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  1. Thanks Guys, I knew CAG would help. So should I send anything off to them or leave it and wait for them to ask for money again?
  2. After this mornings news I see Mr Prince of CitiGroup has retired. Link below tells the official story. Robert E. Rubin to Serve as Chairman of the Board of Citi; Sir Win Bischoff to Serve as Acting Chief Executive Officer; Charles Prince Elects to Retire from Citi
  3. My OH has received a letter from Lewis Debt Recovery. They wanted a payment for a debt we have no recognition of. I sent CCA Request and have had a response telling us: 1. We are not the creditor nor the data controller. 2. The account is not subject to an assignment 3. Returned £1.00 PO 4. They will put account on hold for 21 days for us to get documentation from account holder (although no account name is given and no amount is specified) What should be the next move? Any advice gratefully received.
  4. Hi Godmother You dont have to thank me, Im just glad you have found a way through. If you need anymore help with the applications etc then please do not hesitte to shout out. If not on here then please send an email to me and I will do what i can.
  5. Write to them and ask for the money to be paid within 7 days or you will progress to the small claims court. The parking ticket...was that for a company car? If so they can call the ticket issuer and tell them your details as your are personally liable for that. If not then it is nothing to do with the company.
  6. I suggest your wife seeks advice from ACAS immediately. If there is unlikely to be a solution due to this neanderthal behaviour right up to Directors then she needs expert help. Start the diary and keep it going, this will be of great use to the rep from ACAS. The contract is the vital piece of evidence, and as you are unlikely to write this up on here (read other posts) then she needs to go somewhere that is totally independant. Hope this helps and the situation gets sorted
  7. I would start by making a personal log of everything that has happened..dates, times, who witnessed, what happened, who did the action, what the outcome was. Then request the disciplinary procedure from Human Rsource Dept. It is your right to have one of these, and there should be one for every job. Make the complaint in writing and apply the discpiplinary proceudre (so if it says the complaint must go to her line manager then do that, and copy HR ito the letter) Insist the procedure is followed, by making sure she writes to the HR dept and manager if nothing is done within the agreed t
  8. Pen I have tried to PM you with some info but your inbox is full!!!! However it does seem like you have everything sorted, if this is not the case then pm me and I will contact you back. re the abbey getting the possession the judge has obviously thought it was more important to attend his hearing rather than the other...however it was a vicious circle and so no answer was going to be the right one. Now you have paid the arrears you must feel more settled, and at least your house will remain yours Mrsfoot
  9. Hi. The fees for fixing you a new mortgage are not a penalty. This is charged as a service so I would be very surprised if they refunded them. With the late fees these are a penalty but be very careful claiming against your current provider., you may need them to be helpful in the future and claiming off them at the minute may jeopardise that. Use this analagy for deciding on whether a charge can be claimed: "If its a slap on the wrist for doing something wrong then its a penalty, if its applied to your account for a service then usually it cant" Good luck
  10. If i was you I would give them a call and explain that you have now paid the court fee. I would imagine they will increase the amount offered to include the fee paid, although whether they give you the interest on that then is hit and miss, but its worth a shot!
  11. Ask away.....we are here to answer! However it really is important you understand the process and the laws it relies on. If you are stuck and cant get an answer from here then have a look in the weclome forum, there is a link which is an a-z.....fantastic for answering questions you may have.
  12. Yog. It is a relatively easy process and one that you do not need a company to do for you. We are all in the same boat and have dealt with mortgage companies so have a lot of experience between us all. Using a company to do this for you means you will lose a lot of what you are claiming back, and after all it is your money so why give it away again? Keep posting on here and you will be given everything you need to get your money back.
  13. Hi Hannah The mortgage companies were told to look at the exit fees as some had increased beyond reality from the original contract and the amount they were charging customers. They then had to either: 1. Refund the difference between the original cost on the contract and the amount you were charged 2. Quantify the costs applied if there was no increase Unfortunately I think they have justified the amount charged in this case. Best thing is to check on your original contract for the amount to be charged on exit and make sure its the same, which I suspect it is.
  14. Absolutely fantastic find KOG. You are a star!! One question...does this only apply to cases with decisions made after the direction? If so what anout all who are receiving the letter after the payment??
  15. HI, dont worry we are all new at one time. Go to your banks forum and in the stickies at the top of the page you will see the court bundle for your claim. However at this moment I expect you are more likely to get a further letter saying that the bank have applied for a stay and that your case will not be heard till after the OFT hearing. If there is anything you are looking for there is a fantasic sticky on the page this thread appears, i think its somthing like "cant find what your looking for" its a a - z of the site and the claim process! Good luck
  16. No date has been set for the court hearing. You can continue with your claim and once you are at the court stage you can still file your claim at court. However it is likely that the bank will apply for a stay which means your hearing will not go ahead till after the OFT hearing results. There are 3 things to consider: 1. If you file in court and the OFT wins, your case will be top of the pile (well nearer the top that it would be if you didnt) 2. If, and it is a small if, the banks win you may have lost your court fee. 3. If you file in court, pay your fee, and the OFT wins, the
  17. Bona you are truly doing this site a service by continuing your claim. I had a similar thing with the "reasonableness" of the charge and I suggest all follow on that thread with all charges specified as "reasonable"
  18. Thanks Kog, the fog is clearing! "Keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer" I have to admit I am not a huge huge fan of Mr Lewis, but he does lend himself to gaining publicity. We have to remember that he is able to get media coverage and this will help our fight for the consumer. Ok he may say obscure (my opinion) things at times we also have to realise some of what he says ends up in the papes as something else. We also have to remember he may be partially spearheading the fight, but we all know its not the spearhead that brings the meat home, its the armies that carry
  19. I would imagine you will receive an applicaton for a stay on behalf of the bank. this is likely to be accepted but dont let it stop you. The case is regarding charges as a whole not just on overdrafts.
  20. My honest opinion of this is great work but a couple of questions! This case could take years....will we then be hit with Limitations Act and be unable to claim back?? I know we have this covered but I would imagine this will be a section of the case that will be fought to the death over and therefore is something we need in writing before the case begins. Will benefits / Social Security Admin Act being included? Or yet again will they be put to the back of the queue? OFT should be working impartially...so why is there a ban on repaying the amounts and not on the charging of them? Thi
  21. I have looked Bona and cannot find any further info on this case. It has yet to be published I beleive.
  22. Kelvin I think everyone will have recieved the same leter just cut and pasted with your personal details (manual intervention at its best ) I have not had feedback on the contents as yet, however you can always accept an amount in partial settlement. They cannot tell you that this is your lot and you wont get any more because if the court states they are unfair, they are ALL unfair and ALL charges will be returned or they will not be complying with the courts decisions. I would suggest something like this: Dear Sir Madam In response to your letter dated XX/XX/XXXX i am accept
  23. Your correct in thinking claims I have helped with have all been settled before the court hearing, but the POC details are the same. To make it solid i would suggest using the T&C as the contract. This allows the bank to apply a charge to your account (agreeing to the assignment). If you were not on benefits at the beginning of the contract but this happened later on in the life of the account the bank still have the right under the original contract to assign a charge but this is now void under the Acts, leaving the charges unenforceable and should be refunded to the client. I imagin
  24. England and Wales have both had success in the Benefit charges refund. Give me a shout if you need anything
  25. I have a set of POC for Benfit related claims. In my opinion the one above crosses over into penalty charges to easily and therefore may cause confusion. I suggest you only use the SSAA 1992 as it is in black n white that they cant take it, if you keep crossing over onto penalty claims then it becomes wishy washy. Here are my POC for anyone who wishes to use them. Brief Details: The Claimant has an account with the Defendant XXXXXXXXXXXXX and this is conducted on the standard terms and conditions. The Claimant contends the charges applied to the account are unlawful in accordance t
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