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  1. Nationwide has charged me for three unpaid Direct Debits and without justification. They are claiming that it is due insufficient funds for Direct Debits 28 days prior to the charges being applied. In the last couple of months I have only missed one Direct Debit payment (and this I attempted to cancel online and to no avail) and I have already received a £30 charge for this missed payment. This would then see me receiving four charges of £30 for one missed Direct Debit. At best they can claim that the corporation that applied for the said Direct Debit did so on a second occasion. However, this sees me in receipt of at least two Direct Debit fines deficient of explanation. Strikingly, the day that these charges were applied, was in fact the day that Nationwide would have received a summons from the court for the small sum of £421 (I am a struggling and impecunious mature student). I can only assume that this is malevolent tactics to goad me into a reaction that might see me settling for a lesser fee or simply plain old intimidation on behalf of those avaricious and nefarious. Surely they cannot invent fines and charge them on their whim?
  2. Many thanks - with any luck, I won't have to wait too long until I'm out of this country as well. Capitalism breeds a sickness known as greed and in this country it's becoming rather prevalent.
  3. Mine was with Equity and I wasn't too impressed myself. I am concerned that cancelling the insurance will involve additonal charges that will futher enrage me.
  4. If an insurance company charges you £20 for defaulting on a payment (and only by a week), can you follow the same claim procedures as you would with unlawful bank charges?
  5. Okay, many thanks. Wishful thinking I guess. Live and learn.
  6. I have been led to believe that to be accepted for car finance you need to be in full-time employment. I informed a car finance company that I am in part-time employment and provided them with details of both employers, therefore does this invalidate the policy?
  7. I have submitted a Prelimnary letter and a Letter Before Action to HSBC and have thus far recieved a standard letter outlining their policy and guidelines. HSBC have since failed to respond to the 14 day deadline proposed and subsequently I have involved the courts and HSBC will be receiving a summons on February 2nd 2007. May justice prevail.
  8. Thank you for your help, it is much appreciated. I believe that what you suggest is a suitable remedy for my predicament.
  9. It is a second hand vehicle and I am some months into the contract. I guess I will have to cut my losses and live and learn. Many thanks for the advice.
  10. Some months ago I acted impulsively and found myself commited to a Higher Purchase agremment on a car. I believe I am paying well over the odds for this agreement, and as a mature student I really cannot continue making these payments. If I return the vehicle, I will still have a huge debt to a pay off with the loan company. I understand I have acted inanely and irresponsibly, but I could use any good advice anybody mght have that can help me out of this situation?
  11. I am intrigued by this site. It's great to see a community united against the avaricious deeds of corporate demons!
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