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  1. No response to my letter with a 'estimate' of charges to my account. One week to go. Nuno
  2. No £851 in my account yet. Phoned for the 5th time yesterday and the girl said she would personally print of the statements and send to me first class. This is their last chance before I go to court to make them. The girl admitted they are having problems with the dept that are meant to be sending out statements. Hire monkeys .........thats whats going to happen. Nuno
  3. Folks, HBOS have sent me 4 years worth of statements for my Bank Account. The missing two years have strangely been omitted from my statements. The jump between 2002 and 2004 seems to happen between lines on a statement. Despite trying several times to get this information they refuse to do so. Sending me one line statements each time. Can anyone tell me if the Court Order route in Scotland for damages is the same as in England (and the templates library) ....any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks, Whats the usual response from the LBA?
  5. Tomm, EXACT same position as you. I have received all staements apart from Sep 2002 to Jun 2004. There was a blip in the lines on one of my pages which jumped between these two dates. Ive tried and tried to get them but the eediots keep sending me the same 28 letter bundle which included the blip. Ive been successful in claiming for the amounts I do have (£851.00) and Iam waiting to get these statements to claim the rest. Hopefully there isnt a problem doing this.
  6. Ill keep you posted. Ive sent my own estimate so it will be interesting to hear their responses to that. Cheers for the help
  7. Hi there. Exact same position as you guys. I have been trying to get my statements from them as well and have been told my details (old card which i got rid of in 2004) had been deleted. According to our good law they should keep details on record for 6 years. So they are blatantly taking the proverbial. They told me to right to Carl Nuttal and he would come up with an estimate of charges for me????? Haha unbelievable..........so i sent a letter today with my OWN estimate demanding they pay in 14 days. Ill keep you posted. This seems to be their new tactic
  8. LBA sent today for around £650 ,......tick tock
  9. Then surely if it was this easy for the banks to "not play ball" then every one of them would do it. That would be the loophole they could use in all instances.
  10. Came back from work today to find two letter from Halifax. One contained a letter saying my statemnets had ben ordered and will be with me in 28 days (initial request was back in 16th Jan 07). The other letter contained one page of statements saying Balance brought forward (-573.11) and then on the next line the date (Sept 2002) and Account renewed. What a help this is. Iam going round in circles and feel I need help.
  11. I had cut it up but somehow it had fallen into an old shoebox full of old letters and stuff. Bit of luck really. The card is dated with expiry date to 1999 but I had the account until 2004. I hope this doesnt come back to haunt me because its an old card. I'll look around for the compensation notes as well. Cheers
  12. I have been told to write to Karl Nuttal and he will ESTIMATE my charges incurred. how is he going to do this Barclays have deleted all my details???? CRAZY Ive sent my own letter and requeste my OWN estimate of charges. We shall wait and see what comes of this letter eh.
  13. Not a whisper from them......and then the statements appear!!! haha got them and going through them now RESULT
  14. Just received a letter from Halifax.....offered full refund of the charges I have been able to identify so far £851.00!!! The letter also states they have ordered the missing statements (which were omitted from their records seemingly) and they say they will waive the £5 fee for this (eherm what did you cash my £10.00 cheque for?). So Iam going to go ahead and accept the offer but put a note in the letter how Iam awaiting the other statements to see if there are charges included in these. Does anyone think I may encounter problems with my 2nd claim for the period they omitted from their initial statements. ? Much happier Nuno
  15. Read them my card number and now they still say they cant find anything
  16. Jackpot...........I just found an old Barclaycard I cut up (into 3 pieces) My lack of security may have made me hundreds Yessss
  17. How are you getting on mate? I am in the same situation with Barclaycard and Capital One as well?
  18. I could try and go into a branch and try to wangle the info out of them. I have a direct phoneline with a girl at Barclays that has been trying to help me. I dont see it being a big deal. Iam still at the same address and have the same name. Arghhh!
  19. Any help would be greatfully appreciated guys:confused:
  20. Did you get any more luck with this as Iam in the same position?
  21. Got a letter back from Barclays saying they couldnt find anything on record about my account with them. I had a Barclaycard just over 3 years ago with them and they say they have nothing on file and it could have been deleted. I dont have any an Account number or anything am I STUMPED??? OR HAVE I GOT ANY OTHER OPTIONS??
  22. Cheers Advoc. Ive heard that in other threads but wasnt sure if it was completely the norm.
  23. Cheers mate. They seem to have so many depts working on these claims and no communications between them
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