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  1. I don't know about all the legal technicalities for certain, but I'm pretty sure that if you have parted with money for the 'service' provided, then you are going to really struggle getting it back. Had you cancelled the payments as soon as possible, then it would have been a different matter. Companies don't like handing cash back, especially when there has been some kind of agreement in place. As other people have mentioned in this thread, it sounds like it could well have been a dish allignment problem, and had you argued the point with the company earlier, it should have been remedied. One to remember perhaps. Cheers Jim
  2. Hee hee. Well I paid £40 for my modem AND was on contract. Seems like I get a raw deal wherever I go. I say WAS because it has already gone to the DCA. They are threatening court action etc... blah I initially posted here to see where I stood and now I know, thank you. As for mobile internet. Yes I can see it being very useful and if I had possessed a laptop then I would have really appreciated it. I mean I could have gone for a pint in my local and surfed. Or perhaps played sneaky online games in my office at work, whilst everyone thought I was hard at it! Cool:cool:
  3. Thanks for replying dude. I'm surprised that it won't go to court. How can you be so sure of this? At the risk of sounding reckless, they can trash my credit rating for all I care - that was already done when I stung my bank and credit card company by claiming back charges incurred. I can't even get a debit card bank account now so I doubt that a mortgage would be offered to me. Even if they are not in breach of contract, surely they are guilty of false advertising? 'Mobile Broadband'. Also, would they not be in breach of contract given that, for over a month I could hardly get on the internet at all, between the hours of 3:00 and 7:00? Are they not obliged to at least provide access to the internet as that is what I was paying for? I would advise people not to use 3 as I have lived in 3 different locations since using their mobile BB. All three have had a shocking reception and are in an area that they highlighted as being the best of reception areas on their maps. I also have heard plenty about 3 mobile having poor network coverage since my predicament. If only I knew this before hand. So yes, I definitely advise against 3 mobile (Perhaps there are some sour grapes there too!) Finally I signed up for mobile internet, as I could not get on with BT at a house I was living in. BT did the old 'please wait in from 8 in the morning 'til 7 at night please sir and we won't bother to turn up' routine, twice. This was after numerous half hour plus phone calls and being passed from dept to dept. Advice on using a phone line based internet connection seconded! Thanks for listening to me whinge, I needed to blow some steam on this one.
  4. I have had all these problems. Especially between 3:00pm and 7:00pm. I have cancelled my payments to them with 6 months remaining on my contract. They have threatened to take it to court and I am willing to go there and defend myself. They are a bunch of bullies who threaten legal action. I have told them that I cancelled the payments and infromed them of this, which they deny. I also informed them that since they were not providing the service that they purport to, ie 'Broadband', then they are in breach of contract. I am also interested to know how they can prove that I agreed an 18 month contract with them, as I never signed anything or agreed to anything over the phone verbally. I will keep you informed of the court proceedings, should they arise. Finally I have let them know that I am going to make it my mission to put people off falling into the same trap as I did. I am going to make a point of advising against people from signing up to 3. 3 MOBILE INTERNET IS ABSOLUTE RUBBISH. DO NOT GO ANY WHERE NEAR IT!!!
  5. If you have not already sent a full schedule of charges and overdraft interest to your bank -- then -- stop! I have a query relating to the above statement. I have sent a schedule of charges with my preliminary letter. Does this count or do I have to send another one before I take court action? Please be hasty with reply, because I will be taking action on Thursday :S Thanks in anticipation Jimmy.
  6. Various dates and times with various user names of staff logged onto an application. Then there is a box at the top with various activities that have been carried out.
  7. Not just one employee's name. There are a few. I won't mention any more. One thing that does annoy me is that they have sent out more oodles of paper with all MY personal info on. Including name, address, DOB, account number, email address, account password [for God's sake!] etc. Anyone could have gotten into my account with those details. As for the screen dumps, I think they are to prove manual intervention, but I am starting to think that no one with a bit of common sense would think that a member of staff has to sit there for one and a half hours doing admin work on one automated letter.
  8. I could email you photographs of what they have actually sent me if that would be of any service to you. I would appreciate it, however, that they are only for your own use and not to become public. I find it very hard to believe that someone was actually working on my single payment failure for one and a half hours!!!!!! I mean a good type setter could have set up a type face in that time, before the days of PC's!
  9. Yeah. So am I probably by printing them on a web forum. Ooooops!
  10. £18.95 was said to be the cost incurred. Apparently one person working on it called Ema Clayton spent one and a half hours on it doing something. :S
  11. SO after my S.A.R letter I have eventually received a reply from Egg. As well as all my statements, they have also included dozens of screen dumps from computer terminals with their staff logged into them. As well as this, they have a list of all the members of staff, their hourly rate of pay, how long they worked on the administration for my being over limit and finally, how much it cost in total for all of this. Doesn't this kind of prove manual intervention on their behalf in all of this. If so, all the arguments used against them, kind of fall to pieces.
  12. Okay. I will take your advice. What do you recommend me reading to help me out at the court? Thanks Jim.
  13. Well after I sent my LBA to the halifax, they have crumbled and offered me £116.75p. Exactly half of what I asked for. It is soooo tempting to accept this as I am not sure how I would cope in a small claims court. I am a very mild unpersuasive shy person. I am sure I would screw it up completely. Happy but confused. Where to next?
  15. Okay. SO i've received my response back from my SAR. In the letter that they sent me however, from oth Halifax Credit Card Services and the Halifax Bank, they state that they are not obliged to include any information on any manual intervention that may have occured so they have not disclosed such informatoin to me. Where does this leave me?
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