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  1. I have recently been looking for train tickets to London and almost had heart failure when the prices per person were coming in at £80+ (advance bookings) and over £100 for later bookings. This was for standard economy as I dont believe in paying extra for sitting on the same train, occuring the same delays and drinking the same coffee / tea! Anyhow I came across megabus. For the same train / time / date / stations (both bookings exactly the same) it is costing me £16.00 for 2 returns, with VIRGIN!!! Now I thought there must be a catch and so I asked around. Apparently its all above
  2. Only a little disagreement but its a victory non the less Hubby is guarantor for a rental property. Tenant failed to make the rent paymnt on time and w knew they would try get the amount from his account even tho it was being paid in cash a numbr of days late. So 27th dec hubby went into local branch and asked for the SO to be cancelled. Was informed it had been cancelled and no money would leave the acct. Checked our DD for our rent was still in place and had this confirmed in writing On 31st Dec we noticed £525 was missing from the acct. So hubby went in..and was promptly told he
  3. Well here is the update for this case In short WE WON!! Mr Agent has to pay 3 times the amount of the deposit plus return the deposit. Number of points went in the tenants favour. 1.The defendant failed to send a bundle into the court 2. The defendant failed to show to the hearing 3. The defendant didnt send in any form of witness statement / letter to rely on in his absence The Judge made the following comments 1. The deposit should have been protected for the whole of the tenancy 2. The defendant should have informed the tenant when the protection policy w
  4. Unashamedly bumping this thread in the hope someone can help!!
  5. It was in an insurance based policy and he just cancelled the policy...which he was perfectly ntitled to do. What he failed to do was place it back into a scheme! Thats why were are taking this all the way. I want the Judge to say he cant deal with it and refer us to a higher court. I did it with swift (who were bigger and harder than this agent) and I beat them so I'm not worried.
  6. Hi. I have an ongoing issue with an estate agent. On looking through his company I see he offers mortgage and insurance advice...he names his company on the website. I have c hecked his and the company name out at companies house and I cant find anything. Where else would I be able to check to se if he is registered? Where would it be compulsary for him to be registered? Thanks guys xx
  7. The problem we have callumsgran is the agent protected the deposit in the prescribed 14 days. It was only after 10 months he decided to cancel the insurance scheme it was protected with. He failed to place it wth another scheme until the tenants said they wanted assistance from the deposit scheme (due to the agent wanting to keep a chunk of money). Once he knew it was being questoned he placed it back into a scheme...but this was AFTER the tenance ended! I hope the court sees this agent for what he is. We have a number of other ex tenants who had deposits unlawfully withheld (before TDS
  8. Ok..another update just in case anyone is reading this thread! AQ issued and completed. Mr Agent has failed to return his (1 week overdue) and so the case is going to the Judge without theirs....unless the court allows a really late one! As it happens..the new tenant of the property is the daughter of a friend who is willing to let us take pics to prove there has been no new carpet (as Mr Agent is now stating). Too much?? Possible problems with that? Thanks, any comments appreciated!
  9. If you ask for a transaction history and staff intervention history you will see it takes approximately 2 mnutes to produce a redemtion figure. In court, the Judge asked for evidence...it was given to hima nd he then asked Swift to JUSTIFY the charge in for the next hearing...there wasnt another hearing because an agreement was secured btween the 2 parties.
  10. http://news.aol.co.uk/uk-news/story/millions-to-get-energy-bill-refund/1306133?icid=main|uk|dl1|link4|http%3A%2F%2Fnews.aol.co.uk%2Fuk-news%2Fstory%2Fmillions-to-get-energy-bill-refund%2F1306133
  11. http://news.aol.co.uk/uk-news/story/millions-to-get-energy-bill-refund/1306133?icid=main|uk|dl1|link4|http%3A%2F%2Fnews.aol.co.uk%2Fuk-news%2Fstory%2Fmillions-to-get-energy-bill-refund%2F1306133
  12. Enough to repay his debts and start afresh!. Was surprised they gave in so quickly....the letter of appropriation must have struck a chord at last!
  13. Hi Martin there is no other thread...tbh I just been too busy to keep one going for this case The charges began 2 yrs ago!
  14. Natwest were charging £35 per month for 2 charges. son was trying to sort his finances out but every time he was in top NW dumped another charge. The first charge he ever got was from DD being paid a day early and it just spiralld frm there! Went into branch and asked to speak to acct manager. She was really nice, but said she could not do anything as it has changed now...I didnt tell her I had experience at this lol I wrote a letter to NW and gave details of his bills etc and said son could not afford the charges. The wrote back saying they would investigate. I wrote back to th
  15. Meant to ask a question: 1. Should I make a part 18 request for a copy of the inventory ( my son has lost his copy ) 2. Would it be wrong for me to go to the house they rented from Agent and take pics to prove the carpet has not been cleaned. He is saing it has been but the tenants who live there now say it hasnt...or would it be detrimental to the case? 3. Would another, more reputable Agent, be ok to write a witness statement for the court giveng a detailed descritption of what should happen to a deposit? 4. Are emails from the deposit scheme 1 and 2 ok as evidence or wuld it be
  16. Update Have received Mr Agenst defence. In it he claims he moved the deposit from one scheme to another with immedite effect....et I have evidemce that it was 5 months later. In the event the Judge agrees the deposit was secure (even though it was not in a scheme) then I am going for them breaching the HA based on the prescribed information not being given to the tenant within 14 days. The defence is funny...he claims: 1. We didnt agree to the cleaning of the carpet...even tho we have written proff we did at different times 2. The deposit was protected by scheme 1 from begin of t
  17. Thanks Steve..I see your point. Its a shame its open for interpretation as this can often result in grey area's. What are your thoughts on the fact: 1. Mr Agent only placed the deposit in a scheme once he realised there was going to be a case to answer? 2. The deposit was secured a full month after the tenancy had ended Thanks for your help...its really appreciated
  18. Excellemt idea....will take pics and delete id info and put on here...thanks dx
  19. Thanks guys for the replies....always welcome and always fabulous advice Yeah it was quite a big loan...stupidly taken...but we learn! I have the agreement here..and I will try get the details on but dnt have a scanner so it may take me a while lol I think I am going to write to them partially accepting the £6000 (they have given 14 days to accept) and I will give them a further 14 days to cough up the rest...i wont let them beat me. I took on Swift....against their Barrister and did ok....so hfc dont really worry me too much!
  20. Long story but here goes: SAR sent and received all paperwork from account of a loan we had with HFC. They did a thorough job with the SAR...however, and im not the least bit surprised, they failed to provide any info in the SAR regarding the PPI lol Prelim sent asking for app PPI rolling payments to be returned along with compound interest at 29.9%. They sent a response sayin no chance of any refund. Total of £12,000 Sent a further letter offering them another 14 days...and using the recent fine this co have received as a little carrot! They responded by sending a now standard
  21. What are your views on this? As far as I am aware the law is quite clear on deposits being secured. If it is not secured for the whole of the tenancy then the agent is in breach. I cannot see another argument to this...altho I am open to suggestions.
  22. Ok another update tooday. Mr Agent had till 6th to file acknowledgement...which he did at 3pm! He now has 14 days in which to place his defence to the court. In the meantime he has gone to the scheme the deposit is now with (even though the enancy no longer exists and didnt when he placed it with them) and released some of the deposit. He did this on the day he filed his acknowledgement. Solicitor friend suggests by his actions he has conceded the claim and not to accept the deposit back at this point. Both the old scheme and new scheme have confirmed te dates the deposit was pla
  23. Have a look at this if you are given the dreaded brown envelope demanding you repay back what you owe! There is a loophole for those who cannot afford to repay the amount owed. It's called the 'A19: Extra-Statutory Concession' and means the HMRC may have to forgo your tax money. The concession kicks in when the taxpayer 'could reasonably have believed that his or her tax affairs were in order'. Usually the rule also means there has to have been a year between the end of the tax year when the information was provided to HMRC, and the time when you were told about the problem.
  24. Quick update DCA has written asking me to send the paperwork I was sent back to them immediately. They say they are in contact with other person, but there is no way I am sending it back to them for them to deny it...and so I have copied it and sent 1 copy to other party (whose info it is) and copy to ICO. Oh and DCA has written to say they wont be contacting me again re the alleged debt! Other party has made complaint to ICO too....brown stuff starting to fly
  25. ok quick update DPS have confirmed dep placed with them 5 weeks AFTER tenancy ended after being taken out of security 5 months earlier!! Mr Agent has sent messages with a threatening undertone...all of which have been saved! He told tenant to take the dep minus carpet cleaning or this will "get messy". Needless to say Mr tenant has not taken it! Claim form completed ready to take to court under The Housing Act re none secured deps....lets see how smug he is after he has to pay 3 x dep plus dep back. I really want to be the one to serve papers on him....oh to be a fly on the wall
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