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  1. hi kazzie, can i ask where you have seen the other thread please? i have exactly the same problem and cannot see for looking!
  2. lolly371

    hsbc cca

    i have just had a really annoying phone call from a nasty little man from hsbc. he informed me that my loan account is about to default and that it could affect my credit rating. i laughed sarcastically,( my credit rating is obviously the least of my problems) so he said i'm glad you find it funny, you were quite happy to spend our money in the first place. this got my back up (he knows nothing of our history, i just hope he never suffers an illness which affects his finances to discover how easy it is to suffer hardship) i then informed him the ombudsman is on the case to which he replied, 'oh, he's going to pay your debts for you, then is he?'. apparantly i am going to have charges put on my account, so i said 'bring it on, i dont use that account any more'. i think i may be my own worse enemy, really, but it makes me sick. i dont deserve to be spoken to like something off somebodys shoe, and im not going to put up with it from a complete stranger. the 8 weeks is up tomorrow for the ombudsman, so i have got a lovely little bundle of letters to send. lets see what happens next.
  3. i dont know if this is any use, but most water companies provide a trust fund for people struggling to pay utility bills. if you can prove you have a valid reason for the high bill (which in your case would be the leak) they may give you a grant to clear the bill. while being processed, the account will be frozen, which will stop them pursuing any money leaving you free to you look into any other ways of dealing with the problem.
  4. he spoke to the same person who had taken the details previously, so he already had her details. i will start writing a letter, then, and see how i get on. thanks, i was starting to feel like giving up, to be honest. i have taken a close look at my finances recently, and since we have both abandoned our hsbc accounts, we are managing fairly well, so i could argue that if hsbc refunded me my charges, it would make all the difference between us surviving this rocky patch, or not.
  5. it has been two weeks since my oh spoke to the bank and discussed the matter of hardship. we heard nothing from them so he called them back. they acknowledge that we are indeed suffering hardship, but they can offer us no solutions, and will not be refunding our charges until they hear the decision from the test case. he then phoned the onbudsman to inform them, who told him that until he has it in writing from the bank, which can take eight weeks, there is nothing more we can do. the bank wins, yet again!! i am so angry. what is the point of the ombudsman if all they are going to do is play right into the hands of the bank? the eight weeks will basically take us up to a couple of days before my oh is due in court for his application to remove the stay. it all seems so pointless, i was hoping to avoid court, as my oh doesnt know anything about the case, i have done it all for him, and he just accepts anything the bank tells him, so i can only see one result happening in court.
  6. to be fair, i have only repeated what i have been told, i am merely the messenger and i have said that i am happy to check any questions with my friend and report back any answers, but as yet i havent really been asked anything. im sorry if i have caused confusion, it wasnt my intention, im only trying to help my friend ( and their tenant) to reach a mutually satisfactory conclusion.
  7. thanks for everybodys advice, it obviously isnt my decision at the end of the day how this is dealt with, but i shall keep you all informed. i appreciate all of the well meant suggestions, and can see that feelings are beginning to run a little high on the subject, so if there are any specific questions anybody requires to clarify things( i know my original post was a little vague) i shall ask my friend and give you an answer
  8. he was aware of who the guy was, they arranged the second visit between themselves and things only became awkward when he decided to mess the arranged time around at the last minute. the engineer understandably became a little annoyed, and thats when the tenant refused to deal with him. i will suggest that to her, it sounds a fair suggestion to me, thanks Jenschnifer
  9. thanks for all suggestions. i have to say eviction does sound a bit harsh. i think this is the first time she has had any trouble with this tenant, so she wants to find a way to resolve it amicably. she has had no end of problems over the last few years and lost a lot of money from rent arrears, standing empty, vandalism from a previous tenant, etc, so she wont be too hasty. to clarify, though, she can insist on entry, then?
  10. hi can anybody help? my friend rents a house out and is unsure what to do in this situation. she has arranged for the annual gas safety check to be carried out but when the engineer turned up to the property at the pre arranged time, the tenant had decided to go out. he left a note and gave the tenant a call later on. they rearranged a time,(monday afternoon) but on the day they arranged the tenant called the engineer to say they needed to be there no later than 1.30 as they were going out. engineer said he would see what he could do but as they had previously arranged some time in the afternoon, it was unreasonable to drop this on him. they had an argument about being messed around, and now the tenant has contacted my friend and said that he is not prepared to let the engineer in the property. where does she stand in this situation? by law, she must ensure these checks are carried out, but if she cant get into the property, shes stuck.
  11. i've sent an email. thanks, jan.
  12. blimey! and i thought they'd messed me around!!!
  13. very true. i have got quite an impressive collection of letters, now, and also i have made notes of everything that has happened since i started the case, covering telephone conversations, letters to and from the court and the bank, and anything at all relevant, so i feel pretty confident that i can prove my side of things. i am also thinking of S.A.R - (Subject Access Request)'ing them as i used internet banking to find out all of the charges, so i would like to see what else there is, and i know that on occasions their advice over the telephone has been slightly dubious, to say the least, so there may be something in their call logs i could use.
  14. thanks pete.he has had a phone call back from the bank, and they have now gone through everything and will get back to us with a decision, but i will still send them a letter with a timescale as you suggest, because they didnt know how long it would take to get it all sorted, and i dont want them to sit on it for weeks on end. they did say on the phone that they can see quite clearly the struggle we have had, but knowing hsbc it wont make the slightest difference.
  15. aaaaaaaaaarrgggggghhhhhhh!!!!! oh has just been on the phone for the last 45 minutes to hsbc. he filled out the income/expenditure form and phoned the number on the letter. they passed him around and around. to begin with he was passed to the mortgage department who wouldnt discuss it as there is a payment plan in place so nothing needs sorting. oh pointed out that this was about establishing hardship as requested and waas told the income/expenditure sheet is for customers own use to make a decision whether he can afford to keep the property. he gave up arguing and tried ringing the number again where he once again kept getting passed around. this time he was offered a loan!! but still nobody would discuss the income/expenditure form. nobody seemed to understand what he was talking about and when he said he had a bank charges claim and that he had been told in the letter that he needed to prove financial hardship and that this was not affected by the test case, he had to explain what the test case was!!!!!!!!!! he told them he needed to go as he couldnt afford to take any time off work so he wanted them to speak to me but they wouldnt allow that. what do we do? nobody will discuss it and when they do they dont sem to understand the point of the conversation. i have been the one who has done all of the searching for information and so i am in more of a position to argue points but they wont let me discuss it. we're stuck
  16. i am claiming on beahalf of my oh and have contacted the banks telling them it is a hardship case. they have sent him an income/ expenditure form to fill in and then they will discuss his options ( i have a feeling they are about to offer a managed loan ) so if he ever gets around to doing that, i will let you know the result.
  17. does that mean that if the test case determines that the charges are unlawful this leaves you free to reclaim them? shame you havent got it in writing
  18. thanks for all of your suggestions- i am now going to have a think and get away from british gas as soon as i have made a decision. i cant believe i am finally free!!!
  19. very good work, pete. a good point about lifting the stay this late in the day- i hadnt thought of that.
  20. good luck pete. if anybody can do it, you can.
  21. British Gas- over a years worth of estimated bills. Every time I phoned them with an actual reading they disregarded it as it was too different from their estimate so they presumed I couldn't read my meter properly. End result- £500 debt.
  22. lolly371

    hsbc cca

    thanks johnny, i think i'll do that. the ombudsman wont do anything for 8 weeks, so i'll hang on to a copy and send it just before the 8 weeks is up. i might have some replies to add, by then, too.
  23. lolly371

    hsbc cca

    any suggestion for this letter? Dear Sir/Madam, I write in reference to your letter, dated 1 October, regarding my flexiloan default notice. I would like to remind you that I currently have on ongoing complaint which is being dealt with by the Financial Ombudsman Service about HSBC’s treatment of my account while I am suffering financial hardship.(complaint reference number*****) Since my most recent refund of charges, I have noticed that you are continuing to apply charges to my account, making it impossible for me to take control of my finances. Please find enclosed a full breakdown of relevant charges. As you will see, my account is overdrawn by almost exactly the same amount as the charges total. I have previously informed you that I now have an account with the CCCS, yet you refuse to accept any reduced payment preferring to push me into taking out a managed loan, and continuing to take out payments you are fully aware I am in no position to make, from my account. With that in mind, I believe that any defaults you have registered, or are about to register, with a credit reference agency are as a direct result of your continual charges. I therefore have a solution. If you close my current account as settled, and remove any defaults, I will have no need to reclaim any further charges, and will inform the Ombudsman that the complaint has been satisfied, as I will be in a position to make regular repayments, to start to repay my debts, via the CCCS. If you accept this proposal, please inform me in writing within 10 working days, otherwise I shall be forced to take further action, and I shall also be keeping the Ombudsman informed of your uncooperative manner.
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