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  1. You may have had a claim had you done something right away. As previously said, he lied to the Police, but then you would have had to prove he had lied..which would have been difficult. It would probably been out down to your word against his..unless you have strict proof he had seen you in the time he said he hadn't. The stronger claim would have been using an old notice to evict you. There is the statute of limitation act, which means you must make the claim within 6 years. If you have cleared the arrears, and it is less than 6 yrs ago, you may have a claim. As said previously, if you h
  2. I thought as much. To be fair..the first bailiff was lovely...I spoke to him a few times after he had visited, and he hated Jacobs and their tactics. He no longer works for them as he "despised the ethics, or lack of", his words not mine! I think I have his number somewhere, I may call him and see if he wants to help get these leeches sorted. The second charge, when they knew about her condition, has incurred charges. Visit fee £24.50 2nd visit fee 18.00 Writing the complain letter tonight, so will update thread when anything is received back from them. Thanks again
  3. Ok, so we have received one portion of the info. The first acct, had the levy, walking possession and visit fee. It also has a Sch 5 Head H fee included? Fees are as follows: Visit fee 1: £24.50 Walking poss: £12.00 Levy fee: £27.00 Sch 5 Head H £24.50 The last three fees are from the same date, the first from the day before. There was no levy paperwork included in the information, so I am unsure what possessions of hers they included. They are sending the current acct paperwork separately so will get that up ASAP. I wrote to the LA. The woman is away on hol but wi
  4. Thank guys..I really appreciate your help in this. Give me a mortgage co or bank and I can run with it...bailiff action has me confused and I just cannot get the information to sink in and stay in my brain! BN: thanks, I will get the figures from them as I have sent the Acme bailiff letter in today's post. As soon as I get the info, I will publish. I have checked all the paperwork and it looks like she hasn't kept anything of importance..hopefully they will adhere to the acme letter and produce what we are looking for. PT: I cannot find the Notice of Seizure...she is not renowned for
  5. Ah ok. I assumed the partnership involved you living together. I think you should still get an appointment with benefits advisor either at local council or CAB. They have the most up to date information, and will check to see if the 'new' 52 week rule was in place when you applied. I don't think the fact nothing has changed (I.e you still do not have the items) should be held against you. If you had received money for the item in the previous 52 week period, then you would not be able to claim for it again. I'm sure someone will come along and point you in the right direction if I am off
  6. Hi guys. Just a quick update. The local council wrote to my sister and said they had no responsibility over Jacobs. They gave the details of how much was owed, and it seems Jacobs have added £80 to each account (only one had a levy at the time) so I am not sure why £80 was added to the second. Plus, the £80 is a weird amount?? Anyway, my sister had a full breakdown. this had other consequences, but I ensured her £10 fortnightly payments were made by putting the money in her account myself. So, the monsters that are Jacobs have raised their ugly heads. It's been ridiculous over the l
  7. A CGG is given when a person, in certain circumstances need support. You can ask for the decision to be reviewed based on the fact you are now without a partner. Unless things have seriously changed in the last few months, if a separation occurs then a CGG can be paid (as long as you meet the other criteria of benefits etc). I would ask for a review. Make an appointment with your local CAB or Benefits advisor at your local council. If you fall under the mental health team, they can help you access this service.
  8. Garold. Please do not allow NPower to grind you down. I appreciate it is very easy for me to say, as I am not in the same situation, but your post has caused me some concern. I am happy for you to contact me, even if it is someone to yell at. Feel free to inbox me.
  9. Just had a letter from these, informing mum her payments are increasing. Now, when dad was alive, it was all in his name. Over the winter 2011, they had gone into debit on gas. The DD was increased to cover this. When Dad passed, the account was in debit. They changed the name of the acct holder to mum and she is now paying the same amount as Dad was. Bear in mind, since mum took over the acct, the debit had decreased as its the summer and the gch isnt on as much. Can they increase the payments? What reason can I give to stop them increasing the payments...which, as she is on a pension, s
  10. I will ask my brother to find the documentation..I will scan it up to here for you to look at as I am not sure what I am looking for. Thanks!
  11. Update: Barclays has investigated and found they didnt mark the payments as "deceased" when returning. After another call to DWP they say they cannot prove who marked it as such. So, no one takes responsibility, but at least Mum is now classed as living and has received the back pay...which has stayed in her account! No compensation paid, as no one is taking responsibility.
  12. My brother part exed his car four years ago and took what he thought was car loan for new car. He is just arranging a new car and found: 1. The previous loan was not a car loan, it was personal loan 2. The current car loan included paying the old finance off. However instead of paying the finance off, the company kept the money, and just returned the car. 3. Brother now has a VT on his credit file, even though he paid the finance off. He has paid the finance for the current car in full. This includes what the finance company was supposed to pay for his old car. The company w
  13. Will do CitizenB x Erika: Thanks for your input. I will contact the DLA again tomorrow or ensure the claim has not been cancelled. Although the first time it happened I actually had Mum call them herself. They then released the payment again. When I spoke to them today, they knew about the previous error and said she would call the payment dept to ensure the payment was sent again. I will check later this week (It took 3 days last time). You are right though, it's not the money. My concern is how many other times has this happened and the person has not realised. Imagine someone get
  14. Hello and welcome! You cannot be sacked for breaking a clause which is not in the handbook or other publication. The problem here is, it is easy enough for them to put it in the publications (not saying they will). do you have copies of the handbooks and publications? You have done the right thing writing to them and giving your reasons for the disciplinary to be retracted. ACAS will expect this to be done. However, you may find it is out of the period of time your ex employer gives for appeals and greviences. Have they paid you your full notice? Did they pay you any notice? If they d
  15. Why are we getting at the OP? A friend of mine was in a similar position. She was approached by the local council after leaving her partner. They did a similar thing, said she had lived there from A-Z, which she had. All the time her partner had not worked through physical illness, which she knew. He has claimed housing/council benefit, which she had no idea of. She had been paying the rent in their private rented house. She had paid the CT amount into his acct for him to pay. They parted on ok terms. She gets this knock on the door. Being a truthful person, like the OP, she told the trut
  16. Hi. I have recently lost my Dad too, so I send my thoughts and prayers to you. It's a difficult enough time without added hassle. My Dad died and left no will, only a small insurance policy (not enough to cover funeral). I informed all parties immediately of his passing. DWP paid a couple of payments into his and mums acct. then asked for her to pay it back. I was told on here that mum didn't have to repay it as it was in Dads name and it went towards the funeral. I wrote them a letter and mum got a call saying she would not be asked to repay it again as it was illegal for them to do so.
  17. Ok, this is bizarre and I would love some pointers. Bear with me. Dad passed away in April. Mum changed the joint account over to single name, keeping s/c and acc number the same. June: Mum was awarded care component of DLA. This is due to kidney failure and being on dialysis. The amount was £400+. The DLA claim is purely in Mums name. The bank decided to return the money to the DLA. When doing her banking I noticed it and rang DLA, after confirming who Mum was, they told me the bank had returned it to them as mum had died! They re-arranged the payment. I called Barclays on Mum
  18. Thank you. It's comforting to know we are not the only one going through it. It makes me mad that they are quick enough trying to get money out of a partner, but they won't shift themselves to make sure they have money to live on!
  19. My dad passed away in April, on a Friday. We notified all benefits (state pension and attendance allowance) on the following Monday. Today, Mum has received a letter saying they had overpaid Dad (no details on what) and that she has to repay it. There was no estate left. In fact Mum had help to pay for the funeral as money is pretty tight. What bugs me, Mum is still waiting to hear about her state pension and tax credits, and they are not rushing it through, yet they are quick enough to ask for money they overpaid my Dad. Does anyone have any thoughts? Advice? I'm not clued up
  20. Have you checked with all of the 3 schemes? Also, it is the LL who has the responsibility to secure the dep, not the Agent. If it has not been secured, you need to write a letter to the Agent and LL, enclosing copies of the emails from the schemes showing your dep is not secured with them and say you are giving them 14 days to return the dep. After the 14 days file in local civil court. Now, as long as they pay the dep back before the first hearing the LL does not pay the 3 times penalty. This action gives them a boot up the ass a lot of the time! There are letters in the threads to send to
  21. Well I guess our local council have got it wrong then...because my sister has been bk home for a while...and has her part of the rent paid for by local council. My parents get full council tax n rent benefit...the only rent + ctax paid is my sisters share.
  22. If a non dependant child returns to live at home and they rent their property then the rent is divided between the adults living there, as is council tax! I know this because my sister lives with my parents in the same circumstances as u. If you are looking for work then dwp will advise jsa not IS..as there are services you can link into wen on jsa but not on IS. My sister was left in a similar situation..she claimed jsa, but this was changed by dwp to IS wen she went for her appt...because her child was 8mnths with disabilities..so my original advice is correct, but it is your descion ul
  23. FLM are a high cost loan company. Stay away. Its obvious your daughter hasn't applied for a loan. FLM will send flyers out saying you can have £XX with guarantor..but you have seen the interest rates for yourself. Rip it up and don't go near. Kids use FML in text speak for [email protected] my life...make your own mind up on that ;-)
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