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  1. It seems unfair, but I think no offence has occurred. According to case law, the display of items is an invitation to treat, the offer is when the items and payment are taken to the cashier, the acceptance is when the cashier exchanges the items for payment.
  2. Halifax is part of the HBOS Plc group, so yes.
  3. Grants and government support | Business Link
  4. I don't know if this link has been posted, it shows the legal firms that are acting for the banks: OFT kick-starts bank charge proceedings - 27 July 2007
  5. Well, first the banks didn't want to go to court and now they are eager to? Why? Because they know they've already won? I'm thinking conspiracy at the highest levels... money talks, always has done.
  6. Down in Pennsylvania where the pencils grow, You can hear the darkies singing sweet and low, You can here them singing of the place they love best, Out beyond the sunset in the far golden west. They're singing - "I'm going back to Imazaz, Never ever more from there to roam. I'm going back to Imazaz, That's the only place I call my home. I'm going back to Imazaz, My old mammy's waiting there to meet me - I'm going back to Imazaz, Im as 'as the pub across the street."
  7. Orville The Duck (who can ever forget that great tune "I Wish I Could Fly"?)
  8. grr... my last one should have been M... Marvelous 3 (who incidentally also did a song called Katrina)
  9. Telephone slamming - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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