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    Does anyone have any idea as to how long a company should keep the agreement and data for? I am being told that after 3 yrs they are allowed to shred it!
  2. You should claim from your holiday insurance, if this was taken. If not then send a letter to 1st choice and describe your loss and how it happened. Hotel safes are not generally a service given by the tour co rather they are offered by the hotel (everyone who goes the hotel have the choice not just 1st choice customers) Personally I would have contacted the police if my belongings had been taken from my room without my agreement.
  3. I think it is fair to say that there are some people who knowingly (a) write that cheque that wont be covered....(b) cancel major debts like mortgages and leave payments like sky (probably because its a smaller amount and best paying one than none at all) and © miss payments so they can have a few extra quid for the holiday / xmas. However 99% of us have incurred charges due to some form of bank error. this is not monopoly...we do not get £200...but we can and do expect to get our money back when the charges are deemed unlawful. What we need to remember is the act of charging for the alle
  4. If this is for a mortgage (which I am presuming it is) then you need to use the bundle found in the stickies at the top of the mortgage page. There are different cases to a bank charges claim. It would be a good idea to have a read over the cases so you are versed on them, but chances are it wont end up in court as they may pay out before the hearing.
  5. Hi Can we start new threads for each person so you will all get an answer. It becomes confusing when a new person jumps in on a thread Nov1974: There will probably be a collection charge or 2 added onto the figure. This will demonstrate your charges as they collate them at the end of the term once they know you are settling in advance. It used to be £70 per month. Settle the loan first and get them out of your hair then send your Data Protection Act S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) to get all the details of your charges. 42Man £250 for a bounced payment...are you sure? Anyhow th
  6. Are there any claimants for this company? Please be aware that they are currently in administration. The effect of this on your claim is: 1. They cant accept litigation from a claimant from date of administration (Dec 2007) 2. Your claim will probably be passed onto the company dealing with the administration which is Portland and details can be found on regency website. Hope this helps
  7. Hi. You both need to do the following: 1. put the offer of repaying the arrears in writing and send it recorded delivery. Check its arrival and print out the confirmation. 2. Pay the mortgage amount plus the extra (even if they have not agreed to it). 3. Keep any letters sent and received. Put them in date order in a file and make 2 copy files (1 for Judge at hearing and 1 for their solicitor at the hearing) 4. Do not make telephone calls unless your in a position to record them. 5. Take the files to court with proof added into the that you have made the extra payments.
  8. Can a mod change title to ***WON*** Won case! Will post more details later in week but as a brief it went to court bundle stage. Spent Wednesday arguing the settlement figure. I have a great AQ for Non compliance if that is any use to anyone.
  9. Thanks for the advice. I have written again to them on her behalf. I have stated this is the 4th letter all recorded delivery. Lets see what this brings!
  10. If it was me I would edit the letter and send it on to EDF asking for a formal response. Do everything in writing as this has to enter a system. Also contact OFGEM, you will get there attention just from the letters you have received.
  11. I do not personally see how they can lift the stays when no decision has been made. Justice Smith has clearly stated that he has no reason to lift the stays nor any jurisdiction over county courts continuing with a claim if they felt it warranted the hearing before the result. Lets look at the evidence: Not lifting the stay 1. Banks remain in control of the cases 2. FOS refuse to take cases further 3. Banks keep all that money being squirrelled away for the repayments, making more money in interest 4. Banks are going through a rough time with "problem customers" and "sub pri
  12. Hi all Just wondering if there have been any new cases on the swift front? Reason I ask is that the couple I knew about have not been updated and that my case was mentioned in a further case when it should have been kept confidential. Mrsfoot x
  13. My neighbour is having problems with Moorcroft over an alleged debt with Powergen. She has received letter after letter but is adamant that PG never supplied her property. I mak#de a mistake and sent off a CCA request to which she received a reply saying it was not regulated under the act blah blah (my fault I know). Anyhow I have given her 2 further letters asking for evidence that PG supplied the product but moorcroft have sent this response today: Dear Mrsfoots neighbour We are unable to assist in this matter until you make a formal payment plan agreement to repay the debt. O
  14. Hi Verycrossindeed. I have had the unfortunate experience of helping a friend stop BCW to stop contact. I sent them this letter if it is any use please feel free to use it. It stopped them contacting her and all we did was give her ex partners last known address (which is who the debt was related to) Hope its some help Dear Sirs I am writing in relation to the quantity and frequency of letters that I have received from your company, which I deem to be personally harassing. I have explained in full that I am not the account holder you are trying to locate. I have verball
  15. Thanks Hedgey...thought a cagger may have given the answers by now...maybe the cold is getting to us all!! Anyway an unashamed bumpety bump!!
  16. Query....Mrsfoot Bank plc has failed to respond to a court direction to deliver defence / pay the amount owed. Mr Client goes to the court where the N1 was issued and files for judgement. Papers are signed and Mr Client has the papers in his possesion where it states Mrsfoot Bank plc must pay within 14 days. Q1. What are the repercussions of having a CCJ against me as a financial institution? Q2. No confidentiality clause has been granted...can this case now be used in future cases on behalf of the claimants? Q3. Who would Mr Client be best of speaking to now he has judgement in
  17. Hi Jenschnifer Write a letter to the manager of the dept you have been dealing with. Attach copies of the letters you have received and complete a timeline to show they have received your letters. I understand that they will go through the proces of checking your application alongside of your letters (as there is normally an id code on the letters you receive which shows who did what and when). Yes, you might not need it this year, however if you are entitled to it then you should claim or these funds can be removed if people choose not to claim. Sort it now before the exams etc of t
  18. Kerrie First thing is get the leter from your GP. Take this to your local DWP office / jobcentre. The government states how much money a family of yours is entitled to each week. If you are receiving below this then they will have to make it up. See Jobcentre Plus for help with how much your due as a family. Please bare in mind that you will not receive any money for the children from IS or IB as you now get it with tax credit. Also if you are struggling with utilities and are in arrears then check this link out for help http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/utilities-gas-electr
  19. Most of the water companies will help with all utilities and some will help out in extreme cases with purchases. I know of one case where a trust fund is helping out long term with a payment every 3 months for the forseeable future. If anyone has worked and is now unemployed or suffering financial hardship then look through the jobslink http://www.joblinks.org.uk/ . You look for the area you worked in and check to see if there has been a trust fund set up for employees of that working area. E.g. there is a trust fund for railway employees. Remember if the trust funds are not used by the
  20. Wino (great name!) Your friend can apply to the united utilities fund for help with all utilitiy bills inc gas and elec. Note for all readers....most of the water companies will help with all utility bills if you apply to your water company. A lot of the energy companies only distribute to groups / orgs so try your water Co first
  21. Ozric. What a story, you have more patience than most I know! Anyhow I had a similar problem with BG. We had a meter already in house when we bought so we kept it. We overpaid by £100's. I spoke to them on 5 different occasions with each time the answer being "the last person you spoke to did not riase an investigation so it will take 28 days". So 4 incompetent members of staff had failed to do their job. On the last occasion I asked to spek to a customer services manager only to be told "Sorry they do not speak to customers"....this is absolutely true. After much wrangling I got put thro
  22. Anyone can apply to the trust fund. The idea is to help those who are struggling to get back on their feet. It is important that you can show you will be able to keep up with your payments if the balance is cleared as they very rarely help if they feel you will abuse the situation. fill the form in, send it off and who knows, you could be debt free with your utilities. Mrsfoot
  23. Hi weena You need to send them a CCA request along with a £1.00 postal order. You will find the templates for this letter in the library (or by following the "cant find what your looking for" sticky in the welcome forum). Do not sign the letter as you are asking them to send you details of the debt including the original agreement for whatever the debt was. Read and understand what you are doing. It is really important that you know what you are doing. also add into the letter you will not correspond with them via the telephone (you are within your right to do this). Down
  24. FU UU sorry I have only just see your reply. Have you ever worked? What about parents? There are many trust funds out there that will help you if you worked in certain professions...eg there is a hairdressers trust fund. Some also help if your parents worked for them. If so there are other trust funds available. Have a look at the sticky re trust funds following this link http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/utilities-gas-electricity-water/ Hope this helps and is not too late
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