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  1. I was wondering how claiming might affect my future premiums for insurance with it being a low value claim. Definitely covered in policy but will I pay for it in the long run ?
  2. Hi, I have accidental damage contents insurance and I am not sure if to make a claim for a cracked laptop screen which happened when a family member stood on the laptop. Could someone advise if I should make the claim which I feel will be about £175 to fix the laptop. thanks
  3. Yet another “Pre-Legal Assesment” letter received today... First line of letter reads “We may instruct solicitors” then it says if you don’t get in touch by “date” solicitors may be instructed to take legal action to recover this debt.... I take it we just ignore this letter also? thanks for any advice
  4. Hi again, Another letter received with “Pre legal assessment” across the top. Goes on to say that they may take legal action but can offer a 20% discount if the account is settled now . Do we ignore this letter too ?
  5. Hi, Received another letter from Lowell which appears to be a further attempt to frighten us into contact them. Could someone confirm this is the case and we still need to ignore it.
  6. She is at college studying as she is 17 years old but working part time to earn some money. The employer has said that they will not be paying her at all.
  7. They have said that another person at the college has tested positive and following the guidance at the college all pupils who attended on a certain day are to self isolate.
  8. Hi, my daughter has been told by her college to self isolate due to Covid. She has a part time job which now means that she will lose income because of self isolation. is she eligible for support for loss of income because of self isolating? The college is in England. Advice please.
  9. No it doesn’t say Letter of claim or will do... Basically further attempt to get inc/exp info to arrange a payment plan, if they don’t hear anything then they will use available info ie, credit file to assess for legal action.
  10. Lowell have sent a letter saying that they are reviewing the debt to consider legal action now, do we still ignore this letter ?
  11. Hi, My wife recently complained to Shop Direct (Very) about unaffordable lending which after a while they refunded interest, charges etc. She also referred it to the FOS in the time it took for Shop Direct to come to the final decision, she is still waiting for a FOS agent to get in touch though they have acknowledged the complaint. Shop Direct have now sold the debt to Lowell and are refusing to look at the complaint that she has sent to them as even though she has received refunds the unaffordable lending has left her with a higher outstanding balance than there would h
  12. Hi Dx, No there are other letters and transcripts missing though they have sent quite a bit of information. Nic
  13. Sorry dx100uk you have lost me..
  14. I have received the documentation from my SAR now but I believe that some documents are missing as they only sent the original mortgage agreement and I know that a remortgage / variation to original mortgage was signed and returned to Acenden around 2010. Does this mean that the SAR has not been satisfied by SPML / Acenden and if so how should I proceed? I am also calculating the total charges & fees that have been added to the account to pursue repayment of these and would be grateful if someone could advise me on the way fo do this. Is anyone aware of any rec
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