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  1. Hi Dan. If you have less than 16k savings you need go online and make a claim for jobseekers allowance..www.direct.gov.uk This is paid for while you are looking for work. As the primary carer for a baby they may change this to income support, but they normally get you on jsa 1st. You are already getting child benefit and tax credits. For your baby, but you are not entitled to anything for your other 2 as your ex is the primary carer (4nights or more makes you the primary carer) Now your with your parents, you may get housing allowance and council tax benefit. If your parents rent the
  2. Rofl..no worries. It takes approx 5-10 workin days, depending on backlogs etc
  3. Hardship allowance is not normally claimable for the first 2weeks of sanctioning. However if your a single parent (and the sanction was not because you fraudulently claimed as a single person) then you can make the claim immediately. You have to go to the job centre to do this. It is then passed to a decision maker who will advise you of the outcome
  4. You need to take evidence of all your payments. You will be asked what repayments you can afford. Be honest with the court..offer as much as you can. Take a completed income and expenditure form with you. Re the car. Explain you were making the payments, for which you have evidence. Explain you were not told this arrangement was not sufficient for the council. They took payments and you only knew it wasn't enough when the bailiff came and took the car. Explain you need the car for work and without it your income would suffer. Tell the court you were not informed of the court actio
  5. Hi. Right..thanks for the update and pointers..CAGgers are brilliant!! Yeah they have informed the company that the account was set up fraudulently..they wont have any of it...I understand why...but its a genuine case. Thanks guys xx
  6. Friend's husband has an ex. She has been buying stuff online frm catalogues. She has then left the debts to mount..cos they are all in friends husbands' name. He is now being chased by cabot. We have cca'd and got the usual response "we have asked for the agreement but the catalogue are having problems finding it. In the meantime we are still askin you to make payments" Now..I know they can't chase the debt whilst no agreement is in place (or has this changed?) The cca had the usual non acknowledgemet of debt...and icluded a statement in regarding the account being fraudulent but they s
  7. MrZ "judge has also recently ruled that when a loan is taken out which pays off the previous loan, that this does not mean they are related agreements." I am very interested in this statement, but cannot find anything on the net about it...any ida where I can find it?
  8. Update. Agent has played silly buggers and keeps applying to the court for the judgement to be struck out..only h then fails to attend the hearing? So Judge gave him one last chance, but he had to pay all what is claimed into Court Funds. He had 10 days to do so. 20 days later it still hadnt gone in so I wrote to the Judge asking for him to strike out the application based on the fact Agent hadnt complied with the court order. Court issued an order giving Agent 7 days to explain in full why he as late paying the moneey in (it eventually went in 24 days after the original order
  9. Begin with SAR. You will get all the info they hold on you..however remember there is a 6yr limit which may mean WF no longer holds any information If you get the info then you can go through what was paid (PPI, charges etc) and follow the process for claiming them back. To make a complaint to FSCS you must have had a final response frm the company you are claiming against...and they will ask for copies of docs you hold...so make sure you copy everything. Currently FSCS is working approximately 12mnth behind...so its not a quick fix. For PPI pre 2005 you must contact welcome the
  10. Hi cmeg First of all...make your appointment with the benfits agency in order to claim what your entitled to. Once finances are sorted everything else falls into place much easier. Re dismissal.....I hope I can clarify some points for you. 1. Legal aid is not available for ET. 2. ET is user friendly...it is set out in such a way so the public can represent themselves 3. Constructive dismissal is no harder to prove than any other claim as long as the case is clear and the evidence is in place. 4. If you have house insurance then sometimes legal aid is available from your in
  11. Done, thanks..my sister feels a lot happier now. I knew CAG wouldnt let us down x
  12. Oh, another question...will it matter that she took on a payment plan with Jacobs last time? Will she still be able to use the "vulnerable" status?
  13. Thanks again....*makes a mental note to read up on bailiff system*
  14. Caro..please empty some of your messages as I need to pm u asap. Thanks
  15. My sister has just recieved a letter from Jacobs re CTax non payment. She already has an acct with them and is paying £10 per fortnight. She is in reciept of incapacity, housing and ctax benefit and lives alone. She has arthritis and depression which she is under her gp and on medication for. This debt is for the current year which she admits she has not been able to pay. However she doesnt remember recieving a court hearing notice (although this could have been sent and she not remembered) She cannot afford another £10 a fortnight...she certainly cant afford another £50 1st fe
  16. Oh Blackcatgirl. I am so sorry to hear your appeal failed. I have spent the last few days reading the judgement trrying to see the logic behind it. I am flabbergasted as I was informed the judgement was coming in on your side.....chopping my source off at the reins!! I only wish you had been able to amend your claim particulars before the hearing to show the prescribed info...i truly believe you would have won your case. Sending you lots of luck and good wishes xxx
  17. Quick update Whooooops...LA failed to pay the money into Court Warrant is returned to Bailiff. Thinking of transferring to High Court so Marstons are the bailiff...and we all know how "insistent" they can be
  18. Amy I think you mean Chillcoat as my case is slightly different. Although I have won my case the problem is the LA doesnt want to pay the court order!! We are now having a set aside hearing...which I have very little doubt I will lose as LA continues to fail to comply with HA or Prescribed Information Order. I also beleive (or hope is probably more accurate) that by the time our hearing comes round Potts vs Densley judgement will have been passed down and found that it is no defence if the LL / LA places the deposit into a scheme before the court hearing but after the tenancy has ended....and
  19. Thanks Ed..very interesting to read. A little update. LL requested another application to have the judgment set aside...and actually attended the hearing. DJ was not impressed LA had missed hearings, especially after hearing LA excuse of "I didnt get the notifications, but I did recieve the court papers". As the hearing notices were sent with the court papers he had received then the DJ took this with pinch of salt and actually said "i find that highly suspicious" Top n bottom DJ allowed the application for anothr hearing, which will be at the next available date. The good news is LA
  20. Just a couple of points. 1. Was there an inventry completed at the beginning and end of the tenancy? If not then it will be very difficult for the ex LL to prove the alleged damage. If none was completed use this in your case 2. at the hearing 25th May if the court does not strike out the claim then ask for a ful dsiclosre on how the LL spent the money claimed. You want to see reciepts for products used, who did the work, how long did it take and any receipts from any 3rd party he used. 3. The fact your father wrote to the LL and specifically said he would be responsible for mis
  21. Chillcoat....how are you getting on with receiving the money owed from your LL? Has it been paid? Have the requsted a set aside? I have a similar case goin on atm and would love to hear ho ur getting on!
  22. Hi Swansea Osprey Now you have the information re the charges you need to write to the (preliminary letter) requesting the charges back. The OFT prepared guidelines re charges being applied to credit cards and made it clear that they expected banks and mortgage co's to follow suit by redusing chaarges to no more than £12.00. If they have charged you more than £12.00 you are lawfully entitled to have them refunded. Believe me, Swift wont just roll over so brace yourself for a long journey and possibly Court. In your info from Swift did you get a transaction history? It shos dates an
  23. Hhi Njenks First of all it is best if you post on your own thread as this one is pretty old and is probably finished with. First of all..you can only request the ppi back if you were mis sold it in the first place. If you asked for ppi / all details were give to you / you made claims on the insurance then imho you are not able to reclaim You need to complete a SAR DPA which will result in you receiving a lot of documents and print outs regarding your business with hfc. From this you will be able to see how much PPI was added to the loan. You will also be able to check how many c
  24. Another update! Beryl the court bailiff visited Mr Agent...who told Beryl that he is applying for the judgement to be set aside AGAIN. Beryl left without even checking with the court I have called the court who tell me that Mr Agent has NOT applied for the set aside. I tell the story up to Beryl attnding and ask how often Mr Agent can use the "i applying for a set aside" story...to be told he can do this over and over if he pays the £75 to the court every time. WTF I am LIVID!! Why is there a bailiff system if it can be side stepped by slimey bast***s! I asked the court
  25. Right, here is a quick (ish) update I contacted Mr Agent by telphone when the 21 days had expired. He told me in no uncertain terms that he was not paying the money owed under the court order. I explained that the ccj (not cca as I mentioned in prvious post lol) could be wiped off his credit history if he paid ithint 1 month...his response "go forth and multiply" So I gathered all the necessary paperwork and put the warrant of execution form into the court. Luckily, the receptionist recognised the names and asked me to wait a moment. She then informed me the defendant had been in min
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