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  1. hi team can anyone help with this please.
  2. hi rebel11 i`ve scanned this & need some advice from the team on how to deal with santander & get my money back, thanks johnee
  3. it dont look like anyone will be getting anything back he administraters are charging 15000.00 for their help £390.00 an hour for a partner. Any ideas anyone
  4. Hi this is in the Abbeys defence. The claimant`s contention that the said fees are unenforceable and/or are "penalty charges" is denied. The fees reflect and are proportionate to the defendants administrative exspenses incurred due to the claimant`s breach of contract and are a genuine pre-estimate of damages suffered by the defendant. Dated 24/04/07. Have i got them and should i amend my claim. HELP PLEASE
  5. Hi can`t we fight back with a county court action against them for harrassment and claim compensation ?. they have no intension of going to court because a creditor cannot sell on a disputed account to a DCA.
  6. Hi these leaches are chaseing me on a disputed account. I`m getting calls, text messages to my landline and a constant stream of threatening post from these [freds] & bryan carter. Even threatening bailiffs on xmas eve. Can i county court them for harrassment plus compensation ?. They have no intention of going to court they no they can`t on a disputed account. Any ideas.,
  7. johnee

    Argos CCA received??

    Hi i had the same letter back when i asked for an SAR but on mine its section 78. they still took the ten pound cheque though ?.also the date of the application form and the T/C are a month out. any advice would be appriciated.
  8. johnee

    Argos CCA received??

    Hi N.P yes it was a subject access request i adapted also thats the way i recieved it, i thought it was there way of being funny?. Also welshman ALL the terms seem to be there, ones you can actually read .
  9. johnee

    Argos CCA received??

    hi just sent off S A R requet to them. r u sure that application form is enforceable ?
  10. johnee

    Argos CCA received??

    Hi i got back the same application form back when i wrote to argos on behalf of my mum. if i can manage it i`ll attatch the scanned copies i`ve done, as you`ll see theres only her name and address and a signeture. what do you reckon any ideas??19 March 2009.pdf
  11. johnee

    argos store card

    Thanks hb i`ll give it a go
  12. johnee

    argos store card

    Hi can anyone help me with how to deal with argos. My mum who`s 68 and has got over six hunrded pounds in debt on a store card, being a widower and a pensioner she`s struggleing to pay £30.00 a month, which is £17.00 is going on interest. She`s been really depressed which i believe is the main reason (stress) which she colapsed down her stairs and broke her hand. I would like advice on how to make argos an offer of part payment on the grounds of hardship or poined to the right template page. thanks.
  13. Mr J Lacey persimmon house,Brooklands business park, weybridge, surrey. KT13 ONT. Or email sales@freds.com. GO GET EM KIDS!!!
  14. Hi can anyone explain contractual compound interest & is this the same as the interest they charge on your statements every month, If not can i get this back.
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