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  1. Hi ChloeJane, Thanks for your response from what i can gather its a "fixed period lease rental" and the description is for "1x salon active epos system" which is a strange generalisation of what we have as its software not hardware??? There is no real contract as such only an email outlining what we had agreed below "Please find below what we discussed last night, I have also included a 10% discount on all the items as well as packaging in the training day Free of Charge: Pro version software £1995 2 user database licence: £ 299 2nd Pro version Licence: £ 400 Home office module: £ 395 1 days training £ F.O.C Total £3089 Discount 10% £2780 + vat Total £98.69 per month + Vat" Then this convoluted agreement explaining the payments for the "Epos System" In face I’ve dug out all the info and it looks like we have over paid them £634.95 not the £89.31 i first thought so we have paid for what we have had and £634.95 for the other 3 bits of software which have never received.
  2. I’m after some advice concerning a company we have a finance agreement with. Back in February 2006 we took out a finance agreement with a company for what they called “An EPOS system” on behalf of a company called Salon Active, what we had actually took the finance out on was 4 items of software, one of which was the main salon software for our salon, which cost £2113.94 which was installed and working properly, the other 3 items added up to £1156.90 which was software to be able to access the shop from home and where never installed, we tried to phone them and Email them and have wrote to them on numerous occasions from then till now, but never got anywhere just kept getting told they would install them and never did in fact when they gave us dates and times for installations, we had to keep 1hour slots open where we could not trade as we needed to use the computer to take bills and they never kept their appointments which cost us money. But now we have been paying the finance company by direct debit from back in February till now, and have now got to the point where we have paid them the total amount for the one piece of software which we had received in fact we have over paid £89.31, so I have now contacted the finance company and explained the situation and they are dragging their feet now too, we have now miraculously received phone calls from the software company telling us we can have the software we were promised 19 months ago installed now, but we do not want any dealing with the company as we cannot run a business dealing with a company like this. So my questing is what are our options regarding terminating the finance agreement as we feel we have paid them for exactly what we have received and what would the consequences be if we cancel the direct debit to them, I was going to send a letter outlining the issues including a schedule of payments to them before I cancel the Direct Debit, but we are only a small company and don’t have the time to be messed about by such companies. Your advice would be greatly received. Kind Regards Jim Murphy
  3. Just to let you know I did read the Ts & Cs, as I did not want to have to pay for the extra baggage allowance that’s why, I paid for the extra bag of fresh air. Like I said I did or tried to do it all in good faith, and wanted to make sure I had paid for the bag before we set out. But my main qualm was the fact that they did not tell me I was carrying excess baggage on the way out, this I could have dealt with as I had the car parked outside. But on return when I spoke to easy jet person on there customer services desk she informed me that they keep a record of who takes what out therefore in my opinion they set a president when they let me take that amount of extra out and made me pay for it on the way back. Its not been bitter its just I tried my best to make sure I had done everything correctly, but felt like they had "bent one into me" on the other side when I had no alternative but to stump up the cash. And they did change the wording on the Ts & Cs, and they gave me back the money I had paid them for the extra bag as I was told that the rules or whatever had change and that the system should not have aloud it???? And if that had happened in the first place I would not have take the extra bag.
  4. Many thanks; I will take your advice. All I was trying to point out and not sure where to look or go to was the plain and simple fact that in my opinion that easyjet are using this to make money, which I feel is out of order, I went with all the best intentions and I was told by some of the other easyjet staff that I should have been told on the way out, therefore if they let me take that amount of luggage out of the country they should not charge me on the way back, she told me they have records of what every passenger take out. Like I have said I think they have a [problem] going and I want to get it looked into. But don’t know whom to ask.
  5. But that was my point they know exactly what you take out they have records, my point is that they wanted me, and quite a lot of other people to go out knowing that they would catch them at the other end, where they had no option but to pay. The queue of people paying excess baggage to come back was about 10% of the flight which I found odd and im sure its a very good earner for them. So im not interested in what it says on their terms and conditions what I was saying is that they are not clear and are intended so that you get stung. And all I want to know is if anyone knows how to start court proceedings to take them to the small claims, as I want to PI** them off.
  6. Yes i did, the problem was that the cases did not have any weight???? Crazy but that’s what they told me. My qualm was that they did not tell me that on departure only on return when they had me over a barrel.
  7. I feel I have been had over by Easyjet and I just want to take them to the small claims court just so they have to send some one and basically inconvenience them like they did with us. The basic premise to my argument with them is that we flew with them recently, but before we went I went on to there website where I booked my tickets and added an additional case, we flew out no problem then on the way back I was told that we had to pay €112 additional baggage, I tried to explain but got nowhere so in the end I paid with every last penny I had then complained the other end and got no where. So what im after is some help in filling in the online small claims form or a step-by-step guide. My main intention is to inconvenience them and get them in court. Any help would be very much appreciated. Kind Regards Jim Murphy Please find below the full complete letter that I initially sent Easyjet. Dear Sirs, We have recently used your services to travel to and from EMA to ALC, the day before we flew out I went onto your web site to see if I could take my diving equipment I did not mind paying to take it but wanted to make sure I could, so I went on and looked through your sporting equipment and there was no “diving equipment” on there so I added the extra hold bag at a cost of £10.00. Upon getting to East Midlands Airport and checking in our own 2 hold bags which weighed around 24kg and 26kg and the diving equipment was around 8kg and all went through fine NO questions NO charges, nothing. Upon getting to Alicante airport and checking in our bags as before came to 55Kg, the woman told me that we were over our weight and we had to pay for additional baggage, I tried to explain and showed her the booking confirmation where it states that we had added the bag but it was no use, so we went to the desk and were told the same thing, she was kind enough to tell us that we could leave the bag there which would have been incredible helpful, I thought it best to pay and go and see someone English on our return, the cost for the baggage was €112.00 we were livid it took all our money that we had for the airport and flight home so we had nothing to eat or drink for 4-5 hours, ridiculous. Upon arrival at EMA we went to the easyjet desk in departures and tried to talk to them, I explained all the above and she told me that we should not have even been able to book the additional case as the rules had changed, but then I started asking her why we had been charged and she said that the additional case does not have any weight allowance, what is the purpose of the additional case then? I could not understand what the purpose of the extra case was and when I looked back on the web site it had changed since I had booked it, but it was quite similar and extremely ambiguous, “Your hold baggage weight allowance is 20kg, and you may check in one hold bag per person free of charge. Additional hold bags may be carried subject to a charge of €7.50 per bag per flight when paying in advance (€15.00 if paid at the airport).” It says that we get one bag free of charge and an allowance of 20kg, but an additional bags may be carried subject to a charge of €7.50, I paid £5 each way as stated, only to be told it has no weight allowance, this is certainly not clear, and would imply that additional baggage (i.e. weight) may be purchased. Aside from this, my additional qualm is that I had parked at EMA just a round the corner from the check in and the bags went through with no problems if there had been a problem then the bag could have been left in the car, but to let us take it to Alicante and then want to charge us on our return is unacceptable, the only other option was to abandon the expensive diving gear in Alicante. As I have stated I realise there would be a charge for the additional bag and added it on, on your web site I had not gone out to intentionally try and take it on with out paying but to let me pay for it then take it and then charge me an ridiculous figure when I wanted to bring it home. I would very much like you to look into this incident and try and offer some explanation and fair settlement. Regards, Mr. James Murphy Enc. Receipt for additional baggage, paid in ALC. Copy of parking doc for EMA car park. Copy of Booking confirmation
  8. Hi I’ve started a claim against First Direct and I have taken a full liberty when I have filled the forms in and worked out my cost that I have incurred I have exaggerated and wondered if any one else had done the same and if they managed to get anything? I've just received a letter off them telling me that they will give me £200 as full and final settlement but I took on this just as an exercise to see how far they will go with out going to court i.e. taking the P*ss and asking for £3k plus when they only really owe me £200 - £300, but then I’ve made mistakes on the for (oopps) and bumped my costs up 500% to see how they like it. So just wanting to know if anyone else done the same and how far you get. Regards Paddy
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