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  1. Thanks very much for the Advice nick and I appreciate that from the information available you have chosen to take a balanced view. The fact that the shortfall is being covered by an employee of the agent is quite irregular but has been given a valid and solid explanation which has been backed up with signed documentation, compliance and transparancy, by everyone in question. The Fraud Officer has had the case running for over 8 weeks now and has not Interviewed anybody involved under caution. I acquiried a copy of the Code of Concuct for Counter-Fraud Investigators and it seems he is in b
  2. Thanks for the Advice everyone. My partner called the council up today and spoke with the guy who is dealing with my claim. It is now crystal clear that we are being given the run around and the investigator doesn't give a damn. He asked my partner AGAIN for contact numbers of people which were not only given to the investigator 6 weeks ago but they were given in the form of signed documentation which he should surely have available to him in an organised case file. We've jumped through every hoop for this guy and he's now just fobbing us off saying he's not happy with some of the details
  3. I'm in the same position and I've sent off the Prelim so that's the wheels are in motion now. All the best.
  4. I could Mr.Shed but they've suspended the benefit pending this so called Fraud investigation, but they haven't done a thing in 6 weeks and they've had 100% compliance and each discrepancy answered and backed up with documentation. So I don't know what else to do. The agent is being fair with me but he pointed out in my lease that it says he can evict if he doesn't get rent paid for 2 months in a row, this is month 3 going into 4 so I'mpretty much running on fumes as my one month up front and deposit would only cover me for 2 months rent. I'll phone the council tomorrow and see what
  5. Hi, Here we go, this is a long but I just hope someone can find the time to read through and help us out. My problem is that the local council stopped my housing benefit over 3 months ago because they said there was a discrepancy with who actually owned the property. We rent from an agent and he has been receiving the housing benefit checks but the actual property is not his. The council asked for proof that the agent was authorised to act on the owners behalf so I chased the agent up and got some documents and handed them in alnng with all the claim forms as they made us go thro
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