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  1. i've checked and they have now blurred the registration plate, which is better
  2. thanks, i've found it and reported it. waiting to hear back.....
  3. you are right. ours is an old picture, from before christmas, but the number plate is as clear as if you were standing on the driveway though, so the recognition thing obviously didn't work very well that day!!
  4. oh my god! that is shocking!!! i bet there are loads more situations like that. i cannot believe they didn't consider that this kind of thing might happen as a result.
  5. I have recently been informed that Google Earth is so accurate that you can actually see inside my house, garden, car etc. I had a look and it is true! It is shocking, you can clearly see everything, from my kids toys in the garden, to my stuff inside my house, and even my cars registration plate. Its a burglars paradise. Surely this is an invasion of privacy? Is there anything I can do about it? I have a six foot fence around my house to keep my privacy, and all it takes is the click of a mouse and the fence is worthless!!!
  6. thank you!! i feel like one!
  7. thanks, freaky. i'm loving my new title!! hopefully, it might just help others to see that there is still hope, even under the current circumstances.
  8. i have heard nothing whatsoever, and it has been quite some time, so i think its a pretty good result!
  9. thanks pete. im feeling pretty chuffed, i must admit. i just wish all those others could have their own situations resolved so satisfactorally. still, i have faith, its only a matter of time.
  10. hello everybody, i thought i should update you. my oh finally made it to court, after the stay case being postponed due to a backlog. the judge was most sympathetic and gave the hsbc a serious talking to about the way they have treated this case and their customers in general, and sent the sheepish looking solicitor off to phone the bosses to see if they were prepared to make an offer there and then, but the answer was no. the judge then adjourned the case for a few weeks to give us chance to provide more recent financial details (they were about 6 months old as a result of all the waiting). at the second hearing, the next judge was also sympathetic, but as our financial situation had now improved (we have ditched the hsbc account and let them apply their charges to their hearts content and so no longer have any charges every month so we are back in control of our finances again,) he could not remove the stay. however, shortly after, we received a letter from the ombudsman saying that hsbc had offered to clear the overdraft and close our account, as a gesture of 'goodwill'(the overdraft was almost the same amount as our claim) and if the bank lost the test case we could reinstate our claim for any shortfall. I THINK THAT MEANS WE WON!!!!!!!!! obviously, we accepted!! obviously
  11. thanks for your replys. i am going to ignore the notice and stand my ground. its nice to have the support in these matters, i might otherwise have ended up paying it, so thanks again.
  12. Hi could somebody help me please? I have recieved a parking ticket from a pub car park. I have read the stickys, but i'm feeling a little daunted. I cant quite work out where I stand. The was a sign in the car park, but it is a small sign in a fairly large car park, and once I had received the ticket, it took me quite some time to locate it. How clear does the sign need to be? Does it matter at all, because there is hardly any information on the ticket so im wondering if the ticket is legal, anyway. I would scan it, but i have no scanning facility at the moment, but basically it states: PARKING CHARGE NOTICE(£60) Parking charge notice no**** PART 1 DETAILS ON (day)***(date)***at (time)*** location*** a vehicle registration number**** make**** colour***** was seen in circumstances which gave me reasonable cause to believe that contractual obligations indicated below have been accepted. VEHICLE WAS PARKED ON PRIVATE LAND WHERE PARKING RESTRICTIONS APPLY- THE USER-REGISTERED KEEPER OF THIS VEHICLE WILL BE LIABLE TO A FEE OF £60 PER VISIT IF THE VEHICLE IS NOT DISPLAYING A VALID PERMIT AND IN DOING SO ACCEPT THAT THEY WILL PAY THE CHARGE WITHIN 14 DAYS OF THE DATE OF ISSUE OF THIS NOTICE. SIGNS VISIBLE / PART 2 EXPLANATORY NOTES EFPN administers and manages the scheme on behalf of: Landlord to the above named location ISSUED BY **** CODE**** You have two options 1: The notice procedure provides that the allegation which is detailed in Part 1, may be discharged by paying a FIXED FEE of £60 within 14 days or 2: produce a valid parking permit within 14 days. Failure to reply within 14 days may result in a county court summons, you will also be liable to £27 late payment fee total £87 and all additional costs incurred by EFPN. Any suggestions how I should handle this? lolly.
  13. i'm sorry to hear that, pete, but on the other hand, i'm pleased that you had an enjoyable day out. i must admit if theres one good thing about hsbc, its that you do get a good laugh from time to time. i had a nice conversation with somebody a couple of days ago, and when i asked him awkward questions, he kept repeating the same answers over and over again, so i asked him if he was reading from a script. he went quiet, so i guess the script doesn't cover that particular scenario!!
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