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  1. Thanks silverfox and dx. My fault that I missed it. I was checking through the huge pile of SAR paperwork when I noticed a letter from a DCA thanking me for the £1 payment on the account. On checking back the only payment around that date was a CCA request. The DCA involved were acting on behalf of the card company - they did not own the alleged debt. Since then this alleged debt has been through half a dozen DCAs until being bought by the current one. None have been able to provide a compliant CCA, and with a pre 2007 account I hope they don't try the court route. If I do not get this £1 payment taken off, I assume that I cannot send the SB letter until 6 years after the £1 payment? Regards Steve
  2. Last payment on debt was early December 2007. Default Notice early 2008. Sent CCA request plus £1 fee to DCA early March 2008. No CCA provided but £1 used as payment towards debt. The payment must have been seen as payment for a CCA as after an "out of time" letter to DCA they attempted to comply with CCA request by sending a non compliant application form. Does this alleged £1 payment alter the SB date from Dec 2007 to March 2008? Any help gratefully received Regards Steve
  3. Oops, sorry dx, forgot I'd posted previously. Alleged debt details are as in merged thread. Still nothing showing on CRA files. Will copy the Equidebt letter to them and see what happens, athough I can"t see them giving up that easily. Cups, have you heard anything from Crapbot yet?
  4. Looking for a little advice, please. Quick calendar of events - 21/3/2013 request CCA from Equidebt after being hassled to increase payment. 8/5/2013 non compliant Application Form received. 12/5/2013 send letter saying provide compliant CCA or close account. 23/5/2013 letter received from Equidebt saying they have investigated the matter and have closed the file, and will receive no further correspondence from them. 5/8/2013 letter from Cabot saying they have bought the alleged debt and inviting me to contact them to make arrangements to pay (in their dreams!). Ignored that and three subsequent letters, but now they have uprated their threatograms. Wondering if they can re-open a closed file, and do I need to respond to their letters, given that they are acting more aggressively now. Thanks. Steve
  5. Thanks for reply dx. It was for a CooP Bank credit card. Only info I have is application form signed February 1996. Do not know when last payment was made before being passed to DCA, although I suspect it would be around late 1999/early 2000 Earliest record I can find of payment to DCA is mid 2007. Don't know if any payments made before that date. Do you think the CooP would still have any records of the account, and would Equidebt have account details pre 2007? Thanks. Steve
  6. Don't think it will be SB'd as was paying until fairly recently. Equidebt sent me a snotty letter so I made a CCA request and all they supplied was barely legible copy of an application form dated 1996. After I let them know that this wasn't good enough they closed the account. Thanks Steve
  7. Thanks for paragraphing my post, dx. Will send off a copy of that letter. Noddle and Check My File are not showing this alleged debt. Thanks. Steve
  8. On 23 May 2013 I received a letter from Equidebt saying that they were closing my file as the could not provide me with a valid CCA. Today I received a letter from Cabot telling me that they had bought the debt, and what was I going to do about paying it. They also enclosed a letter from the liquidators saying that Equidebt entered administration on 17/6/2013, and that Cabot had bought the alleged debt. Before I start a fight with cabot (already had dealings with them, and beaten them!), is there any mileage in the fact Equidebt closed my account before they went bust, and therefore before Cabot bought it? Any advice gratefully received. Thanks. Steve
  9. The problem is that only the total amount to be financed is on the agreement, plus total interest charges. There is no breakdown of how the total is made up. I am also concerned about items within the agreement total that were not requested and one item which was probably not done ( the paint treatment). As I said above, neither Stoneacre nor the finance company will correspond now they have referred him to the FoS. Regards Steve5650
  10. Two years ago a friend bought a used car from Stoneacre Grimsby. he has problems with the finance agreement. and also with the T&C's in the Warranty booklet. When buying the car he was "persuaded" to take out a servicing plan, and Stoneacre's own warranty. The cost of the warranty was £694, and the servicing plan cost £799. he also took out Gap Insurance £995. Also listed on the purchase invoice was something called OTH INS PR £699 which was neither offered or requested (turns out to be an MOT for Life Plan), and something else called PPT £347. This turns out to be Paint Protection Treatment, again neither offered or requested. The service manager at the dealership let slip that this treatment is only applied to new cars and not used ones. All of these additional costs were added to the finance agreement. Firstly this means that a lot more interest was added to the finance. Secondly the details of the car on the agreement have been changed to a newer model of the vehicle, and the registration left off. My own personal feelings make me think that with all the added extras on the finance the finance company would not accept such a high amount for an older model. The t&c's in the warranty book says that there is no surrender value, even though it cost £694. It also states that servicing must be carried out at the supplying dealer, and my friend has moved away from the dealers, and does not want to do an 80 mile round trip to get serviced. He has had protracted correspondence with the dealer and finance company, and both refuse to change or cancel anything and both have referred him to the FoS. Haven't taken this step yet. Would be interested to hear if anyone has any ideas on sorting this mess out. Thanks. Steve5650
  11. Thanks for the reply. My friend is paying the amount that was agreed when the loan was taken out. He has not missed any payments. Because he didn't fit into a convenient pigeon hole for repaying the loan through benefit deductions, the DWP seem to have decided to pass it on to their debt department. Presumably this dept, without checking properly, decided it was just another defaulted loan and responded accordingly.
  12. Now three months and not a peep from Horwich Farrelly, so I presume they are not interested in winning cases. Probably tell their client "nah-we lost that one---heres your bill. :grin::grin: Once again thanks for all your help Regards Steve
  13. A friend of mine moved into a brand new housing association bungalow in August 2009. Moving from rented furnished accomodation he had almost no furniture of his own. He applied for a loan from the Social Fund to buy essential furniture (bed etc) , and was eventually granted a loan (less than £500). As he works about 18 hours a week he gets working tax credits to top up his wage. My friend arranged with them to repay the loan by monthly payments into a Jobcentre. After three payments the DWP said that as they could only take the payments from a benefit, they would pass the loan over to their debt collection dept. Upon phoning the DWP and trying to reason with them they sent him a letter demanding repayment of the whole outstanding balance. He again contacted the DWP and they told him that he had only made two payments in three months. He had actually made three payments and had the receipts to prove it. He sent copies of the three receipts to the DWP. Eventually the DWP agreed that he pay the monthly payments into an HSBC account, but sent him a letter with only one paying-in slip, and a threat that if he doesn't pay on time they will take him to court. My friend is very concerned that the DWP could log him as a bad payer, when he is successfully rebuilding his creditworthiness after a bankruptcy ten years ago. Has anyone had similar problems with the DWP and could give any pointers to sorting out these un-civil servants at the DWP. Thank you. P.S. Sorry about long post
  14. Thought I had better update you on this thread. Sorry it's been so long but I have had a few health problems, but now getting back to normal. To cut a long story short, I attended court in July. Horwich Farrelly did not attend. The judge ordered that they must supply the court and myself with copies of all documents they intend to use in court and to bring the original documents to the hearing. The documents supplied to me included a copy of the Notice of Assignment supposedly from the HFC bank, which had my current address, not where I lived at the date on the document, another copy of a priority application form (Marbles Card), and a set of terms and conditions for a Beneficial Bank card with a printing date of more than two years after the application form was signed and dated. The judge permitted me to file an amended defence. The hearing was held at the beginning of October and, the same as last time, I attended but Horwich Farrelly did not. I have just received a letter from the court stating IT IS ORDERED THAT :- The Claim be dismissed. Was warned by the judge that if H F could come up with a very good reason why they did not attend then the claim could be "resurrected". If that happens then I will be ready for them! Thanks once again for the help received. Just knowing that there is always a helping hand here on this site gives the confidence to face these DCAs' head on. Regards Steve
  15. Thanks, I've got no money. Will get them washed of personal details and post them up as soon as. If I cannot get the case struck out then I could use the same defence as I used when I won against another DCA, as the basics of the case are almost identical. Regards Steve
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