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  1. Sent off preliminary letter on 16th February so by my calculations, LBA will be sent on 5th March. Still no sign of my microfiche statements but don't need them now so not worried about that. Just trying to scrape together the £250 I will need in a few weeks when I get to N1 stage!
  2. Thanks MadNick and charleyfarley for your helpful replies (again!) I will send off my preliminary letter and statements of charges today and wait to hear Abbey's response. Have now opened a parachute account so wait to see if Abbey get the hump over this and cancel my overdraft. I am not so bothered about this now because I can just put my account into dispute and will pay back the overdraft when I get my charges back!!
  3. I received about 12 months statements yesterday (all in separate envelopes as many others have). Bit gutted when I rushed to the door after hearing an almighty thud and expecting to see a huge pile of valentines cards, but never mind;) I now have only 4 months statements outstanding which are the first four from when I opened my account. Do you think it would be ok to send my preliminary letter now, rather than waiting for the microfiche statements to come as I am sure I didn't have any charges in these months. I understand some people on here have sent estimates of the charges with their preliminary letter but writing something along the lines that they reserve the right to adjust the total of charges once they receive full details - if anyone can point me in the right direction as to what to write here it would be much appreciated!! Another quick point is that my charges amount to £6000 and I am planning to go fast track and pay £250 when lodging my N1. I have read that sometimes the judge may still allocate to small claims and wonder if that happens in my case, can I still claim my £250 back from Abbey or will they only refund me standard small claims charges? Thanks for any help!!
  4. Received reply to my SAR letter from Abbey this morning - standard letter from Pam Speed so no worries there! Found it quite exciting really, feel as if my claim is properly underway now - bring it on!!
  5. Thanks for that Charleyfarley!! I think I might take the plunge and have a look online tomorrow. When I get my charges back, they will cover my overdraft anyway so I suppose it wouldn't be the end of the world if they did withdraw it! Really appreciate you taking the time to help me out (again) thanks. (BTW James is my surname!)
  6. Thanks for your reply Charleyfarley, when you opened your parachute account did you arrange to have salary paid in and set up dd's etc. This is the only thing stopping me from opening one at the moment as I don't want to cause problems for myself with my abbey account if I stop having salary paid in.
  7. Well still received nothing from Abbey. Have not opened a parachute account yet, still not sure if this means I will have to transfer salary payments and dd's from abbey account - could anyone offer any advice on this please!!! Bit reluctant to do anything to mess up my abbey account at the moment as have a £1500 overdraft and I am aware that they sometimes cancel this if you stop paying money into account.
  8. Well still not heard anything from Abbey in response to my SAR but it's early days yet I suppose. Been really busy reading other threads and copying anything that may be remotely helpful along the way - getting impatient now as I really want to get things moving. Found it really encouraging that so many are still receiving their full claim back and the level of support for everyone is fantastic!
  9. OHH!! yes this could definitely get a bit confusing! Thanks for message though, Good luck with your claim too!
  10. JAMES33

    Help Please

    IMHO any charges they have returned to your account that have occurred since your claim and therefore do not form part of it cannot be part of your settlement as you are not claiming for them! I think you just need to carry on with your claim for full settlement less the £650 they actually have paid into your account in respect of your claim. As I said before though, I am certainly no expert and I'm sure there will be others on here able to offer you more advice on this! Keep your chin up!
  11. JAMES33

    Help Please

    Hi Tust64, don't know if I can be of any help as I have only just sent my SAR but having read lots of the threads in the forum, most people seem to be following the advice to sent a letter to Abbey accepting the GOGW as part settlement only (there is a template letter in the library for this) and pointing out that you are continuing your claim through the court. Stick to your deadlines and don't back down and to date Abbey have settled all claims out of court. Hope this is of some help and hopefully someone else with bit more knowledge than me will be able to step in and offer more advice! Sometimes it just helps a bit to have your question acknowledged (I think so anyway!!) Best of luck with your claim - you seem to be almost there.
  12. Thanks Strange, for message of support! sorry to be posting yet another question but still new to all this. I have been reading with interest the advice on opening a parachute account in case of threatened closure or withdrawal of overdraft etc. I was wondering whether it was possible to open another current account without having salary paid in. I would like to keep account open with abbey for time being as obviously would be easier for them to pay any settlement or part settlement in! so was wondering if new bank would find it strange if I applied to open a new account but said that I wouldn't be paying in salary or setting up dd's etc for the time being. Does anyone out there have experience of this? Any help gratefully received.
  13. Well, I posted of my SAR letter yesterday, just a case of waiting for a reply now. I have got most of my statements for the past 4 years and have been putting details on one of Vampiress's spreadsheets. I still have a column on the far right hand side which says "#VALUE! Not a number." Has anyone got any idea what I should put in here, it is in the next column to the date of the charge. Many thanks.
  14. Thanks for your message of support on my thread yesterday, I will indeed follow your case with much interest! Good Luck. I was wondering which spreadsheed you had used and if you could quickly explain how you go about claiming statutory interest rather than the 8% court interest. Bit unsure about this - any help at all would be very gratefully received.
  15. Hello, new to all this so hope I am posting this in the right area (someone please let me know if I'm not!) I have been busy reading the FAQ's and lots of the postings in the Abbey forum and have just sent off my SAR. I am going to try to recover over £5000 of charges and having read some of the postings realise that this is over the limit for the small claims court so may have to fast track. Could anyone with any experience of a similar claim offer any advice re. court fees, any significant differences to the small claims procedure that I may need to know, any help would be very gratefully received. I am so glad I found this site as was getting towards the end of my tether with constantly being in financial difficulties due to the amount of charges being applied to my account. Why do they always seem to engineer things so that you get charged too!! Its so unfair. Would like to wish everyone else the best of luck in claiming their charges back and hope to be in a position to offer others some advice in the weeks or months (!) to come.
  16. Hi I am new to this site. Am going to try to claim back over £5000 in charges from the Abbey. Have just sent off my SAR letter. Have read the FAQ's and am ploughing through the Abbey forums to get as much info as I can. If anyone else has had experience of trying to claim over £5000 I could probably do with some support as I am a bit scared of the court fees and costs if I have to fast track. Look forward to hearing from others and perhaps offering some advice myself a little further down the line. Good luck to everyone trying to claim their charges back!!
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