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  1. I have done another claim but they say I already signed the final offer. I might go through the ombusman now. ANYWAY THIS IS BEGINNING TO LOOK LIKE A BANK CHARGE POST Ill stop. I would be very interested in complaining about Carphone Warehouse. This bank charge fiasco is only a very small part of the disasterous customer care i have expereinced in the last 3 months
  2. haha yeah i suppose but it was actually Carphones fault! And I already have made a claim on my charges and cant make any more can I?
  3. Hi folks, I have recently changed my mobile phone contract from Vodafone to Orange. The deal was done through Carephone Warehouse and everything done online. The problems started when i noticed I had incurred a bank charge on my bank account during the end of Februrary. It turned out Carphone Warehouse had tried taking £7.95 from my account for Insurance!!!! I had never agreed to this insurance as my 'deal' had free insurance through Orange in the opening months of my contract. My bank account did not have enough money in the account when they tried to take out the money and as a result i received two bank charges. One for a 'knocked back' amount and one for going into overdraft. this amounted to £69 in total!!!! I was livid and got in contact with Carphone Warehouse. They said they would look into the matter and send me a 'pack' from which I could make a claim. THIS NEVER APPEARED. I ended up writing a letter to them showing details of the two charges (photocopies of the bank charge letters). I just received a letter from them this morning saying they would not pay me back. They have cost me so much money for trying to take off a charge I never agreed to in the first instance. Surely i have rights in this case. HAS ANYONE GOT ANY ADVICE ON WHAT TO DO?
  4. Anybody Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????? Can the Ombusman Help sort this out?
  5. Thats great news Bigmac thanks. I t did seem very suspicious when I received the missing statements after receiving the money for the claim I first made. Thanks again
  6. I got a letter saying I would have a response to my claim by the 6th June ...........Ive just received a letter (6th June) saying they are still looking at my case and will return by the 6TH JULY!!!! What do people think I should do? They seem to add a month on as if it was nothing..... ....ARGHHHH
  7. Hi there...sorry it took so long - what do you mean by 100% returned? Even when they took so long to give my statements? Nuno
  8. Sounds very encouraging Jay Thanks very much M
  9. What are the chances of getting anywhere through FOS, has it been known for people to get their money back this way also.?.
  10. When I say I have had a claim already. I mean I have sent aletter to the bank and they offered a full refund of the charges I had identified on the statements they had given me. I havent taken any court action yet. Is this even better for me?
  11. Cheers Rooster. But what can the Ombusman do? Can they only advise they pay it back - they can't enforce can they? Nuno
  12. Good luck Jay Iam at the stage where Crapital One have offered my £12 in every charge the put on me. i have received the cheque and have sent back a letter refusing this offer. I'll let you know how I get on.
  13. I initially sent my request for bank statements back on the 16th January this year. After two months of waiting I received my statements but had the period from September 2002 0 July 2004 missing from these statements. It wasn't a simple case of some pages going astray there was a jump of nearly 2 years between lines on one of my statements. I sent of a letter requesting I be sent these missing statements as a matter of urgency. In the meantime I calculated my charges on the statements I did have and got a total of £820. I sent a letter demanding this be repaid and received a letter almost 4 weeks later saying the would reimburse the full amount as a offer of goodwill.....blah blah blah. I accepted of course because my letter for repayment stated the claim was for the period I had statements for. money was paid into my account around 2 weeks ago. At the same time I was battling hard to get my missing period statements from the bank. After the bank sent me 3 copies of my statements (each bundle containing 14 letters) all with the same "blip" in their statements I decided to phone. I spoke to about 6 different people who all said they would get me my statements. They never did materialise, and at some points I was being sent letters saying the account was closed on September 2002...........IT IS STILL OPEN TO THIS DAY how strange. Anyway on Saturday I received a bundle of information in a different format from my statements that gave me a list of everything that has be done to my account. In this bundle I was able to extract the amount of charges i received over the Sept 2002 to Jul 2006 period. This totalled £710. No my question is......will I have any problems claiming for this amount as it is the 2nd claim on the same account. Albeit for a different period? Any advice will be gratefully appreciated. Nuno
  14. Cheers Angela. Sorry to be a pain. I keep thinking that Ill just take the £200 they offered but Ive got to be strong and get my monies. Will it almost certainly mean going to court?
  15. I have signed an acceptance for the statements I was given. But this amount obviously didnt include the missing statements. Am i gubbed for signing this?
  16. Just the one. So I will send the cheque back and ask for the full amount to be paid? Do I not keep and say I will accept as part payment?
  17. Sent for statements on the 16th January......finally got them ALL on the 28th April...........now thats a record. If I have accepted the offer for the periods I had been given last month. Will there be any problems claiming the charges from these new statements that they have been regularly saying they didnt have? Please help???
  18. Still no word from Barclaycard. Despite sending my old card to them for proof I held an account. What a bunch of wasters. One last letter and then i will have to take them to court to get my information. Nuno
  19. ? The cheque for £220 has arrived yesterday morning ? Do I keep this and send my rejection letter. Wait two weeks and then proceed to court if they do not want to pay the full amount? Please advise.
  20. Hi guys Just got the USUAL letter from Capital one offering a fraction of the money due to the £12 rule they have been making up. Does anyone know the next step for me claiming the original £650 amount, is it the same for me being in Scotland?
  21. I dont no. Shocking for Scottish cutomers having to find ways round this just cos they live Scotland
  22. Still no response from these guys. Tick tock
  23. I like Advoc8's comments about retrying. Thats what I have done so the clock has run down and i have sent my first estimate letter. M
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