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  1. This topic was closed on 10 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Can anyone give me any advice? After many years of struggling the CSA finally made a attachement of earnings order to ensure payment to me for my 2 sons. I have not had a payment since June(and that was the wrong amount) and now have direct debits bouncing. The CSA chased my ex husbands company who said it was a clerical error and that that normal payment plus arrears would be made. The same mistake was made again and CSA say that they have contacted the company who say the person who can make payments is not available untill 4 September which I find odd as they are a multinational company you would think there would be someone else available, this saga seems ongoing and although I work I am getting into financial difficulties, I have tried to find out information on the penalties companys face for maladministration so that I can write to the company concerned, can anyone help?
  3. Iam hoping that someone can point me in the right direction for this-I'll try to be as brief as possible. My son is now 14, it was apparent at an early age that he had difficulities- he struggled with coordination, reading and short term memory. I had a private assessment done and this showed he had learning difficulites. The LEA provided short term help but this was withdrawn when his reading beacame age appropriate-he continued to struggle and after 2 failed applications from myself for reassessment I took them to a SEN tribunal, they ruled in my favour. The outcome of his assessment was very upsetting he has a spelling age of 7 and several other learning difficulties including dyslexia. I have battled with the LEA for 7 years and now it is too little to late. I feel that I should take the LEA to task and sue for neglect of duty but trying to find a solicitor that will take on a educational negligance case has proved fruitless, I am prepared to issue proceeding myself but don't know where to start-can anyone help me- are there any templates like there is for the Bank charges?
  4. Please help, I have council tax arrears, some from when I was n't working and the local council siad that they did not recieve the benefit forms. A couple of months ago a woman arrived at the door saying she represented my local council regarding my arrears, when i let her in she told me that she was a bailiff, and made a walking possession order against my car.I wrote to Phoenix telling them that the order was obtained by deception. The bailiff arrived at my door at7.50 AM this morning( having sat in a van outside for 20 mins) saying they were going to enforce the order. I have asked the council to take the debt back and they have refused. I have told them that due to my circumstances I am considered vunerable, but they won't budge. They said the only way they will take the debt back is if i have an attachment of earnings-I would feel mortified if my employers knew-I have only been there for 6 weeks. Please help
  5. Thank you for your quick reply, I felt as though I was sacked as her words were I am having to let you go the remarks about my part time hours etc, I started there on 11th Dec 2007 and know that I have no rights re redundancy . I asked her "From when I being let go?" and she said from now, her parting words were don't forget to hand your car park and security pass. Yes I am female, as my contract says a months notice must be given either way I feel that I may have a case for breach of contarct and at least a months pay. I know that because of the short time that I was there I am may not have any rights re tribunals but is n't it still breach of contract? My contract says that I will be reviewed 3 months from my starting date (ie 11th March 2008) however this did n't happen I was just called into her office yesterday 10 minutes before finishing time and told I was going, any help would be much appreciated thanks
  6. I began a part time job in Dec 2007, I later realised that the company was in financial difficulties. Yesterday I was told that they were 'letting me go' and the person that called me into the office made various remarks about part timers and the fact that I leave at 5PM. I get paid untill 5 and have a school age child for whom I have sole responsibility. my contract says that 1 months notice is required either way so my question is this -Are my employers in breach of contarct and can I claim a months pay in leiu of notice? They also owe me 3 1/2 days holiday pay. I have tried to get through to ACAS but the line is always engaged. I have looked on the site for a template letter but can't find one. I would be really greatful if anyone can pointme in the right direction Thank you
  7. Still not got the money! I asked for weekly payments, does anyone know if I can send a letter before action and then proceed to a small claims court? I have written to my MP and also David Cameron-in view of his benefit reform plans, they paid the money into the wrong account again and plamed the computer! so now I am really struggling
  8. Unlike most people who have been overpaid working tax I have a problem with non payment!. Having been on Income support for some time, I found a job and was 'fast tracked' for working tax/child credit from my local job center plus and told to expect payment the week after I started work (11th December 2007) the money never appeared and all they could tell me was that it was saying awaiting award and they did n't know why I had not been paid, I phoned almost on a daily basis and was told on Monday11th January 2008 that payment would appear in my account today 11th January and be back dated.I made lots of promises to gas/telephone etc tat I would be able tp pay today, but lo and behold the money was n't in my account. I rang working tax only to discover that they had input a wrong digit into the computer and the payment appreared to have gone into another account, I have been told that they will have to trace the money before they can reissue- I have asked for a giro in lieu of the money they owe me as it's not my fault they made a mistake but they have said that is n't possible and that it could be 2 weeks minimum before I get my money-I an struggling to pay transport and child care jobs and feel that I may have to give up my job if I can't afford to carry on-although I don't want to do this-any advice would be welcome
  9. Thanks for your prompt reply, stupidly I did n't get her name, I was very upset when she spoke to me and did n't think,I think you are right as I should be classed as vunerable for several reasons, I will be greatful for any more help
  10. I have had a demand from Phoenix bailiffs for £500 council tax, they say that they want paying in full, I think that the bill relates to a time when I was n't working and on income support so I have queried this. I have expained that I am working part time and a single parent and offered £20.00 per month as I have just started a new job. The council told me that phoenix won't accept such a small amount, I am reluctant to make an offer of repayment that I can't afford. The woman at Trafford council told me that she would send an income and expenditure form and that Phoenix would only accept an offer of instalments if I signed a walking possession order! and it would need to be more than £20.00 per month! I told her that Trafford had the right to take the debt back and that they should have control over phoenix about what they can and can't take.(surely it is n't up to phoenix ?) She also told me that if the debt was n't repaid within 3 month phoenix would have to add extra charges., I told her that I would be querying this and she said' I know about the law concerning these things and they can! so help please, can they force me into a repayment schedule that I can't afford? Do I have to sign a walking possession order to get them to agree to installments? and can they add charges on just because I can't clear the debt within 3 months?
  11. Can anyone give me some advise please? I unfortunately have a prepayment meter with scottish power for my gas supply, I have had several problems ie putting money on the card but it does n't register on the meter, the latest problem is of my own making in that I lost the card , I had no gas supply on friday and rang to ask for help, I could n't top the meter up without the card. They said that they would send transco round to put some emergancy credit on and send a new card, transco failed to appear and I was told that it was counted as self disconnection and not an emergancy even though I have 2 children one of whom is asmatic and I can't heat the place or cook, I spent most of the weekend on then phone being passed from pillar to post Transco said that they could come out but only if scottish power asked them and scottish power said it was n't their problem after hours, I have been on to eneregy watch and it seems that someone may come out today, they don't seem to consider being left without heating and not being able to cook for 72 hours an emergancy and I have spent money that I can ill afford on microwave meals over the weekend, any advice on how to pursue this?
  12. I too am having trouble with this company, my accident was in november 2006 and they are still dragging their feet, let me know how you get on
  13. I have received a demand for sky subscibers for an address that I left on 05/04/2002, I sent a letter asking for a copy of the credit agreement. they have replied saying that the agreement with sky is not covered by the terms of the act and demanding payment, I was n't aware that I owed them any money please advise. what can I do?
  14. I bought a lexmark all in one from argos in Novemebre 2006, and to cut a long story short, I am on my 3rd replacement printer, the I have asked lexmark to give me a refund, I am tired of spending ages on the phone to their call centre in India, they just keep sending replacements, any ideas of how I can insist on a refund ?
  15. 3 weeks ago a DWP payment was credited to my natwest account, I checked online in the morning ,it was there used the money, then checked my account later only to find the DWP payment had been recalled and I was now overdrawn! since then dwp have recommenced payments, however, I incurred an charge of £38.00, when I went into the branch today to ask for the charge to be repaid,the member of staff that I spoke to was very pleasant but told me that actually, these charges kept them in a job! and that when a direct debit is bounced the charges incurred by the customer are shared between the bank and the payee! each receiving a percentage, that there is administration charges involved and that these charges paid for cash machines branches etc, I said that natwest bouncing a £2.00 paypal payment and charging £38.00 was unjust, I then got "it's in our terms and conditions blah blah blah, If the payee and the bank are making on our charges no wonder they are so keen to charge us
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