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  1. Well - I hear you've won netty...hopefully I'll hear something shortly. I filed the AQ in time for the 3rd. Didn't get anything from DG before then. Guess I best phone the court tomorrow to see if they even filed their AQ...if they didn't, what's the procedure?
  2. Well, DG have let me know that my schedule has been received (after a mere three emails and two phonecalls...) but have said nothing more on the subject. Since my AQ final date is 3/3 should I just file now? Will it make a blind bit of difference? Realistically how long should things take from now? I've been reading the forums but this is the part where I start to get a bit tangled up and unsure of procedure... Also, a question here for the AQ - if I attach the new strategy directions I'm wondering if I'll have to use original statements as my supporting documents? I used my online banking facility to go back six years and, consequently, don't have any "official" stuff from HSBC - merely the printoffs that I made from my online account records. Is this submittable or will I have to get statements from the bank? As ever I'm a bit confused there! Thoughts anyone?
  3. Well, I have filled in my AQ (though haven't sent it yet - last filing date is 3/3). I've also emailed Debbie to make sure she has my schedule of charges...anything else I should do now other than hold off filing for a bit and pestering DG as much as possible?
  4. Thanks very much for that advice - I'll send the breakdowns off in the morning. As long as there's no penalty involved in me taking nigh-on 28 days to send them in then that's alright! Thanks again! Eoin
  5. Hi - and thanks for the reply! The only thing that I have so far is an Acknowledgement of Service (stating the intent to defend). This was filed on 15/01/07. Since then, seemingly in error, I have done nothing... Having read some other threads it looks like I should be sending two charges breakdowns to the court and one to DG - is this correct? And, importantly, is there a time limit on this? If I send the relevant stuff out tomorrow it will arrive with the court and DG before 28 days have elapsed since Acknowledgement of Service. I am, as you can see, generally confused...
  6. Hello All, if anyone could help as soon as possible I'd REALLY appreciate it. I've been trying to get charges back from HSBC for some time (original thread here - http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/hsbc-bank/46412-right-then-its-my.html) Anyway, I started the MCOL and so forth. It was considered served on 17/01/07. I was using a c/o address and only the other day was the documentation from the court sent through. HSBC intend to defend of course. Today I was just browsing the forums and noticed that, after HSBC state their intent to defend, there should be another step I am taking. What is this step? Should I be sending more documentation to the court and HSBC? I am more than a little confused and, since the 28 days for HSBC to reply will be up on 14/02 I'm beginning to panic that I haven't done something and won't get any money back! Any help will be much, much appreciated! Eoin
  7. A question folks - the day after I started the mcol I received a part payment offer from HSBC (£877 - my original claim was for £1079 but that has now increased with the mcol to £1492). Since I've already started my claim I obviously won't be accepting their offer. Is there any protocol to the reply I should send? I've seen the template letter for rejecting part payment, but is there any more I should be adding given the fact that the mcol has already begun? Also, in the particulars of claim on my mcol it says that the claimant will send another schedule of charges to the bank - is there a standard form letter that goes with that or am I able to combine the rejection of their offer and the resending of schedule?
  8. MCOL started...lets see what happens now...
  9. Ignore me, I'm an idiot...the answer is in front of me...
  10. Well, found a way round that with a willing accomplice down south..thank heavens for C/O addresses! Anyhoo - a question; during my MCOL, right after the particulars of claim, it asks if I want to reserve the right to claim interest...I do yes?
  11. And found it (thanks to Scotia's post). Right...this will take a little longer, but I'll keep you all informed.
  12. Thanks. Just noticed an mcol will be difficult given that I'm in Scotland...moved up here last year. Dammit. Right, back to searching for the relevant info relating to that!
  13. Getting into it now! ONe question for you all - who are you claiming against? HSBC? One of their people? I've had a look round the site and can't seem to find the specific info there...
  14. Sorry folks, should have looked into it more! Everyone's saying stick to the original timetable on other threads...so mcol it is! Will keep all updated
  15. Ok, sent off the LBA and should have started claim on December 20th - unfortunately a lack of internet access and other circumstances made this impossible. However, I am now ready to begin but...I received this yesterday from HSBC: "Dear Mr Sanders, Thank you for your letter dated 14th November 2006 concerning your request for a refund of bank charges. I apologise for not yet having fully completed my investigation. I will contact you again by 10 January 2007 and expect to be able to provide you with a full response at that time. In the meantime, I would like to thank you for your patience and enclose a copy of our leaflet" etc. etc. Should I just proceed with my mcol claim (as I'm inclined to do) or is there any reason why I should wait for him to contact me again? As far as I can see I've given them more than enough time (legally anyway - two letters and 14 days response time on each) and this strikes me as a delaying tactic. Nevertheless, I thought I'd seek your opinions! Eoin
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