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  1. I am at the same stage myself so know exactly how you feel. You will find lots of useful info on this site to help you and will get plenty of help and encouragement from other claimants. Stay with it. Good luck, jessejames
  2. Thanks and congratulations Sweetrevenge. I'm still trawling through statements and compiling excel sheets but on the way at last. Buy something nice. all the best jessejames
  3. Hi Cougar, I am sure banks can access their records at any time, certainly back 6 years. I had to obtain copy statements from RBOS in 1993, backdated 6 years, for a subsequently successful civil action (not against RBOS) and they were able to supply these within 2 weeks. They charged £5 per statement, total cost about £360, which I recovered from the other party. Go for the £10 option and keep the pressure on. good luck jessejames
  4. Hello Cougar, I am just starting this process myself. Re RBOS offer of £5 for statements, I think they mean £5 per statement. May be worth checking out. Go for SAR and pay the £10 for summary printout of all charges on your account past 6 years.They have to provide these.Read the guidance notes. Well worth the time spent. happy hunting jessejames
  5. Have a look at Alliance and Leicester. Good interest rate and very helpful staff. I have opened a parachute account with them and transferred most of my debits and credits with no problems. good luck jessejames
  6. Hello everyone. I have just started using this site and am about to begin claiming current account and credit card charges back from Royal Bank of Scotland. I am finding posts very helpful and am particularly interested in responses from RBOS. I see that responses by RBOS are inconsistent, varying from early settlement to contention. Information on their policy (if they have one) and strategy would be useful. good luck all jessejames
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