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  1. I'm still awaiting the solicitors letter, but for now I received another chance from them to pay the reduced fee as per the newest letter Zenith 2 Zenith.pdf PCN Euro Car Parks 2 letters.pdf Debt Recovery Agent 3 letters.pdf Car Park Pictures.pdf
  2. I was wondering what people were thinking of the letter I received from HSBC regarding a recent credit card application I had with them. In March I applied for a HSBC credit card in order to do a balance transfer after checking playing like Money Saving to see how eligible I was and came back 90/95%. After getting the reference number saying my application was being processed I left it at that expecting an email within the 5 days they would let me know. After over a week I heard nothing I called them to check. It was on this occasion I was told they had no record of my application. Unfortunately I didn't make a note of the first reference number but I never needed this before . After speaking to them they said the issue was I said that I had an account with them when I said I didn't. I have a mortgage with them and never thought of this as an account as such like an current account. It was only when I I was on the phone to them I looked at my mortgage reference number I never realised the 14 digit number was a sort code and account number together. I told them I was going to leave it then and got a credit card through the Post Office paid in 3 days! SI left it and then I got a letter from HSBC telling me my application had been unsuccessful. Funny that considering they said I hadn't applied. A month or so later I got a letter saying you have been successful in my credit card application! I didn't apply again and it appears that they randomly reapplied for me hence the attached letter. To me it seems they are running a little scared as they are offering me £100 in compensation. Yes this would be nice but I would think banks usually offer a minimum compensation and I'm wondering if I take this to the Financial Ombudsman may they be in bigger trouble and have to compensate me much more. Just wondering what peoples views on this are?
  3. Thanks for the replies. I got the full amount back including the fees with no argument - they didn't even mention it and there was me all ready to argue lol. Funnily I paid by card but they gave me a cash refund as they didn't know how to do a card refund lol
  4. Hi I wondered if someone knows the answer to this. I bought two tickets for a gig at the O2 Ritz in Manchester and the gig has now been cancelled. The tickets were £25.50 each but in total I was charged £57.25 inc fees at the box office. Should I receive the full amount back or will they just refund £51? If they refund the £51 is there a way I reclaim the difference? Thanks Steven
  5. Ahhh is it at that stage I'd write to them and say that their claim won win because........
  6. Well I received the letter from Zenith today giving me the opportunity to pay and a further reduced rate of £99.99. It's going down lol Zenith.pdf PCN Euro Car Parks 2 letters.pdf Debt Recovery Agent 3 letters.pdf Car Park Pictures.pdf
  7. Hi It seems they are still trying to get to me and now to try and convince me to settle they have reduced the fee for a limited time - Awww aren't they being nice to me, maybe I should pay them - erm nope! I have merged a few of the letters etc and my latest one is attached separately although in the Debt Collection file too Thanks for looking and helping Debt Recovery Agent 3 letters.pdf Car Park Pictures.pdf Debt collection 3.pdf PCN Euro Car Parks 2 letters.pdf
  8. They are trying. Received another letter from the Debt Recovery Team. Debt Collection 2.pdf ECP Binder.pdf Debt Recovery Agent 20.03.18.pdf Letter 2.pdf Car Park Pictures.pdf
  9. Hi All Well just when I was starting to think that they had given up I received a letter from a Debt Recovery Company chasing the payment which has now gone up to £160 (see copy attached) Is it now time for me to write to Euro Car Parks stating reasons that this isn't a fair charge? Should I use the reasons stated in this thread and that it didn't allow for parking time, machine time etc Thanks in advance ECP Binder.pdf
  10. How do you know my next door neighbour has a rabbit lol Thanks all for the answers I will await the next letter
  11. So I have now received a 2nd letter from them stated that the reduced rate no longer applies (as attached) Do I just ignore this one too? Thanks in advance Letter 2.pdf
  12. So I'm thinking that its better to appeal now just in case I do have to end up paying as i would get the reduced rate. I know i have to write an appeal to them would I show my hand, part of my hand or none? Is there a standard letter that has been used? Do people generally ignore them is that the best?
  13. Thank you very much for that message i was thinking all those signs were against me. So what do I do next?
  14. Well I went there last night and took the photo's attached. Don't know why I thought it was a maximum 3 hours car park but seems it's not. There are so many round there that are maximum 3 hours maybe that's why I'm confused. Don't know if that's good or bad for the case but took the attached pictures last night Car Park Pictures.pdf
  15. Yes it's not too far away I can drive there to get the photo no problem
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