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  1. I can see the theory behaind the thought. Yes if banks continue to take charges from accounts that belong to vulnerable people then those said people will not be able to keep up payments. So what do we do...well telling all who will listen that the floor of the economy will drop out from underneath the UK and we will live in cardboard boxes may be harsh and slightly OTT. But if we help those who are on benefits / low incomes to protect their money by using right of appropriation for the basics in life (and SKY TV IS NOT ONE OF THEM!!!) then the UK will dwindle on and survive the
  2. If you are in reciept of benefits or can prove the cost of beginning a case in court will cause hardship then you can apply of rthe costs to be paid for you. you will have signed a contract with this company...why not scan the agreement onto the post so we can have a look and see if you cna get out of it. I am sure someone will pop around over next day or so and give you good advice. Just one more word on no win no fee....has it occurred to you that these so called "legal bodies" only knew about the reclaiming of bank charges after sites like this one set up??? No one offered to recl
  3. But you will with the help of this site. I had complicated cases and was successful in all of them with the help from this site. Ok you may not be able to reclaim your partners business account unless you have access to the records but your joint account can be reclaimed just as we have reclaimed many accounts before.
  4. As long as I have a hole in my butt I will never understand why ppl are using these money grabbing companies. If you can write a letter and read then you have no need for a co like these. They take up to 60% of YOUR money!!
  5. Hi Tray day Hope this is not too late. First of all, ask to spek to the manager, but be aware that he / she may not see you and you may have to see an advisor. Take with you to the bank a letter of "right of appropriation" (see library or "cant find what your looking for" link in welcome forum) You can use this with the bank to prove that the money they have taken was for priority debts (rent utilities food) and that they had no right to take the money. In all the cases I have helped with this letter usually gets the money out back into the account immediately. Please do not use
  6. Hi. Different charges are handled in different ways.You can claim back up to 12 years on a mortgage account.You can claim back charges that have been applied to your accounts as a slap on the wrist for doing wrong e.g missing a payment. Follow the process explained in this forum and you should be successful. Although bear in mind you cannot reclaim ERC. Sealing fees are a different matter. In recent times many have claimed money back on these by writing to the mortgage provider. Sealing fees rose to a figure that was not agreed at the time of signing your contract. So you now need to f
  7. Hi Nuke em Have you got all your records stating charges applied to the account? If so then you already are one step closer to applying for your money back. Firstly the are unlawful charges (magistrates dont like the use of illegal when talking about charges) Secondly if a charge was applied as a slap on the wrist for you doing something wrong the yes you can apply for them to be refunded. You need to complete the process that is demonstrated in the forum on how to claim back your mortgage charges. All letters must be sent directly to the mortgage company. However I would not
  8. IMHO it wont affect you now, only if and when the higher rate comes in.
  9. Hi mrswoo Yes there is a test case and it shold be starting around 14th January 2008. The banks are entitled to place your case in a line and await the outcome of the case and are also entitled to continue to charge. Win win situation for the banks but this will only mean more to reclaim when the time is right. Follow the process up to the filing in court, that way you will be ahead of those who have not yet started. In my honest opinion I would not pay to file in court as i believe this is a waste of money as I dont believe you will have to file and pay the cost once the test case i
  10. Just out of interest what number do they give to call? If it is a mobile or high rate charge call them you do not have to contact them as this contravenes the Office of Fair Trading debt collection guidelines
  11. Hi Steven I have the standard form 149. I have also been offered free mediation instead of full hearing which I am going to request as I want to be able to say I have tried all aspects to get the information as requested. Thanks again. As you can see I have been a member for a long time and have helped with many cases but memory not as good as it should be and so its nice to have someone to soak up advice from so thanks again!
  12. Steven, once again thank you. I put MS as the defendant as the court needed the registered address in UK and this is what was on all their correspondance to me. I shall put a letter the court and ensure that all correpsondance is named as GF. Although the defence / court notices and AQ have GF on as defendants anyway. The AQ info will be gratefully received. Thank you again
  13. Steven, once again thank you for your quick response. I have an excruciating back problem and am little brain fuddled so can I ask 2 more questions which you may have already answered but I am having a struggle to digest the info. 1. If my goldfish account was opened by TSB and closed before morgan stanley took over who would be responsible for giving me the info on that account? would it be TSB or morgan stanley? 2. Cannot find the AQ for DPA non compliance...have you got a link? Thanks again, you have really been helpful. If you have already got info on this question please d
  14. Further update Court have sent AQ to be completed for the DPA SAR hearing. G/F are saying they did not have the account and therefore have no account details and we should claim from TSB. BUT they have not returned driving licence or made any communication saying they are not responsible and have kept the original £10. Any ideas on what to put on the AQ? Or should I pull out of the claim even though they lost the driving licence and kept the DPA money giving the impression they were responsible for this account? AQ dated for end of week so advice needed asap please
  15. I would suggest to anyone who has taken finance out with these people for you to send a CCA request whici will cost you £1.00 (do not sign the letter or send a cheque with your signature on) If they cant send you a signed copy of your agreement then they have no reason to chase you for the debt, as even a court will not enforce an agreement that does not have your signature on.
  16. Very very strange update. Had notice of issue from court and have then received a defence from Morgan Stanley (see above post) but know I have read them carefully I have noticed the paperwork they have sent has been changed to Goldfish ltd (their defence and notice of defence filed from court) So do I now need to send a change letter into the court or shall I leave it as the court paperwork has corrected my mistake?
  17. Hi Cara It soes seem to be water commpanies who have the trust funds set up. Who provides your water? You can apply to most funds for other essential bills so check it out. All you need is your water company name then go through the list above. Hope this helps. If not give me a shout and I will see what I can find for you MrsFoot
  18. I am in process of claiming against them for non compliance. I am hoping there has been a few members who have also haad to go down the route of court procedure in order to get their statements. If so please can you PM me your details...case number, court name and address, outcome. I want to go to court to show them just what this company try to do in order not to comply. Thanks Mrsfoot xx
  19. I am currently waiting to hear from the court for a date to attend a hearing in order to get my statements. Long story and it goes something like this: Jan: Sent DPA SAR with £10 to Glasgow Feb: Got a form asking for a "valid DPA SAR" meaning they wanted me to fill a form and send ID to them. This was done and returned to Glasgow office the following day via recorded delivery and inc driving licence. Recieved a statement with the £10 being "gratefully received" in writing. May: Still no statements and no driving licence (DL) back (they wanted original) Sent DPA LBA to Glasgow July: Sti
  20. Steven who do you propose to name on the court papers? Is it Morgan Stanley / Lloyds TSB or Goldfish? Reason I ask is i am in middle of claim and they are stating (Morgan stanley) saying it is not there fault? Would appreciate some details if possible Thanks
  21. Contact AOL - AOL Help Click on this link, it should give you a range of methods to contact them
  22. Contact AOL - AOL Help Click on this link. This should give yopu a range of methods to contact them
  23. Hi FU Click on this link, it will take you to the UUW trust fund page where you can apply for a grant (non repayable). If you are successful they will clear the outstanding balance and no payments will be taken from your benefits. You need to complete a form giving reasons why you cant afford the payments. Out of the 20 or so cases I have advised on all of them have been successful and now have no debt with UUW. You can also apply for grants to clear all other utilities eg elec / gas but again you have to show you cannot afford to pay the debt off. You will have to explain how you will ke
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