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  1. Thanks for the advice. This moron apparantly hasnt turned up this week for his fiver. Will let you know what happens. Lulu99
  2. Some great advice given. Thanks guys.
  3. This debt is for well over £1000. She has a long way to go before it would be paid off at a fiver a week. I have told her not to pay him another penny until she knows who she is paying it to, and then cca them and I dont think she will hear off them again. These people are slimeballs. Regarding the money that she has already paid them,surely they have no legal right to it.
  4. Hi thanks for your reply. She has no idea who the dca is. She has no letters either that she can put her hand on. No its not been to court. A dca agent turned up on her doorstep about 18 months ago,and said he was acting on behalf of next directory. She was terrified that someone had gone to the door, so she ofered £5 per week. He has collected this fiver every week ever since. I have had a similar experience with next directory and sent them a cca letter, they couldnt provide one, and they have never bothered me since. I have advised her to send a cca letter, but she has no idea who the dca are. (crazy I know)! When the dca agent next goes to her door she is going to ask him for the address of the dca , and send them the lettter. The money that she has already paid them, which amounts to around £300 ish, she wants to know if she could ask the dca for it back????
  5. I have a friend who owes money to next directory, and a debt collector calls to her house every week to collect £5. I have informed her that she needs to send a cca to the company straight away . She dosent know what dca is collecting her money each week, she just hands it over!!! She has been paying these scumbags for about 18 months I think. She is now aware that she can request a cca , but has no idea where to write to because she dosent know what dca they are. She is going to ask the collector for their address next time he calls, and I have told her not to pay anymore money to him. What we need to know is - can she ask for the money back that she has already paid them for the last 18 months, after all they hAve taken it without supplying a cca Is it too late for this? She is going to cca them when she gets the address, and as we all know next directory dont ever have a cca , so she wont be paying them another penny. However she has already paid these morons a fiver every week for 18 months and I am wondering if she can get this back? Someone please advise. Thanks
  6. Thanks seaside lady for your help. I am gutted. Is this the norm? I reckon they aren't going to pay up . When it gets to this stage does it normally go to court?? Has many people actually lost the case at this stage? Thanks again.
  7. UPDATE: Well I have had a letter from the court today : Notice that Aknowledgement of service has been filed. It says The defendant filed an Aknowledgement of service of 18th july 2007. The defendant responded to the claim indicating an intention to defend all of the claim. PLEASE PLEASE WILL SOMEONE HELP ME. What happens now? Have I definately lost. I am getting really really cheesed off with this. Thank you in advance.
  8. UPDATE: Okay I have now recieved the standard bog off letter from Halifax saying that basically they are not going to pay. I recieved it yesterday. They told me over the phone that they posted it on 15th June. Such fibbers, I recieved it on July 7th!!! Anyway I have had my notice of issue from the court. It says: Your claim was issued on 02 July 2007. The court sent it to the defendant by First class post on 05 July. and it will be deemed served on 07 July. The defendant has until 23 July to reply. I have got to fill in this form and send it back now . I will tick box A . This is so scary. I really need some support. Thanks Lulu.
  9. Hi Seaside lady. Yes I did file the N1. It had to be returned back to the court because there was an error, but it was officially filed on Monday. I am waiting for a response now from the court.
  10. STILL no response letter from the HALIPRATS . They are such liars. They told me they had posted the response letter on the 15th JUne. Its now the 28th!! Anyway they have defaulted so I have won anyway. I'll keep you posted. Fingers crossed. Lulu
  11. Quick update: Halifax said they posted their response letter on 15th June. Their 8 week deadline was up on the 22nd June!!! I STILL havent recieved it, so what the ....are they playing at??? Anyway on a brighter note: I have re-submitted my N1 forms today at the court. There was a slight prob and they returned them to me on Friday. They are now filed. Because their 8 week deadline is well overdue now - what can I do besides court action?? Are they in breach of sommat? Come on somebody give me some ammunition to fire!!!
  12. Thanks sea-side lady. I STILL havent recieved the response letter that Halifax said they posted on the 15th JUNE. Why do they tell such porkies?
  13. Well surprise surprise - I STILL havent recieved the response letter that the Helifax SAID they posted on the 15th June. They aknowledged on the 27th April and told me they have 8 weeks which is the 22nd June (today!!) to respond. I filed the N1 form on Tuesday . Today the court sent all my N1 paperwork back because they said I need to sent ALL the details of my tax credits. I gave them to the receptionist and she photo-copied them and said they were fine (this is for the exemption fee). Anyway this is going to stall things, because my claim cant be filed until they have MORE info which will be on Monday. Am I right in thinking now that the Halifax have defaulted? Please someone who knows for sure - would you give me some advice please? Am I getting out of my depth?
  14. Well still no response letter from Helifax. They said they posted it on the 15th June!!!!!!!!!!! I went into the court on Tuesday the 19th June (2 days ago) and handed in my N1 . My claim for bank charges was for £950. The contractual interest added on came to £1,447 . I also claimed on a joint account which was for £195. I know it dont sound a lot of money , but it is to me. It is this that has been the start of all my problems. The court said they will contact me via post. I havent a clue what to do next, but I am learning fast!!!!.
  15. Thanx guys . This is nail-biting stuff!! I cannot understand why they are being so stubborn my claim is only for just over £1.000. I still havent recieved the response letter they said was put in the post on the 15th June. I OFFICIALLY LOATHE THE HELIFAX!!! There I feel better now!.
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