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  1. Not getting anywhere with O2, just keep going round in circles. Does anyone know if there is a legal way to sort this out?
  2. Thank you for the helpful links, will be putting them to some good use.
  3. Been having problems since last year when a storm caused problems with the cell mast according to O2 but more recently all they keep telling me if as there is only one mast in my area that there is an extremely high demand and thats why I my calls are always dropped and don't get a signal, so to me they cannot provide a useable service.
  4. Hi, I would like so advice on where I stand regarding a contract I have with O2. I have a 2yr contract with 1yr left and for the past 9 months have had constant problems with my connection and then the over the past 4 months it is very rare that I actually get a signal, so I have complained to them in writing regarding this and has requested that I wanted to cancel my contract with them without being charged for the full term of the contract as they cannot provide a useable service. They stated that I will be charged and then all of a sudden the week that they dealt with complaint relating to the fact that I do not get a signal and cannot use my phone I apparently went over my minutes and have a bill for £136. Any advice is appreciated to help me challenge O2 and the contract.
  5. you stick by you deadlines and you don't add the 8% interest until the court stage
  6. Ok, I'm stuck with halifax again, judgement has been passed halifax paid all the money but i'm still fighting with them about the default removal even though that was part of my claim and in turn as judgement was passed shouldn't they have to remove it. They are saying that they don't, anyone know what the next step is and can the court do anything to make them remove it?
  7. ok still having problems with the joint account. What I need is some legal way to get my name off the account, the bank say I can't do this until the balance is zero, but they still keep hassling me to pay the overdraft and now they are threatening me with a default. I haven't had access to this account for nearly 3 years and it was my ex partner who got the overdraft. The account was overdrawn recently and they hounded me for the money and i paid monthly instalments until it was back in its overdraft again but I can't do that anymore and I won't out of principle. So I need all the advice I can get with this one. Please
  8. Hi jonni2bad, i was hoping for abit of advice regarding my case and removal of default, please could you read the updates on my thread regarding Halifax Bank and offer any advice? Thank you
  9. I agree with m55dlc, read other threads on the site and the FAQ's to get a better understanding of the process you need to take, but always stick to your deadlines.
  10. Hi purmashc, have you followed the procedure and sent the relavant letter from the template library?
  11. Ok, another update, have just spoken to Halifax bank and they are sending me a cheque for the remainder of the money and then I remindered them of the removal of the default notice. OOPS on thier part as they hadn't noticed that the claim required the removal of default, so the kind man who is sending me a cheque is also gonna get intouch with the legal dept and see how to go about removing the default. Judgement has been pasted and I don't think that they can appeal against judgement after this long and fight the default notice in court, anyway i hope they can't!!!
  12. HI, ok I have been away for awhile but here is an update. Judgement was filed on the 15th Jan, I called the court to see if Halifax had tried to appeal against it but nothing, so I called the bank yesterday, spoke to a real snotty cow who could not understand why I had asked for judgement as I had received payment. I then went on to inform her that they had not paid the full amount as they were disputing a small part of the amount. She then asked me that when I received the money did I sign anything, told her no and that I have been waiting for them to put in a deffence. Now apparently they are having to look into my case as they have no idea what is going on with it. What I don't think that they have realised is that the claim also included the removal of a default, which I will remind them of. If I get no satisfaction from them, then it will be my pleasure to contact the court enforcement team and get them to go into the bank and claim what is mine!
  13. Well update, accepted their offer as part payment, received detailed breakdown of the money they say that i'm not entitled too and they say its the interest that was taken from my account when it was overdrawn but my account was taken overdrawn by their charges so am i entitled to claim the interst back? I'm assuming I am entitled to claim the interest back as i wouldn't have paid so much interest if they hadn't taken my account over its overdraft limit! Help anyone?????
  14. About the notice of default, I would look at the banking code as I am sure that it states that if the account is in dispute that they cannot submit a default. This I think is in breach of the banking code.
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