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  1. Hi all, I have a loan with payday uk which was for £240 and due to be repayed tomorrow (£350.86), i split with my husband last week and have no idea if he is going to help with bills and mortgage etc so can't know what my I&E is going to be yet, can anyone please help with a reply to their last email (i'm so stressed i cant think straight ) my first email to them...... Dear Sir/Madam, > > I have recently seperated from my husband and facing reduced hours at work and am now in a position where I am unable to keep making the payments > on this loan. It is causing me to suffer financial hardship. I have a few payday loans and they are too much for me to manage. I would like to set up an alternative payment plan. > > So therefore I would ask that all interest on the account be frozen and no charges added. I fully intend to honour the debt payment and will arrange to pay the amount borrowed plus one months interest. I offer a payment of £30 per month which will be paid by faster payments from my bank account. > > I remove all rights for you to take money from my account. I withdraw your authority to take regular payments from my bank account. I have not missed any previous payments. Please accept my offer of £30pcm which will be paid on or before the 26th of every month via faster payments . To enable this please provide > me with: > > Your agreement to £30pcm > Your Agreement to accept the total amount borrowed plus 1 months interest.. > Your agreement to this payment plan and to freeze all interest and charges > Your companies bank account number > Your Companies Sort code > The reference number you want me to use > > If I have this information I will be able to make payment of £30 later this month via my online banking faster payment service. Please note I will only discuss this in writing/email, I will not call any number to arrange a payment as I will be bullied by your collections department into making payment amounts I can't afford, > meaning missed payments and my account going into default. I do not want this. I want to pay what I owe. > > I must inform you in the strongest manner that I do not wish to be contacted at my place of work at any point regarding this loan/debt as this could jeopardise my employment and therefore I would not have the monies to repay the loan to you. My work telephone number was only provided for you to confirm that I was employed and that my place of work had a working land line, and this is what you informed me when setting up the loan. My work environment is not a place for me to discuss personal finance matters, or arrange further more convenient times for us to discuss matters, you must delete my works number from any contact list you have for me. I do not wish to be contacted on my mobile phone number, but if you would like to leave a message this will be acceptable. If you do constantly text or call me this will be seen as harassment and a log of all calls and texts will be kept and it would put you in breach of cputr, protection from harassment act 1997, and also the communications act (2003) s.127 Any calls from your company will be recorded. > > I do hope however, that we can arrange a payment plan to alleviate the stress of my whole situation, and to also enable the repayment of the loan to your company as promptly as my finances will allow. I look forward to hearing from you and will help in any way I can to organise repayments with your company as soon as possible. > > Regards, their reply Dear > > Thank you for your email. > > In order for us to agree a suitable payment plan for you we will need you to complete the income and expenditure form below detailing your monthly income and outgoings: > Monthly Salary: £ > Other Monthly Income (Benefits, Pension etc): £ > Rent/Mortgage: £ > Utility Bills: £ > Mobile Phone: £ > Credit Card and/or other Loan payments: £ > Groceries: £ > Other: £ > > Once we have this an agent will make an assessment of your income and expenditure information and propose an arrangement which assists you in repaying the balance and supports your current financial situation. > > Please fax this to us on 0845 127 4365 or alternatively reply to this email. You can contact us on 0800 280 2666^ between 9:00am – 8:30pm Monday to Friday and 10am – 3pm on Saturday should you have any further queries. > > Regards, > > Recoveries Team > > Purple Payday, my reply Thank you for your speedy response. Obviously, due to my unforeseen circumstances, my income and expenditure is extremely unstable at this moment. But in any case, you have no right to obtain my income and expenditure information at all. As detailed in my original e-mail to you on 23rd June 2011, I would like to reitterate the following points: No attempt should be made to take money from my account as this will incur bank charges for me and hinder repayment to you. I do not wish to be contacted at my place of work at any point regarding this loan/debt as this could jeopardise my employment and therefore I would not have the monies to repay the loan to you. > Your agreement to the above > Your agreement to £30pcm > Your Agreement to accept the total amount borrowed plus 1 months interest. > Your agreement to this payment plan and to freeze all interest and charges > Your companies bank account number > Your Companies Sort code > The reference number you want me to use I must also let it be known to you that in no way am I attempting to not pay my debt, but to try and pay you back as quickly as possible without having to incur further charges which will only slow proceedings down in paying you. Regards, their reply Dear, Thank you for your email. We have noted that you withdraw authority for payment to be taken from the debit card provided. It is company policy that if you require a long term payment plan that an income & expenditure is completed. Please also forward a copy from your employer in regard to the drop in salary. To make token payments that will reduce the outstanding balance ,but will not place the account on hold , until an agreed payment plan has been put into place, you can use the cash details below. 60-00-01 Natwest sort code 39524906 account MEM 10384761 reference In order for us to agree a suitable payment plan for you we will need you to complete the below income and expenditure form detailing your monthly income and outgoings: Number of people residing at property (please break down into adults and dependant children) Monthly Salary: £ Other Monthly Income (Benefits, Pension etc): £ Total Income £ Rent/Mortgage: £ Utility Bills: £ Mobile Phone: £ Groceries: £ Credit Card and/or other Loan payments: £ Other (please provide breakdown): £ Total outgoings £ Amount left over £ Please also advise what other credit commitments you have and how much your arranged payments are to each. Once we have this an agent will make an assessment and propose an arrangement which assists you in repaying the balance and supports your current financial situation. Please fax this to us on 0845 127 4365 or alternatively email it to us on this address. You can contact the office on 0800 280 2666 (Call charges may apply depending on your telephone provider) between 9:00am – 8:30pm Monday to Friday and 10am – 3pm on Saturday should you have any further queries. If your arrangement is not agreed by the due date the full payment will fall due and payments can be tried at any time. As we work with a Credit Reference agency, we share your account information on a monthly basis, so when you repay your loan on time, this could also help to improve your credit rating. However if you do not repay on time this could have a negative impact on your credit rating. Regards, can anyone please help with a reply, I have cancelled the card on the bank account and wont have any money in there although worried after reading a post on here about PDL taking money out and making the account overdrawn. Thanks in advance
  2. my hubby is having problems with these scoundrels too any chance of the template please?!
  3. You have the expert on your case ell-enn so you'll be fine. x
  4. I know exactly the stress you are going through, I had an eviction hearing only a couple of months ago against Kensington, they are a nightmare to deal with , from experience and also from what I have read on here, in that they will not accept payment offers and insist on bank statements etc but take no notice of them. I'm sure if you apply for the N244 and have a hearing that the judge will be in your favour, he was in mine as I could pay extra within the term of the mortgage to pay off the arrears. For your reference Kensington have a terrible reputation for charges etc, do a search on here, they were ordered to pay back charges although I still havent heard from them! I'm no expert but wanted to add my experience as I know how stressfull all this is, someone with experience will be along soon to help you. If you have any questions feel free to ask and you are definately in the right place for help and advice, the people on here are fabulous. Tigger x
  5. We have sent a letter to the headmaster asking if they have any concerns and my husband is thinking of meeting with the headmaster and asking whilst he is there to spend 5 mins with his son, he is thinking of sending a signed for letter to his son at home but not sure how successful that will be. Thanks for replying.
  6. Thankyou all for your replies, I appreciate it is a very emotive subject and lots of people have their own good and bad experiences as I myself do, my ex husband has been a **** when it's come to our kids when we first split but I persisted because I want my children to have a relationship with their dad which happily they do now. Things are no better with my new hubbys son, he still hasnt heard from him, after the last time he spoke to him on the phone (3 weeks ago) and his mum said he was upset when asked if he wanted to come to our house at the weekend as usual, my husband text him (via his mum) saying he didnt want to upset him and that he wouldnt call again if he would get upset but he knew how to get in touch with his dad if he wanted to see him or talk, he hasnt heard anything from him, not sure if his mum has even shown him the text. Not sure where to go from here, all my hubby wants is to find out from his son if he wants to see his dad, but he cant speak to him without his mum interfering, does he send a letter (but chances are if she doesnt want him to have it then he wont), meet him from school to speak to him or get other parties involved (not sure who)? I'm not being an interfering stepmother......i'm simply trying to help my husband, I agree it is ultimately for him and his ex to sort out.
  7. am here to sound off if you don't mind, if anyone has any experience or advice i'd be most grateful. (sorry its long!) My husband has a son of 12 with ex wife and up until recently everything had been going fine, hubby picking him up every other weekend and we would have him here, take him away every year for a 2 week holiday and have him during school hols etc... we went away in june to france and took hubbys son, he decided to pay one weeks less maintenance as we had him for 2 weeks (I don't take maintenance from my ex hubby if he has them when he or I takes our kids away). Since then she has contacted the csa and he now has to pay through them, although she has lied about the amount of time hubby sees son so he has to pay more. Since then hubby has phoned his son arranging to pick him up and spoke to him and then his mum came on phone to say he was upset and doesn't want to see him. My hubby is naturally upset, he wants to see his son and it seems his mum is poisoining him. Don't know where to go from here, solicitor seems the next step though we don't have endless mountains of money and also not sure if his son will want to see his dad after the lies his mother has said. I'm so annoyed as my hubby is a good dad, he picks up and drops off his son when he has him, a total of 300 miles round trip, he's part of this family and included in everything with us and now it seems she has turned him against us. Sorry for the long rant but if anyone has any advice I would so appreciate it. Tigger x
  8. From experience on here unless it is a work car/van they can take it, I've been there and the best advice is to move the car away from your house or park in a garage if you have one, mine was clamped but some kind soul took it off and the car was not parked by the house until the prob was solved.
  9. The cheek of them, guess I will receive the same shortly then! I was wondering if you hear anything from the court confirming the arrangement?
  10. I'm no expert but sure someone will be along soon, your in the right place for advice, these guys are fantastic. Although from my experience I would send any correspondence signed for delivery as they are sneaky and will deny receiving it.
  11. Thanks so much everyone i most definately could not have done it without you all, not sure about being brave......when the judge asked me if i had anything to say before he made judgement I spoke about my children being homeless and started crying, thank god my husband was there to speak for me!! I feel totally emotionally drained and never want to go through that experience again, am having a glass or three of vino and then going enjoy a great nights sleep!x
  12. Had my hearing for suspension of eviction this morning and the judge suspended the order, I can't tell you the relief I'm sure I will sleep like a baby tonight!! I can't thank you all on here enough for your advice and support and the genius ell-enn for your help. I shall be making a contribution and may start looking at the ridiculous charges they have charged me. Hugs to everyone else going through it x
  13. Well done Debvfm you must be so relieved. I have my hearing tomorrow and hope I have a positive outcome too.
  14. Can't thank you all enough for your help and support, I definately couldnt not have done this without you. My husband made a payment to kensington today of £500 (£207.50 towards debt) I phoned kensington to ensure they had received payment and also a letter we sent off last week confirming the amount we offer to pay. The guy said they are still waiting for the bank statements before they will decide if to accept the offer and as they received the letter on monday morning they had not replied to it because the eviction hearing is for wednesday and I would not receive the reply in time and they will wait to hear what happens at the hearing (I was kinda hoping they would accept the offer and save me the stress of going through the hearing ) when I told them that the hearing has not been changed to thurs the day of the proposed eviction he told me to phone back tomorrow and see if they could accept the offer of repayment. Do they have a duty to reply to my letter and also is it correct that they cannot accept offers of repayment without bank statements, will the judge question why I have not sent them?
  15. Thankyou for your support, I had a phone call from the woman at court today to say they have no judge for tomorrow so it will now have to be thursday 10am, 45 minutes before the eviction time......oh god another night with no sleep sixofspades what sort of questions do they ask and will someone from the mortgage co be there? I just want this to be over, and I want to keep my home don't know what i will do if i do lose it
  16. I'm going through the same thing and also have a hearing on weds, hugs to you I know how stressful this is, hope things go well x
  17. Thank you for your replies, I'm absolutely dreading it and praying with everything I have for a positive outcome. I am so grateful for all your help and advice on here, I certainly could not have done it without you. Killerschick I have never been to court before and have no idea what to expect, I thankyou for your advice.
  18. Thankyou everyone for your help, i have a date for the hearing, its for 25th august at 10am, its also my sons birthday, which will be just terrible if I lose my home. I feel absolutely sick, is there anything I need to take or do to prepare please?
  19. oh hell, i'm working from 7-4 tomorrow so cant get to the court, no the hearing the same day would not be good for the nerves, its my sons birthday on 25th too, dont think a totally stressed out mum will be much fun for him. Can't see what else I can do, my husband is working away in tewkesbury so he cant go and drop it off, he has the forms with him and he was going to post them tomorrow. do you think if i phone the court on monday morning and explain they may process it then for me and give me a date, I am hoping for the tuesday so I dont have to go on my sons birthday and the eviction day would be even worse i think.
  20. Thanks so much El-enn, i dont get paid till friday so if I send the postal order then, they wont recieve it till monday, it isn't too late is it seeing as the eviction date is thursday? I can't thank you enough for you help
  21. thankyou so much, as everyone else says you are fantastic, from your experience do you think things will work out ok in this case, i'm so worried, i can't eat (which isnt a bad thing), cant sleep which isnt good when i have to work?
  22. the reason for missing the payments was due to a car accident i had last january, i was off work for 4 months and suffered with stress, had lots of bills to pay and stupidly paid them instead of this loan (and stuck my head in the sand and hoped it would go away), my husband's income is on the form, he works from home sometimes so if we didnt have one this would affect his work. I'm still suffering from stress (obviously, this certainly isn't helping) though i havent any prove ie. not consulted the gp etc.
  23. el-enn, my husband is saying i need to reiterate the fact that if we lose our home then we lose our jobs, i am a childrens nurse and he works as a principal engineer for G4S if that helps, i'm sure you are experienced in these matters (certainly reading your posts that is the case) not sure if that helps anything in the Q.10
  24. hi el-enn, firstly thankyou for helping me. I have the budget and n244 form thankyou, the secured loan is in my name (as is my mortgage, I bought the house before i met this second husband) i live with my husband, 19 year old daughter, 13 year old son, 3 year old daughter and my step son (12) stays with us every other weekend. So I have 2 dependent children, looking at the budget form I can afford to pay an extra £150 per month, however after speaking to Kensington, they want me to pay an extra £200 per month but they still want bank statements so they can decide if they will accept the repayment offer? don't know whether i should still deal with them or wait for the court.
  25. thanks letsdothis, I couldnt imagine the stress of handing it in one hour before!
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