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  1. No Default date , just a start date , updated date and settled date.
  2. Hi, Ignored Intrum since last letter. Noticed this week that an entry has been added to my credit file from EON with a status of settled. Strange after over 6 years that an entry has been added. Any advice please.
  3. Hi, Response received to SB letter from Intrum saying that as payments were received in July 2013 this is not Statute Barred. The default was registered in 2011 and SB does not apply until July 2019. I have no recollection of the payments they mention being paid and I am pretty confident they were not made. How should I proceed now please.
  4. Yes they can stop paying it but they can’t change my contract without discussion and agreement as I understand. The contracts were negotiated via the Union , the rest of the workforce had a negotiated change to their Contracts due to the shift pay element. Our shift pay element has been renamed in error and it is now being classed as something that it isn’t to help settle complaints by other workers. All I ask is that the shift pay element is still recognised as shift pay.
  5. I know it sounds confusing but I will try to explain again: Old employer who gave contract paid salary & shift pay as itemised in contract and shown on payslip as salary & shift pay. shift pay rate was constant and increased in line with annual pay rise. Then TUPE happened On new payslip from new employer It showed Salary & Responsibility allowance being paid with responsibility allowance at the same value as old shift pay. Asked employer why name of shift pay had changed numerous times but was offered no reason but as long as I was getting same pay they said not worry it will be right. Employer had now decided to remove the responsibility allowance as they believe it is for call out, even though it was a renaming of shift pay. So where has my contracted shift pay gone ? How can they call something by a different name then decide it is nothing to do with what it originally was for ? Or make a story fit if they have lost my contract and they don’t know what it is for. This all makes me believe that Employer has lost my Contract of Employment. This is affecting at least 3 people in the department not just me. Their are other workers in department that also have issues and grievances lodged with employer relating to lower pay for same job. The Union have yet to be involved with the matter. No final decision letters have been received up to now and the decision was made 7 days ago. Hope this helps. nic
  6. The employer didn’t change the criteria with the rest of the workforce that were paid shift pay they renegotiated with the Union.
  7. I expect they can but even then if the criteria was met the payment should be made.
  8. Having read the contract the actual payment that transferred was called shift pay. There was also a criteria set for receiving the payment. nic
  9. Maybe they do know there way round employment law but their life is not affected by what my employer is doing. Maybe some poor posts by myself contributed to the issue but I am trying to recall 17 year history with 3 employers in the same workplace. I have now found the illusive contract that previously I couldn’t along with a job description from the employer before TUPE so things may start looking up. Grievance delivered with pre-meeting next week. nic
  10. I am stating what has happened recently in the workplace.
  11. Recently the same employer has agreed a new pay structure with the Union for all employees who they knew were receiving shift pay. I/ we were missed out from this as the term shift pay had been renamed by the employer at the point of TUPE. I merely wish for the employer to recognise that this happened and if they go through their records it will be obvious.
  12. There is a big section on ACAS about meetings. If a Contracted term is being removed from that contract then I would say that is a sanction. If the payment is being stopped then this would be ok but it would still remain as a contract term thus if criteria is met then the payment would be made. As they are removing or have stopped recognising the contracted term then I am sure that this would be a breach. I take it Sangie that you also voted to remain in the EU !
  13. Unless the meeting is being documented and a sanction imposed at which point it turns to a formal meeting.
  14. Could I ask your thoughts on the below statement: What is an Informal Meeting? An Informal Meeting should amount to little more than a chat with your manager. It could be that your manager has concerns about your performance, attendance or conduct, which needs discussing with you. Or you could yourself have a complaint or concern. In which case, you should see if you can resolve it informally before commencing the Formal grievance proceedings. What you should not expect at an Informal Meeting is a Notetaker to produce a record of your discussion. Or to be asked to answer to any specific accusations or criticisms of you, where there is a clear threat of you being punished. And you certainly cannot receive any recorded warning or sanction. An Informal Meeting can therefore be arranged on pretty much an ad hoc basis. It should never have significance beyond a possible Informal Warning.
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