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  1. Hello, I have just returned from holiday this morning and Natwest have sent me a settlement offer for £3643.29. This is the full amount of my charges but not for the interest that i was asking for aswell. Is it worth accepting the offer or should i push for the charges too, and if so how do i proceed and what time scale would i be looking at. Any help would be much appreciated;)
  2. Mazza, I am about to contact the court in relation to my case, Just wondering if Natwest have contacted you at all other than saying they were looking into it before the LBA stage. This is the only contact i have recieved. Joe
  3. Trish, Thanks for the reassurance, i thought this would be the case. Regards Joe
  4. Hello all' I have followed all the guides so far and am at my wits end with Nastywest. I am pursuing a claim of £4367.79 from them and the only response i have recieved was on May 18th saying that they are looking into it. On May 30th i sent my LBA by recorded delivery and stated that i requirerd a response within 14 days. Guess what, no response again. Is my only option now to contact the court and serve them with papers, i really thought it wouldnt get to this stage, Please advise Joe
  5. Hi, Im looking for some advice on exactly what i need to do next please. I have recieved the relevant statements from Natwest and calculated that i have paid in excess of £3300 in charges over the period of the statements. I am slightly unclear on what i should do next and what letter i need to send to take this to the next level. Any help would be gratefully recieved, Regards
  6. Sorry people me again. Should i start the ball rolling as Andy is saying or tackle this in another way. Confused and in need of some sound advice.
  7. Andy, Thanks for the swift reply. Just a quick one to say that i have been checking my credit file weekly for about a year now and had no default from HSBC or any other company whatsoever until these Lowell guys got on the case a couple of months ago. This Lowell default that has just appeared is dated 25-08-2001. Thanks for looking
  8. Hi i could do with some advice! I have just bought my first house and have started recieving letters from a collection agency called Lowell financial at my new property. They claim that they have bought an outstanding debt of £1576.78 from HSBC dating back to 2001 and that i must pay in full immediately. I do recall having a credit card with these guys when i was 18 and foolishly moved abroad for two years and ignored this. I have not heard from HSBC since 2001 and have not contacted them as it has never shown on my credit file. My credit file now shows that i was searched by
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