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  1. Well for £1 you can get a full statement of account, a credit agreement, all termsand conditions. Also until they comply they can't take enforcement action through the courts as they have threatened. Id also be asking for the date of assignment, and copy of the default notice . I'd also check that they have actually registered a default like they claim. If so when was it and who by.
  2. Hi, sorry if I've missed it in your previous posts but have you asked for a copy of the agreement? Also that letter on the front page isn't a notice of assignment. It needs to come from the assignor or assignee and that letter comes a representative of the assignee. Also what was thedate of assignment, as they state they have registered a default who's to say it was done after the assignment. Also shouldn't they be telling you who the data controller is now allowing them to register a default. Sorry on my phone so formatting is a bit naff. One more thing, is the default notice compliant?
  3. My sister has had very similar experinces with UU over the last 4 years. She moved into a new house 4 years ago and since then has been plagued with letters, phone calls for money. She is on icome support and was paying sometimes 30% of her income for water. She couldnt keep up with the demands for hundreds of pounds and in dec 2006 it was passed to in house concillia. A complaint was made at that time. A payment plan was setup but UU still kept asking for hundreds and so did concilia. In oct 2008 (unbeknown to me) they took her to court and got a ccj. She has been paying the ccj and their demands for new bills. Last week she received another demand for payment for over 700 in arrears ! She made a complaint and they replied stated... They had been charging her for 2 accounts on the same house since 2005 and they should never have taken court action as she didnt owe them anything. Infact she had over paid by over 1000 and paid this years bill in full ! They said they will have the ccj set aside and will compensate her with £200. I have written back quoting Ferguson v British Gas Trading Ltd [2009] EWCA Civ 46 (10 February 2009) for harrassment for 4 years and DURKIN v. DGS RETAIL LIMITED, HFC BANK PLC, 26 March 2008 for damage to credit files. I have basically stated that compensation of at least £2000 should be received withing 14 days or its off to court.
  4. dca's usually use terms 'may' might' etc. ie we may take you to court. As it's littlewoods I wouldn't worry much as 'littlewoods' and 'enforceable agreement' does not compute in the same sentence.
  5. they do this when you try to apply online. You can still get your report the normal way
  6. What they have sent is the standard littlewoods letter basically stating they don't have a signed cca which is always good news. Just send the 'account in dispute letter' below.
  7. every 4 to 6 weeks on average depends really on the creditor updating equifax.
  8. You accepted the refund from them and therefore acknowledged you were not entitled to them. Your position really depends on what amount is the owner asking for. If he is asking for just 20 vouchers difference (50-10=40 difference each) then you have had a lucky escape and I would pay it. However is he is wanting everything you have purchased on the vouchers (which i'm guessing is thousands if you have used all 100 vouchers several times) ?
  9. Were you refunded for the vouchers like they said you would? 100x£10? if yes... then you were never entitled to use them at all never mind more than once. Again if you were refunded you would owe £50 x (how many vouchers you have used) x (the number of times you have used them). if you were not refunded... You were entitled to use the vouchers once. As for court, it depends on whether or not you were refunded. However even if you weren't refunded you knew you couldn't use them more than once which will cause you some trouble.
  10. Inspired by this thread from alanfromderby http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/online-stores/186003-asda-want-me-sue.html I ordered goods from tesco.com but some of the items were missing and were substituted by something not even similar. I wouldn't accept the substitutions so they were returned. The products I ordered but not delivered were still available to order 2 days later at tesco.com so I made an order soley for the missing items. You guessed it, they were substituted again. This time the substituted items were simlilar but the quantity received was only on third. I was not happy with this as I had paid two delivery charges and still hadn't received the items ordered and I had expressly stated on the order forms not to substitute the items on both orders. I email tesco twice asking for a refund but got no reply. I phoned up customer services who stated that they would not refund the delivery charges and wasn't interested that they would loose £5000 a year in business over £11 delivery charges. When I stated that I would have no other option than to claim through the county court she stated ' do what ever you want'. So I have and have issued a claim for £11 damages, £15 compensation and £25 court costs. They will now have to pay £51 (or pay alot more fighting it) and have lost £5000 a year in trade. Stupid people.
  11. I followed uk's thread from day 1. It was always going to be a toughy and I'm happy UK has an outcome which was acceptable to him. Congrats to uk, pt and all those that helped. It is a victory for them and for CAG.
  12. Then go to the police. As you have said, there is 'great debate' about whether it is a forgery. I have yet to see anyone produce a forged signature. good luck
  13. Maybe you can look at the cca itself. Is it enforceable? Does it contain all the prescibed terms and are the amounts plus calculations correct?
  14. can you scan both copies of the debtors sigs and post up? (customer copy and requested cca copy)
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