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  1. Hi, this could be relevant - and note the last paragraph.. Different services company but the idea is there. [Can't post a link..] Google "Tired driver hit with fine for taking a nap" and look for The Telegraph article, likely the first item. RJ.
  2. We will be doing, on both this and other mis-selling complaints etc., I just wanted to make sure others take the 'temporary fault' claims with a pinch of salt.
  3. Hi, a non-technical friend just bought a new phone from an Orange shop. (It seems probable that full details will appear in a separate thread). She specifically told them it was to be used for internet, music & downloading at home (they have no land line) - but Orange coverage is spotty to none existant where she lives. The shop staff did not mention this. She phoned customer services to complain - and was told 'There is a fault in that area, it will be fixed in a few days'. The funny thing is, her sister lives nearby & is also on Orange - and has had the same poor signal forever... I mentioned this to a guy I work with and was told one of his friends got exactly the same comment when reporting a poor signal with a new phone (not Orange). Again, others nearby on the same network said the signal strength was no different to before. Looking through this forum, I soon found another similar report, a claimed fault which delayed a formal complain re. signal strength until the time had expired for the 'poor signal' cancellation clause to be used. Is this an organised ploy to try and block people from cancelling contracts due to poor signal? I wonder how many other people have been told there is a local fault when complaining about signal strength - which is not detectable by anyone else in the area on the same network?
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