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  1. This topic was closed on 03/07/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. This is a situation that the SLC create themselves 'losing forms' they've done it on me on numerous occasions, the 'lost' deferment form was exactly the same as yourself, I returned the form and had the receipt infront of me. I pointed out to the woman giving me a lecture that they had taken delivery of the form not more than 2 days ago, I even provided the signees name. A phone call a couple of days later admitted that like yourself, the letter had been accepted by the 'post room' and was delayed in being taken to that persons desk. What's not apparent and you need to realise is that the
  3. Hi As per subject Quick Question: Small Claims Court Bundle - Other Sides Statement. I've received a bunch of papers and am working my way through trying to collate a bunch of my own. Apparently this bundle has to have ALL the information that I will be relying upon IN court on a specific date. The other party has made a statement, of course I don't agree with half of what they say. Am I expected to reply to their statements and include my own replies in with these bundles of paper or not? I only ask as I'm confused by the fact that essentially my answers will be the crux of the
  4. Yes. B&Q owe you a duty of care, that means that you can walk around the store without incident, or without the store affecting your safety. So yes you can claim for your damaged items in short, the fact that cctv doesn't cover that part of the store is not your concern, the fact is you've suffered a loss you've filled in the accident book and you've declared your loss to the person at the store. Now its just a case of proving to B&Q head office that the damage was done so photograph the damaged articles and ask the dry cleaner for a statement or letter saying in his experience d
  5. Fwiw a friend of mine was 'forcibly evicted' in a similar manner, in his case however they had a house at the back of the area he was supposed to be looking after. They also did the changing of locks etc which is technically known as trespass owing to them not having a legal right of entry whilst the tenant is in residence, this is a whole complicated area. If your friend gets a good Solicitor there's serious money in this, my mate got 30k because HE decided he didn't want to fight for another couple of years for the property. Yes, that's right, it can cost a property owner the price of t
  6. They record their calls, they issue the warning everytime you call them that incase there is a problem later then they have a recording. I thought a 'DSAR' was a 'data subject action request'? Is there some kind of template for this, as I can't seem to find anything other than a google search for such which leads me to warickshire council. Oh yes and as regards recording my calls from now on, not a problem as I purchased one of those TrueCall devices, it's just a shame we can't go back in time
  7. Hello again, Sorry to resurrect this old topic but for various reasons the 'DSAR' never got undertaken. I am now about to go through the Small Claims Court in order to achieve my aims. This whole situation is about a broken TV. The company concerned essentially kept moving the goal posts regarding how much repairing the TV would cost ie: £300 Sir, at which point I threatened to take them to court, then they advised me 'did we say that oh no really we meant to say £200' then once they had the TV it was you must have spoken to a non-techie person but what's important is that we're wait
  8. I personally, if I had to go through dealing with Comet all over again. I would just phone the store I purchased the tv from up, inform them I've had enough the faulty tv I purchased from them is coming back to them in the next hour or so and you would appreciate them having the refund ready for your collection to speed things up, don't give anyone a chance to tell you they're not qualified for checking the tv, just put the phone down then take the tv back. Once it's back in the shop join the que, then and await your turn, there's no need to get nasty, shouting etc you could print off the affo
  9. Box it up and take it back to the shop. Or get some friends to help you take it back to the shop, otherwise what will happen is this. Comet will come and tell you there's nothing wrong, or more than likely they'll take it away keep it they can convince you to pay for it to be repaired, or hold it untill you have no choice but to take it back. There is NO 28 day rule, that's Comets idea of how they interpret the Sales Of Goods Act, it's not legal if you're not happy you've got to get it back to them as soon as possible, this is especially the case when it's faulty. By taking it physically into
  10. Hi, Thought I would mention this, there's a Firefox Addon called 'Quitomzilla' available here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/444 you just install it and then input some relevant details such as how many you smoked, money spent etc and it keeps a track of how much you've saved, how long you've gone without etc. I use it to wind up a mate of mine, he said he would give up but didn't last past a week. As a consequence whenever we're in touch I take a look and remind him as to how much he could have saved if he had been serious all of this time later. HTH
  11. fwiw there are several 'paypal sucks' websites: PayPalSucks.Org, Home of the PayPalSucks.Org Cartoons & critical commentary on PayPal.com , NoPayPal UK and PayPal Alternative - Pay Pal Lawsuits, PayPal Complaints & Fraud and Horror Stories: PayPal UK edition there are others, but I'll let you find them, there's sure to be loads of people out there that have the same complaints against paypal. HTH
  12. Just reading through and I can't understand why you don't go for something like a Social Loan Jobcentre Plus - Working Age Benefits Social Fund Crisis Loans you don't as I'm sure you know need a high powered laptop, one even 3 years old will get you something decent at around 100-150ukp something like a Pentium Portable processor for instance or something like this which is ex corporate stock: BigPockets.co.uk :: IBM Thinkpad T42 Laptop Centrino 1.7Ghz - 1Gb - 40Gb - COMBO - Wireless WiFi - 14 inch TFT - Win XP Pro £194.99 or even BigPockets.co.uk :: IBM Thinkpad T41 Laptop Centrino 1.6Ghz - 5
  13. Hi thanks for everyone's input on this, the issue is that people within the organisation said things but now those statements I'm told are simply 'untrue', so I'm asked to prove they exist. Persoally, I would ask they prove they weren't said, afterall they're the ones that record their calls aren't they Obviously, if I knew things were going to go so badly, I would have recorded things, but alas it's too late now. However, I can ask for transcripts providing dates\times of the calls and the correct way to do this is a simple Subject Access Request and a £10 postal order? If that's t
  14. Hi, I phoned a shop sometime ago and had a series of conversations with their staff. They failed to honour their part of an agreement and now they have asked that I prove what was said during these conversations. Now as I don't routinely record my phone conversations, how would I go about acquiring any proof that they have as they provide the usual warning when phoning that 'this call maybe recorded for training purposes'. So assuming that they did indeed record those calls, how would I go about acquiring copies of them? Many thanks.
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