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  1. On the first day I signed on to claim contribution JSA I was given a job by the advisor. I did not notice it said I had to fill a jobcentre application form to submit to another jobcentre. Instead I tried to call the telephone number on it which didnt exist. I told a member of staff and she said not to bother then, i called to call centre for another number and they said forget it. Next sign on I am told i am sanctioned from May - Aug. Appeal turned down, jobcentre admitted they did not give me a form or advise me that i had to apply for the job, decision still same. I showed then that I had applied for 50 other positions that week. I am in a new area, husband and I looking for work, have £67 a week to live on, no savings, cant get hardship or crisis loan. Job centre suggested going to a soup kitchen. Luckilly rent and council tax is paid but we need food, gas, electric at least apart from needing to replace shoes that have holes in and bus fares to interviews for both of us. Is there anything else I could claim for please as next appeal is not for 3 months. I am not used to signing on I have been in work for last 40 years
  2. I just wanted to say thank to you all for helping me get out of the welcome finance deal. They have returned my payments and taken back the car. The wording in your suggested letters cetainly helped. WEll done and keep up the good work. No doubt be back in touch soon with another problem!!
  3. thanks for quick reply. I will document everything and send to the company. I will make the payment so not to be in breach of contract. The mechanics at the garage I brought it from have said they won't fix it as they are not responsible for any cars the person in question sold. I am reluctant to take it elsewhere as I cant afford to pay for repair. the mechanic suggested that my mechanical breakdown insurance would not hold up as the fault was there when I brought it and it was a fraudualant sale. If that is correct then the HP agreement shouldn't stand either? I have just had a call fron Dragon finance who appear to be a broker for Welcome. They said they are calling everyone who bought a car from this man and checking the whereabouts of the cars. I asked if I could give it back to him and his reply was not yet! thanks for all your good advice, I will let you know what happens. What did people do before you were all there to help? You deserve a medal.
  4. thanks for all your good advice. There has now been anopther development. the finance company has insisted all along that my contract is with them. I did get the car after another week. they had sent it to get gearbox looked at and I picked it up from there. It came back with ABS light on permanently and the dealer said he would repair it. However, since then - the dealer, who was renting the site, has allegedly, been arrested for fraud. Pocketing the money from the finance company! Can I get out of the deal now? first payment due 1st Dec. Cant afford to get car repaired myself. Help
  5. Hello everyone, I am new here and need help and opinions. I bought a car on 31 Oct from a used car dealer on a finance agreement. I was told it would go for pre delivery check and I would have it in a few days. I am still waiting. they took my car part exchange. I did not know anything was wtrong with the car, they hadnt told me anything was wrong until I went to collect it. They said there was knocking from Auto gearbox and when they got the part to fix it mechanic did something else to it and they dont know what is wrong. It has been sent to specialist gear box company now (they couldnt tell me which one for 2 days they said the transporter driver just took it somewhere! I contacted this company today and discovered it wont even be looked at for a few more days. every bit of info I have needed I had to ask for, they dont return calls, they dont keep me informed. Absolutely no communication. The car has not been cleaned even, not MOT'd or taxed as promised either. In fact when I first went to get it (70 miles from home), not only did they not call me and say it wasn't ready, it was still on forecourt with the price on it. they are stopping me working as I need transport where I live. they cant lend me car as they have nothing decent! HP co. Welcome finance say I cant cancel and have to pay even though I have no car. It is not even registered to me yet. The garage say I cant get out of it. I cant afford to go elsewhere and I really dont think I will ever get the car - there will be some other excuse after this one. any ideas - or am I stuck with it.
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