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  1. Hi Voglerok Stick to your time schedule. If you sent your LBA off Monday then they must be given 14 days from receipt. Check on www.royalmail.com as to when the received it. You will have to go down the N1 route I am sure of it.....all banks want to keep the money the believe was lawfully taken and hope for ppl to either make a mistake (see lloyds win), give up with the claim or give them to much time. Good luck
  2. Anyone had any other problems with this company...maybe more recent? Mrsfoot
  3. I have had a long chat with British Gas regarding their social tarriff. There is not enough people switching and I think its because most people do not know the criteria. So here goes: If you are in receipt of: Child Tax Credit and salary is below £14,600 Working Tax Credit and salary lower than £14,600 Disability Living Allowance Pension Credit Attendance Allowance War Disablement Pension Disablement Pension Child Tax Benefit Income Support Income Based Job Seeker Allowance Carers Allowance Severe Disablement Allowance you will get the social tarriff. It is a
  4. Borg If they accept your offer of £3k in F&F settlement then this will mean there will be no costs to either side. I know how you feel about getting out of the situation....have you sent the letter yet? It maight be a good idea if you posted a copy of the letter sent on here so we can see what you have asked and give you support. Please dont feel like your alone in this matter. I know none of us are with you but we are always here if you need to yell / shout / moan. Its not just paperwork suport you will get from here...we all have been through times like this and can easily
  5. Hi Borgbaiter I have written some comments in red above. I am by no means qualified however having gone through a similar case I have some experiance at the stage you are at. I have some wonderful notes on a mortgage case and would be happy to email them over if needed. I think the Judge has set a clear order here. IMHO he is trying to get this settled before the hearing and it would do you no harm to try and negotiate a settlement. Do this only in writing so if necessary this can be shown to the Judge to prove you have tried. I would take the ADR opportunity, but it is you
  6. More likely to be them being snowed under. I think it took my judgement 2 weeks to come through......hang in there!
  7. Volelrok....FSA do not set any charges. It is the responsibility of the Co to set the charge, they simply have to register with the FSA. It is my belief that Barclays cannot explain their increase and that it was a penalty for you breaching the contract and therefore refundable. Check your original contract...if it states they have the right to charge a "reasonable" charge for breaching the payment clause then it could be seen as they have breached the contract by charging an unreasonable amount. It worked for me!
  8. Hi Varda At present there is nothing in the pipeline for ERC and the amount they charge. The reason many cases for ERC either failed or were stopped by the claimant is that some Judges and mortgage Co's said it could not be classed as a penalty as it was a charge for you (the mortgage holder) exercising your right to change product / co. I had a very long and winded fight with Swift but did not claim my ERC for that reason. Of course it all hinges on when you redeem your product. If you were only a few months from coming out of your contracted time (3 years for example) then the
  9. Well done thats good news for you. When the Judge said adjourned for 7 days then a date will be found this means another date will be given after 7 days to enable you and the other side to gather info needed. I have found this form from court pages..is it worth having a read?? http://www.hmcourts-service.gov.uk/courtfinder/forms/form_a_1205.pdf On that website you should also find a guidance leaflet on completing the form. I also found this which is a good read and very helpful http://www.rightsofwomen.org.uk/pdfs/financial_arrangements_after_marriage_breakdown.pdf Hop
  10. HI Damon I have had a quick look over. The estoppel statement basically means that as you paid the loan off and then made a case from that loan then the Defendants can use this to stop the case going further. Basically they are saying if you had a problem with the charges you should not have paid the loan off until you have investigated them. Now we all know that can be relied on in many cases where a mortgage / loan / account has been closed....and there must be an argument against it. Costs can be allocated before the track has been decided. You should have received a copy of their
  11. Hi Jazzmen. I have rea you thread and you have received some wonderful advice from Bona. For tomorrow keep calm. It is a very civilised placed and the DJ will be extremely helpful. Is your solicitor representing you or are you doing it yourself? Remember you pay the solicitor so you say how the case goes!!! Gather all your evidence and put it in an orderly file so you have it easy to hand. Make sure you have a copy for the DJ and the other side....dont rely on them receiving a fax or post...even if they did on time its been known for the other side to have "not received anything"
  12. Hello I have been reading the updates on what Mr Brown has tried to agree with the leading banks of UK. He wants them to pass on the rate cuts. All well and good. However we all know thet 10% of the mortgage products are sub prime and that it is more likley to be a sub prime mortgage payer that is evicted. Therefore I feel Mr Brown should be talking with the CML and all mortgage lenders to reduce the rates. Lets be honest...many people who have a prime market mortgage already enjoys a lower interest rate that the sub prime equivalent (if such a link actually exists). So the 10% are alread
  13. WOW Bona well done. You are the most deserved case on here. you have fought all the way and shown the person on the street can bring this company to abide with the law. I have been watching this case closely and you have given advice and guidance to a lot of people including me. Good luck with the future, may this money bring you a safe and secure future for you and yours!!
  14. Hi Wino It normally takes about 8 weeks from start to finish, however they have had lots of requests lately (wonder why ) and some cases are taking longer. Give it another 2 weeks then give them a call / email. They will give you an idea on how much longer it will be. Good luck
  15. Well done Adie that is fantastic news. Glad to be of help
  16. Lefty, thank you for this. Yes they are difficult to deal with and have dug their heels in. One thing about it tho is I now have an email address for one of the customer service manager / staff that accepts emails and not bounces them back like some of the others!
  17. Thanks Rooster...quick as ever. However I meant an annoncement made on this site. I sort of half read the title and meant to come back to it and now I cant find it! Its driving me mad lol
  18. LJL She will need to mention any court convictions on her CRB form. This will be the case until it is spent. However Gizmo is correct in saying it will not affect her job with youths unless she has some authority over their money. A member of my staff had fraudulent activity (similar reasons) but as she had no authority over any money it was fine. Gizmo is also correct about the case where the person had not claimed the correct benefit. First thing monday she should contact the tax credits and ask for illustrations on what her benefit would have been. They can get the info out to her with
  19. I am sure I read an annopuncement on here about BT free call and the leaflets some have received. Can someone please confirm this and let me have the link so I can read it. Or am I going mad
  20. Tia, unfortunately as you failed to let them know it was unfurnished and there seems to have been bills that have gone astray you may need to start from the beginning. Get a true reading and do the calculations so you have the true figure to show the court. Contact the Water Co and ask for all their evidence to be supplied and give you an explanation as to why the readings are estimates. Speak to the Water Co and ask them complete a reading and give you the exact amount due.....you might find the amount you actually owe may only be a little more than you have admitted and you may be a
  21. Rory, thanks for the info, much appreciated. Are they over the 40 days and have you sent them the Data Protection non compliance letter in the Bank Templates Library? No they have a further 12 days left, but I dont hold much hope out for him getting any more info. Are these agreement still live? No. All agreements are inactive...thankfully! Really? As the Inland Revenue require you to keep records of account transactions for 6 years I'm rather suprised at this. My concern is she could go back to 1999 but no further so none of what she said made sense. What do you sugge
  22. Does the agreement have your signature on it. Through a CCA request you are asking them to prove you had an account with them and thet is enforceable. If they cannot provide you with a signed agreement then they cannot legally enforce it. HOWEVER this is not always failsafe way not to pay the debt. They can prove the debt was yours by showing payments made through your bank / credit - debit card. There has been a case recently where a credit card enforced the debt purely by showing the court payments had been made by the account holder. If it was me I would write to them specifying what y
  23. Hi all Having read many threads on this company's antics I have decided to help a friend with their claim against this shower, however I need help. He has sent his DPA SAR wth his £10 off and has received a printout showing: Name Account No. Charge Now my friend had 5 items but only 3 of them are identified however he does not have anything left from the paperwork from any item! I have had an interesting time looking over the info and am struggling to get to grips with it. So I called head office. The lady I spoke said they only held records for 3 yrs. Then she said the d
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