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  1. Well done! I hand deliverd my AQ yesterday (on the deadline date 31-01-07) along with the last £100 to my name spoke with the court clerk who told me HSBC hadn't submitted their AQ... he said either their defence will be struck off or they will be given another 7 days to hand it in! Grrrr! Lets hope not eh, they certainly dont deserve the extra time!!!
  2. Hey guys, I'm in the final stages of my claim, I've received the letter from DG Solicters requesting my breakdown. I have this ready to send off but am tinkering with an idea. I've been charged £375 since I started the claim, is it worth me requesting this amount at this stage? I really dont want my accounts closed, I have an outstanding loan with them for £5,500 which I cant pay back in full at the moment and dont want baliff's or anything of the sort knocking at my door. Is it somthing they're likely to include in the settlement or will that just ignore it? Any help is ap
  3. BUMP Is there anyone that can help me please?
  4. This is the cover letter I intend to send to DG. Is the content OK? or is this likely to wind them up? Dear Sir/Madam, in responce to your letter dated 16-01-2007 please find enclosed the information you require. Please be aware that since I started my claim, I have been charged an extra £375 in Charges: Total Charges Oct 24th - £75 Total Charges Nov 24th - £75 Total Charges Dec 24th - £75 Total Charges Jan 24th (notification recieved) - £150 If possible, please take these charges into account should there be any potential resolution to this matter. Ple
  5. Hey Guys, I've received my letter from DG requesting my Breakdown of costs etc. But, since I started the claim, I've been charged an extra £375 in penalties by HSBC. Is this somthing I can add as new to my Sumary of charges spreadsheet? If so, is it likely to be refunded? I dont really want to have to go through all this again to be honest, I've got a loan with HSBC and the balance is around £5,500 and the last thing I want is for them to close my accounts only for me to have to declare myself bankrupt. Any advice greatfully recieved Joe
  6. Wow. That was a good read. I'm routing for you. I wish you the very best of luck, hopefully you wont need it.
  7. UPDATE: Letter received today from HSBC Offering £2155.00. My Claim was for £3243.16. Also included in the same post as the letter was my bank statement, stating the highest ever charge i've received of £150 for 2nd Dec - 3rd of Jan - Merry Christmas eh!! I'm going to ignore the letter, this isn't just about money anymore but principle! Has anyone got the details for DG solicitors? as my Acknowledgement letter came from the courts. Many Thanks. Joe
  8. Hey all, I posted this in the wrong forum, thanks in advance for any help you can give, here's whats happened so far:- After requesting and receiving 6 years of bank statements (lol) I sent out my first refund request letter and summary of charges spreadsheet on the 13th of November which i got no reply to. 14 days later the second was sent to which i also got no reply. I then started my claim through Money Claim Online later than stated on the letters as I was without the internet for a while. 22nd December - Claim Acknowledged 23rd December - Letter Recieved from HSBC (
  9. UPDATE: As expected, I've had no reply from HSBC. I've now subbmitted my "small claim", they have 28 days to respond with a defence. Wish me luck
  10. I'm about to send my second letter after the first being ignored too.
  11. joejeavons

    JJ v HSBC

    Hey all you CAG'ers! First of all, this site is somewhat of a god send, a big THANKYOU goes out to all those who contribute to the site to help people like me stop getting screwed over by these *beep* I've followed the guidlines so far and am just about to send my "letter before action" letter. hopefully all will go smoothly, if i get any problems then I'll post. once again, thanks for all the info so far.
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