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  1. ATRO - Association of Tenancy Relations Officers are working with CAB after a damning report by Debbie Crew (CAB) which hilights cases where L/L are issuing notice to quit after you have asked for Health & Safety issues to be dealt with. Can you help?? If you feel you have been abused in this way...please let us know. You can tell your story here or send over details to ATRO - ATRO - Association of Tenancy Relations Officers Lets stop ruthless and dangerous L/L getting away with making your homes safe and secure for you to live in!
  2. Can the tenants use the Housing Act as an argument to ask the landlord for 3 times the amount before going to court? Should they go to DPS first or straight to court? Will it go against them for not going thru DPS first? Or is the fact the deposit was not protected enough to go straight to court with? Thanks!!
  3. Ok this is a long one...so apologies for the info thrown at you whislt reading it!! 27th Feb 2009: Tenancy agreed and deposit paid £475 8th Mar 2009 received paperwork from landlord re deposit secured with mydeposits 26th May 2010 Tenancy ended and told deposit would be returned less cleaning bill for carpet as soon as they received utility bills for the property showing nothing was owed. Remarks of "kitchen is cleaner than when you first moved in" are noted 20th June 2010: Mr Agent writes a letter saying kitchen needs cleaning. 20th June: Mr tenant refute the cleaning
  4. Quick update Low and behold the DCA have rsponded to my complaint apologising for their mistake, asking for te details of the person whose info they sent me. I havent replied yet...but was wondering should I tell them I am not entitled to tell them who it is based on DPA?? They want to fix the situation..but I want them to suffer as who knows who has my details if they sent me someone elses. Do I continue with ICO? I made contact with the other peson and they are making a complaint to ICO also. Some advice would be very appreciated!!
  5. Palomino..thanks for the advice till now. The house was sold during the bankruptcy and was not in C&J's possession when the order was discharged. We have spoken to OR..thanks!
  6. Hi all. Well i thought i wud update this thread as it has had some advancements FOS agreed the PPI had been missold and sent a form to C&J to sign in full and final settlement. No offer was shown on this form and so we contacted FOS and asked them. They told us FP had agreed to a settlement, but they did not have figures. Those would come after C&J signed agreement. I now know they should not have signed it...but you learn! However 8 weeks after the signing FP sent C&J a letter stating they were not getting any money as the PPI mney was being used to pay off the sh
  7. Thanks Cerberusalert. What can we expect to happen??
  8. Hi...some info would be useful I cc'd a dca who allege I have a debt with their client. They were very quick in sending me all the information you would expect from a cca request. However...and its a big however....it is not my information! They have sent an agreement for stranger and his wife. It states their address, the amount they loaned etc. What should I do? I have contacted the other person and told them and am waiting to hear about what they intend to do. Any suggestions???
  9. Hi Although I can not condone the act of fraud, I have managed to find some information which you may find useful. As it is quite juicy I would suggest taking your time reading it. The main section is clause 17 Social Security Fraud Act. From there you will need to find further reading based on the info in that clause. Social Security Fraud Act Social Security Administration (Fraud) Act 1997 (c. 47) Althou they are English Acts they do have Scottish sections in for readisee 13 - 16 for advice. Good luck. Be honest. Get to your solicitor and ask for an update. Co-oper
  10. Small update In the researching of info for this case I have found that Jayne is bankrupt, even though she is running a buisness. Her husband is supposed to be the owner of the business that employer me (even tho it was Jayne who interviewed me etc) and he is bankrupt too. What would be a next step??
  11. The policy was cancelled 28 days aftter it began due to the price going up over night. I stupidly used a quote search engine that had my car / address details and searched. but we had moved and so when the policy didnt arrive i called them and they said they had the wrong address. I changed it over the phone and even though the car is now locked in a garage over night (unlike previously where it was stored on the road) the policy increased by £50. I was appalled as we live in a much nicer area now! So I cancelled it and cancelled the DD. However I have just spoken to the credit control te
  12. I have just done my banking and after finding my balance below what it should have been i have been in touch with the Bank. They tell me Swinton Insurance have taken over £100 today as a point of sale. Yet I have not been anywhere near Swinton. I did have a policy with Swinton but cancelled it after the initial cost was raised further after my changing my address. They say I have used the card at point of sale today but I have not. What can i do..I need the money back!!
  13. Just thought i would put this up here in case it helps others. Bought a washing machine in 2005. Worked really well until it broke down last week. Called B&Q and asked them for a refund as it had not lasted 6 yrs. I used the sale of goods act. They came back and said it was not under warranty and that I would not be able to get a refund. A call to their manager and a detailed explanation of the SOGA and how it workds got me a refund of £100. The washing machine was £150 (got a discount and used Dads over 60 card ) so i have received 2/3rds of my money back.....very happy!!
  14. Also can I claim costs at employment tribunal?? If so at what rate?
  15. Hi..thanks for your advice to date The house was sold during the BR. There are very little charges applied to the mortgage account but it is the PPI is the one C&J are pursuing. Would there be any fight to let them know we are going to the press with the letter saying they admit to mis-selling the PPI??
  16. This si a copy of the ET1 form I have sent: I was offered the job and was given the start date of 1st May 2008. In the week beginning 12th May I asked about holiday / sickness and maternity entitlements as I suspected I was pregnant and I had not been told any information on holidays etc before I began employment. I had an appointment and asked Jayne if it was possible for me to have the afternoon of the 16th off in order to attend a Dr. appointment. She let me leave work and I attended the appointment where it was confirmed I was pregnant. On Saturday 16th May I had booked the day off be
  17. Thanks Palomino The date C&J were made BR was 27th October 2005 Discharge date 26th October 2006
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