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  1. Crazy aren't they, charging 63 pounds for a few quid. Let me know how you get on with your claim. I will definitely claiming soon. I'm not in their good book as I'm claiming PPI too!
  2. Thanks for that Maggie. I really dont like the way Halifax is dealing with this PPI stuff. They are chooosing as and when to give information. I cant understand how documents relating to both my loans suddenly appeared and for you, no evidence of what you are asking for is surfacing! Hmmm.... dont let them break you down, keep plodding on!
  3. Hi Maggie, I'm following your thread closely. Sorry about the very negative response you had from Halifax about your PPI. Dont let them put you off. They wrote two very similar letters to me as well. What was miraculous about mine, was that they included documents with my letters that was requested in my SAR in 2007 and were not there. I dont know what games Halifax are playing, but I'm not in the mood to play with them. One of my interest rate is similar to your first one both my loans were taken out in 2001. Whats your next step going to be?
  4. Just to let you all know I got 2 responses back from Halifax today about my PPI. Basically, they said it is a big fat NO to getting my money back. They sent me a copy each of the Personal Loan Agreement and also another bit of paper where I signed both times for the PPI. These pieces of information were no where in the info that came in my SAR that I got in November 2007. The first loan was taken out in February 2001 on the telephone. I got the loan in approx 30 minutes with the sales person suggesting that I took out loan insurance. I went into the bank and signed up; must have taken 20 minutes to do so! The second loan was taken out in July 2001 - let me tell you the long story about why I had two loans of 10 grand in 1 year. Hope you can follow this...sorry its long. When I took out the loan n February 2001, I had an existing one. tHE EXISTING loan had to be repaid before I could have gotten the NEW loan. Instead of paying back the old loan. Halifax paid the money into my account...plus the money from the new loan. (so 2 sets of loan money in my account!) I rang and told them about 3 times that they paid the money in account and not repaid the old loan. I wasn't satisfied with nobody doing anything about the excess money in my account, so I went to see the Branch Manager. By this time, it was July (5 months after the loan was taken out) and I had spent about 500 quid of this money in my account :-|. I admitted spending the money and wanted to pay it back and suggested paying xxx per month.... The Branch Manager said that I had to 'survive' and had to be realistic about payments and that he would find a way to help me. So he suggested another loan. Thats how I ended up with two 10 grand loans in one year..... The branch manager DID NOT ask me anything about wanting PPI or not. All I know is that I signed it....that part of the form and that was that. Now...... what would you do? Go to the Ombudsman? Thanks
  5. Apologies if this has been posted before or you've already seen it! Found it on the Halifax Website and thought I'd share .... Halifax - Bank Accounts - Bank Charges Q&As
  6. Thanks for your response. Yep, I made a mistake by going down the bank charges road again. However, I will learn from it and try harder to manage my money more sensibly- and I will definitely ask them for my money back! I'm trying to claim PPI from them too, so I bet I'm in their good books at the mo!
  7. Sorry to hear about what they did to you - totally out of order - did you get your money back? Yeah you are right about the hassle, but why are they still getting away with charging such enormous amounts for paying out pittance for us? Credit cards are charge 12 pounds if you pay late etc. Why are banks still getting away with charging such extortionate amounts?
  8. No-body likes paying bank charges and would tell you anything to get out of it!
  9. I've made a silly mistake yesterday by forgetting a Direct Debit was due. Halifax charged me 35 pounds because I was 13 pounds short of the D.Debit amount. I rang to find out whether they can wave it for me and they told me NO they can't because I took legal action against them in 2006. I got all my charges refunded in December 2006 and was doing brilliantly since October 2006 with no charges. They said that I agreed to the terms and conditions of accepting the charges in future and that they can close my bank accounts with them! Has anybody had this? Can I write to them asking for my money back OR should I just let the charge go?
  10. Thanks very much for your help. I will sit and think carefully about my next move and let you know.
  11. Just a quick update. So far I've had 3 standard letters from Halifax. They thanked me for my letter They wrote again saying that they are dealing with the case And again wrote to say they are dealing with the case apologising for the delay. I've had enough so I will draft a letter for the Ombudsman tomorrow!
  12. I dont think Halifax wants to cough up. I am also trying to get money from them and they have sent me 3 standard letters so far. I'll be writing to the Ombudsman next.
  13. Sent my first PPI letter off last week to Halifax requesting money back from 2 loans. Fingers crossed!
  14. Well, I sent off for my SAR - waited for a 3 weeks or so, then got some stuff back from Halifax. The only info I got from them was the statement of how my loan was paid back! Nothing at all about the loan or PPI. Anywayz, I've got the loan credit agreement which states the amount of PPI I paid etc - so will start my claim based on the information on there. At least I'm glad they have no proof of me agreeing anything on paper or by phone! Not my problem...!
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