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  1. Hi KIP I was not given any contract of employment. The employment was ended within 4weeks of my start date. When I was dimissed Jayne then called my father to inform him of my dismissal (not sure why) Jayne also spoke to my mother in law and told her i had been decietful about wanting to start a family and being pregnant when i took the job (I didnt know I was pregnant till 3 weeks into the employment) Only written explanation of dissmisal has been the response to the ET1 form from Jayne and from XXXXXX plc who have each sent a response in. XXXXXX plc are saying I
  2. We have a case with the tribunal regarding unfai dismissal through bbeing pregnant. In short i was interviewed and then employed by Jayne. I was then dismised by her as she felt i had been wrong not to tell her i was prganant as soon as i was aware I was. This was 4 weeks into my employment. I was then sent my wages and p45..which stated my employer was XXXXXX plc and not Jayne. All the tribunal papers have been issued to Jayne but now we have a hearing to assert whether the defendant should be Jayne or XXXXXX plc. Can anyone give me any advice and case law on determining the c
  3. Can anyone help with this situation?? Should C&J take 1st plus to court for the PPI? What arguments can be used? Can they officially not refund the money even tho they have admitted it was mis-sold?
  4. What a lovely post, thatnk you. I will pass your thoughts on to C&J. Take care, and dont let them get to you. Its been proved many times (my cases included) that you can bet these companies with the right information. Good luck
  5. My friends Claire and Joe (C&J) had a loan with 1st plus, and were told they had to take the PPI alongside the loan, which they did. However approx 12 months after the loan was completed C&J went bankrupt. This has since been discharged. C&J wrote to 1st plus a number of months ago asking for them to consider the PPI being mis sold. They have received a letter back confirming they were mis sold the policy as follows: Dear C&J I have completed my investigation into your concerns and the conclusion of my review is that I am upholding your complaint as I am not satified that y
  6. Has anyone got an idea on what to put on the N1 form for the small claims court. We have given the LL long enough to pay up! Thakns xx
  7. My sister had a lease for rented accomodation. She signed for this in August 2006 and paid £695.00. In the last week of August 2006 she received a section 21 notice requiring possession. However she remained in the house with the agreement of the landlord. In May 2007 she had to pay a further £695.00 for a periodic lease. This was not put into a TDS. She left the property July 2008. The LL will not return the deposit saying there is damage to the property caused by her and her family. No inventory was completed. My questions are: 1. Should the 2nd deposit be entered in
  8. What do you think the chances of winning in court are? I am not overly concerned about costs as it will sit under the small claims umbrella and I cannot see any reason for it being challenged for that decision, however even the fee's for court would be a loss for my son.
  9. Hi MrShed...love the name! No inventory was provided either before or after the lease ended
  10. I know of 2 cases finishing regarding swift ss v swift and mrsfoot v swift
  11. hi. We rented a property for my son. The lease was dated 26th August 2006 for a period of 6 months. A deposit was paid £900. My son left the property July 26th 2008 in the same condition as he bean, with a few minor tear and wear however landlord has kept £600 of the depoit. 1. The deposit was was paid at the inception of the lease 2. He stayed on in the house for a further 17 months after the end date..with permission on a monthly basis from the landlord / agent 3. No further lease was produced or signed for the continuation period. Where do we stand. Does the deposit sit un
  12. You can apply for help with your Eon bills if you contact them and ask to be placed on the social tarrif.
  13. Here is the official response to the petition to No10 regarding the banks taking charges from Tax Credits and Benefits! Number10.gov.uk » Sections187and45 - epetition response Happy reading
  14. Hi Borg I have had little luck trying to find the links for you, however it does seem Mr Michael Spicer made reference to it and has been recorded in Hansard. My advice is to email Mr Spicer and ask him for a direct link to the Statement of Practice. he may also be able to hewlp with the independant Television practice too. Here is the link for the Hansard report. Mortgage Transfers (Hansard, 23 May 1990) Hope this helps Mrsfoot
  15. Hi Yes we had the usual fob off letters until i sent the following letter: Dear Sir / Madam I am writing to ask you to refund to me the charges which you had charged to my account. In my previous letter I have fully explained my situation. (Add in something about your status and you feel your a hardship case). Each month there has been charges added. These total £XXXXX. The account is overdrawn by £XXXXX. I am requesting that the overdraft is cleared using the unlawful charges that have been added and the remainder is repaid to me. I believe that the regime of fees which yo
  16. I an fed up reading about how bad E and L are. There are no good reviews for this company as far as I can see. I have had to contact them again with regards to my sister in laws claim. I now want to put together a group of claimants. I feel this is the best way forward rather than individuals of which they take very little notice. If you wish to be included in the group and for me to contact them on your behalf then polease feel free to pm me your details. I am aiming to make first contact with them by August 31st 2008 so please make sure you have sent your details before then.
  17. Hi I have had the pleasure of helping a good friend with HSBC. One account was overdrawn and were getting the usual we will pass your account to MSC and the other was a loan which had been paid via a PPI up to the end of last year but then the PPI stopped and this left a shortfall. After the usual 2 letters (prelim and LBA with the LBA altered slightly) we got a letter asking my friend to call them. I did this on their behalf and had a wonderful conversation with a Kimberly Smith. After giving her all my friends info on income and expenditure she came back the following day and said all
  18. Hi Glennyboy If i was in your position I would send a letter before action to Lloyds TSB informing them that you will file in court for your information if they do not respond withing 14 days. Here is a letter I used, its from this site with some amendments. Dear (use the data controllers name here, you will find it on this site) With regards to my letter, dated XX/XX/2007, which was recieved by your company on XX/XX/2007 I am still to receive the information I requested in a legally acceptable Data Protection Act Subject Access Request. My initial request began on
  19. If the offer has been made under CPR 36 (I think will check) then you are given 21 days to respond not 7 days. Yes i was right here is the link to have a look PART 36 - OFFERS TO SETTLE
  20. Riley click on this link if it is for a mortgage thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/newthread.php?do=newthread&f=80
  21. Hi Borgbaiter Is this an offer you have received from the Defendant? Also if you decide to go to court, you can raise the matter of the meeting with the Judge and explain that you felt the content of the meeting was not cunducive to negotiating an outcome and that instead you felt very threatened. The Judge will then decide whether you can eloborate on the content. Did you take any minutes from the meeting? Have you received anything in writing from the Defendant? I dont know the answer about the FOS but I am sure if you explain that you felt threatened by the contents of the m
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