP which I had done, they were unsure of where to go from there really (think I got a new volunteer)! Got a reply from the driving school at last. Basically telling me you have to be dead or near to it to get a refund . Apparently the money I have paid the company is used for PR purposes and towards supplying jobs for the successful candidates. So my £1,695 has helped pay towards recruiting and giving another driving instructor a job! GREAT!!!! They have asked about my trip to the hospital so I have sent them a copy of the consultants letter. I have been intouch with a solicitor who is looking over the paper work especially the terms and conditions/contract I signed, so we will see. I am not giving up without a fight that's for sure.
  8. Hi, Well after all the hassle getting sorted I finally managed to get my 'schedule of charges' posted. I had a reply from the court today acknowledging my claim and telling me that my claim has been served on FD today so it's a 'sit and wait' for the post man job! I will fill my time reading ready for court, don't think it will get that far, not for the sake of £700, but you never know!!!!
  9. Hi Kevvyast, I'm afraid I can't help. If no one else replies soon why not give the court a ring and ask their advice. You could always log on to the chat room and ask the folks online or send a moderator a private email if you are stuck for time.
  10. Hi harvest, thanks for the links. I have tried them both and they both take me to the same place, Microsoft Office Online. I presume I choose the template tab and then select 'spreadsheet'. Do I use the 'Mortgage' example? Thanks.
  11. Thanks harvest. I used the template from vampirees 'schedule of charges' in the template library to calculate my interest. The same form I enclosed with my prelim and lba (but without the interest column as this is only calculated when you send your claim form to court). Do you have a link for the spreadsheet that does it automatically because I still can't find it! Thanks again
  12. I have just sat and worked out all my interest for my schedule. Could someone please check over my figures? I can email you the 'schedule of charges' I would like to get it off in the post tomorrow so would appreciate a quick response. Thanks.
  13. Please do not take any notice of the previous thread! The £188.81 I got was the interest from the whole claim! I didn't break it down!!! I am now going to do it again: Overdraft Fee £20 Date incurred 14.05.03 Days since offence 1371 Interest at 8% APR is: 0.00022 x £20.00 = 0.0044 x 1371 (days since offence) = £6.0324! So rounded off that would be £6.03!!!! YES??????
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