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  1. Hi. Firstly I would like to thank the authors of this site and the administrators. It’s proven invaluable as an information source, providing guidance and support throughout the recovery procedure thus far. I previously sent a letter to Barclays requesting 6 years of bank statements, which were swiftly issued. I calculated £335 in bank charges for the duration of the 6 years. At this stage I had browsed many threads, but was still unsure of the procedure by which interest should be calculated with any accuracy. By using the forum interest calculator, the sum totalled £881 with interest. However in fear of having mis-calculated the interest (I understand the forum calculator is set to %8, which is only recoverable once a claim has gone to court), and not wishing to appear a novice, I decided to only ask for recovery of the £335. I have now received a letter offering payment of £130 in full settlement of my £335 claim. Of course, I have no intention of accepting this offer, and now with restored confidence, I wish to also calculate my interest effectively and add this to the total amount. Please can someone advise me on how to calculate these interest charges effectively? I would be eternally grateful. I am aware that this may delay the recovery procedure and require I write another prelim letter stating the new amount, however I am in no hurry to resolve the issue, especially if it means I can more than double the amount recoverable. I am willing to go to court and I am now determined to succeed. Thanks a million!
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