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  1. Crusher, Is it still in bits or have you put it together yet?
  2. Lattie I have to admit this site is invaluble. It just makes things so much easier and the best thing is I am not alone and nor are any of you reading this post. We cannot beat the banks without helping each other and Lattie and others like her make it possible to succeed.
  3. Thanks Pete, Have just read this thread and feeling much more confident now I know I'm not the only one. Wonder if there's anyone else for Norwich County Court on June 25th!
  4. ST Have a look at the letter in my thread to see what's possibly coming next. just had a letter from the court. sorry you haven't found colin yet!
  5. Thanks Netty and Lattie, I hoped you would be around. Sorry I haven't been on for a while. I did think that this letter might be a new tactic by the court to speed things up. Slightly concerned when I read the words,"test case" as I'm not up on the most current information regarding recent cases at the moment. I hope they don't produce anything except a cheque before the hearing. If they do, will I have to send the whole court bundle at this time as this is still a prelim hearing with only 5 minutes allocation. Will send the letters, thank you so much. This is confusing, I studied law to A level but still haven't got a bloody clue really:confused:
  6. Right, this one is really dragging on and I have finally received letter from the court with a date. Despite lots of research can't find anyone who has has this letter. IT IS ORDERED THAT Upon review of the court file It is ordered that 1. The claim be allocated to the small claims track. 2. The claim be listed for further directions only at a preliminary hearing on the 25th June 2007 to be held at Norwich County Court. ( Time estimate 5 minutes) 3.At this hearing the court will consider either: a) To stay the claim pending the decision in a test case involving the Defendant,or b) To give directions for this claim to be heard as a test case, and if necessary to reallocate the claim to the multi track for that purpose. 4. Not less than 14 days before the preliminary hearing, the Defendant shall file with the court and serve upon the Claimant details of any cases proceeding as a test case, the decision in which will determine the issues in this claim. Alternatively, the Defendant shall file with the court and serve upon the Claimant draft directions for this case to proceed as a test case. 5. The Claimant may make any representations to the court in writing provided these are received by the court and served on the Defendant not less than 5 days before the preliminary hearing. If either party is prepared to abide by the decision of the Judge as to the directions to be given, that party is excused from attending the preliminary hearing. ANY ADVISE GREATFULLY RECEIVED, FEELING OUT OF MY DEPTH AND DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO:???: :???:
  7. Have you tried to access the statements online. Quick and easy to set up on HSBC website. Alternatively you could ask for your statements from your local branch. I did this and they printed off 6 years for me there and then, took about half an hour. This would get your claim moving quicker as you have already waited long enough!
  8. Can you access his statements online at hsbc website. This would speed things up. Alternatively you could request statements in your branch. My branch printed them off for me free of charge,took about half an hour. You have waited long enough to get started!
  9. At the moment just about 100% chance. Just be prepared to stick it out. Read all the information you can and shout if you need help.
  10. Don't worry, sometimes they disappear in heavy traffic. They will be back.
  11. Ok Lattie, I was thinking of breaking into Norwich County Court tonight, just to put my AQ at the top of the pile, but I suppose I not the criminal type. I'll send the letter. Thank you.
  12. Well done for getting this far. You can use your debit card on mcol. Ihave to tell you that it could still be a long haul from mcol. There have been people on this site who claimed for their time but the solicitors are reluctant to pay this and your claim may take longer and actually get into court. Best of luck, keep us posted.
  13. It's now exactly a month since my AQ deadline. The court say my claim is still with the judge! So frustrating not being able to do anything positive. I almost hope this gets to court and I hope all the judges up and down the country were watching Whistleblower tonight:mad: :mad:
  14. You are probably in for a long haul so be prepared. Get your LBA off as soon as possible and start preparing for next stage, mcol. Best of luck
  15. oh Netty, you've done it! bout time you had one, love it!!!!!
  16. I turn my back for a few days and come home to find you lot have turned this thread into Exchange & Mart! LOL
  17. sorry Lattie ! what have I started!!!!!
  18. tomcody, From my experience so far I would say it could actually make matters worse to contact them, apart from sending your schedule and making sure they received it. Don't want them to think we're desperate do we!
  19. Thats great, hope you get your money soon:)
  20. Lattie, I don't know who put " won" on my title. I know I've won one but I just wanted to wait for my next win. Then I want it to say " won twice" Thanks for the advice, better go and do some reading:)
  21. But Lattie you are already doing the job. We just want you to have the title!
  22. Just wanted to say that I think Lateralus should be made a site helper as she never stops helping everyone! And always great advice, Bless her. Anyone agree?
  23. nyquist, just wondering where you are up to. Did you send your 2nd letter?
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