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  1. I cancelled the standing order, so I guess I'll find out soon enough.
  2. Well I have this and I have also just requested one from equifax which also has nothing relating to any CDF. so could you give me any idea as to why this CDF isn't reported on my file?
  3. By 'proper' do you mean pay £2 for one? Thats what I did on the web form and they sent me a letter with a password to download my report.
  4. But the finance/loan was taken out almost 2 years ago, so there would be something about it on my file, surely?
  5. Sorry I forgot to mention this, I used the site checkmyfile.com. So they use equifax, callcredit and experian. I also requested a seperate experian report before I used checkmyfile and there is nothing about CDF on any of them.
  6. I signed up for Train 4 Trade Skills early 2011 and they used CDF to pay for the course, I am in the process of trying to cancel the course and the payments ands maybe get a refund... thats a different matter to what I want to know in this thread. I checked my credit report and there is no evidence of CDF or Train 4 Trade Skills on it. Now what I want to know: If I cancel the monthy standing order, CDF chase me for the money and probably go to a DCA, will it then be applied to my credit file? also what could happen if I just refuse to pay? A CCJ from many years ago has recently been removed from my file and I am 6 months away from having the last default removed, so my main concern here is making sure my credit file doesn't get tarnished again. Any help will greatly be appreciated. Many thanks Paul
  7. Well it took along time but i got them for free, i done all that ages ago and they have just been sitting in my drawers. I thought with all these court cases i should wait a while before i send any letters. Just getting round to it now. Just oing to put this letter together now. I hate editing loads of stuff cos i never really know what im doing lol
  8. I sent off for copy's of my statements along time ago and haven't had any recent charges to update so i started the process of asking for my money back. Heres what i sent them Dear Sir or Madam, Re. Account number: I am writing to request that you repay all the default charges that have been applied to my account during the past six years from the date of this letter. I do not believe these charges reflect the true cost to Barclays PLC of going into unauthorised overdraft. The charges total £465 I believe I have been unlawfully deprived of the money and therefore ask that you repay me the full amount. Please find a full schedule of the charges with this document. I request that you deal with my case now rather than once the test case has ended as I am currently experiencing financial difficulties due to starting a lower paid job and the FSA waiver states that you should continue to deal with hardship cases. I look forward for a full response to this letter within 14 days. Yours faithfully, Well the responce was quite quick and they don't want to give me my money back, they also sent me leaflets on the bankking code etc and say the charges are fair etc etc blah blah.. So does anyone have any advice for me please? I feel like i have started off wrong with the first letter asking for my money back. Thanks
  9. going to have a battle with barclays... the thing is im not one for reading loads of different documents, is there a simple way of me just getting the charges re-funded? i dont know what im looking for exatcly. is it somthing i need to print off ie: a letter or do i have to write my own? any help appreciated thanks paul
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