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  1. You can see its a con from the fact that they are prepared to reduce your "fine" from £275 to £80. Your mistake was giving them your phone number, this is their favourite way of harassing people and don't forget whoever gets you to pay the £80 gets the commission. Write a standard template letter advising them that the debt is in dispute and advising them not to contact you again or you will report them to the police for harrasment. Don't pay, its a con, you would have been in court by now if it wasn't.
  2. Either do nothing as most people on here suggest or write to the debt recovery company stating the debt is in dispute with Parkforce, there is a template somewhere on here for that letter. I actually wrote disputing the debt and that was the last letter i got from the debt recovery agent other than one stating they had handed the debt back to parkforce, Parkforce then tried another couple of times which i just ignored as i was fed up by then and that was it, but just remember only a court can order you to pay money and nobody in this country to my knowlege has ever been taken to court for non payment of a private parking charge.
  3. I have had two Penalty/Parking Charge Notices from Parkforce, both nearly two years ago and neither amounted to anything. Firstly don't contact them at all, they will get your details from the DVLA and they will send you a letter advising you as the registered keeper that you are responsible which is nonesense. I replied in my own words after reading the template letters above stating they needed to contact the driver not the registered keeper, if you decide to reply never give them your phone number or email address and never telephone them, keep all correspondance to letters, its more expensive and time consuming for them and they soon get fed up. A few weeks after you reply you will receive another letter advising you the charge has increased and you must pay or they will involve a debt recovery agent. I replied again stating the same as my original reply and even enclosed a copy of my original reply. After my second reply to them, they then for some unknown reason sent me a letter saying my appeal had been rejected and i owed them the original amount which was £80, i wrote again because i was enjoying it by this time advising them that they were getting confused as i hadn't appealed against anything. A few weeks later came the debt recovery agent letter, again using my own version of the template letters i wrote advising them that the alleged fine was in dispute and not to contact me again or i would treat it as harrassment, they replied stating they had handed the case back to Parkforce and that was the last i heard from them. Then Parkforce tried again with another couple of letters a few months apart which i completely ignored and that seems to be the end of it. I havn't heard anything for a year, if you want a bit of fun write to them like i did, i enjoyed compiling my own versions of the template letters and getting their threatening replies knowing they were talking nonesense and once i got fed up of replying i just stopped. If you don't want to get involved writing to them just send them the one letter telling them to contact the driver and leave it at that. Just remember, no telephone calls or they will harrass you.
  4. Hello Steve_M, i don't mean I'm expecting another parking ticket, i only have the one, i mean if after 14 days i don't pay up they will inquire to the DVLA and get my address details and then send me another parking charge which of course increases to £135. The address will come up as my old address which i still live in by the way as i havn't completed the move, the reason the car was there was i had friends moving stuff for me and setting it up while i was at work. Obviously they were not amused at getting the ticket and told me straight away but from what i have read i am not liable and i also don't have to disclose the person who was driving. As i have said, do i write to them now or wait for the second demand and act as if i don't know about the ticket.
  5. I have recently moved into an apartment that has a private enclosed car park with allocated bays that is patrolled by UKPC, adjacent to the bays there is a pavement which if you park your vehicle beside it does not infringe on any vehicle parked in the bays, ie they can all get in and out of their relevent bays freely. On the gates and at points around the car park there are signs stating if you park there without a relevant permit you are entering into a contract and the fee is £60. Today i had some furniture delivered in my vehicle but not driven by myself and a parking ticket was duly placed on the windscreen with photographic evidence, the time of the ticket being issued is 1316 and the vehicle was moved at 1344, the vehicle was parked adjacent to the pavement not imposing on any bays therefore not preventing any permit holders from accessing their spaces. The person who issued the ticket i believe was one of the staff who work for the management company who was working on the building at the time and not by a patroller for UKPC. My questions are, do i contact the management company and explain the situation in the hope that they can get the ticket cancelled or do i write to UKPC denying i was the driver and advising them to contact the driver directly but not give them the driver details. Also do i write now denying i was the driver having just had the ticket that was placed on my windscreen or do wait until i receive a demand for money from UKPC which obviously increases after 14 days. I am having more stuff delivered tomorrow and is difficult to get it up to the third floor apartment using the stairs without leaving the vehicle parked for a while, lugging a three seater settee up three floors you need a rest between floors. I am mainly concerned as to whether i should write now having just received the ticket or wait for the demand after 14 days.
  6. What i think they are saying BenScoobert is that they can't be arsed doing anything because they would have to do some work, you havn't given them everything on a platter. Reading through the thread i think you have lost your money, your Ebay bargain has turned out to be a lemon, the only thing i can think of is the small claims court who might just look differently on the amount of vehicles he is selling and class him as a trader. Taking him to court in any other way could cost you a fortune. I hope you resolve the matter because there is nothing worse than buying what you think is "privately" and then finding out he is a trader, good luck.
  7. Ive just read through that rule 24 Aequitas and it does sound like i'm entitled to a "fair rate of interest" it will be interesting to see if it is offered to me or if i have to ask for it.
  8. Thanks buzby i thought as much, i didn't expect it to drag on this long, both flats are vacant possession, no chain, it just seems I'm not destined to own one.
  9. I have been trying to buy a flat since December 16th last year and due to reasons unbeknown to me or my solicitor the vendor has completely disappeared. In June i decided to pull out and start searching for another flat because after having a survey, search and all the other things there was still no sign of the vendor. I have found another flat, paid another search fee, survey and whatever else and I'm just waiting to exchange contracts, I've been advised that yet again there is a problem with planning permission, apparently nobody can find it. Anyway my query is, in February when i was supposed to be exchanging contracts with the first flat i deposited £17000 with my solicitor for the deposit, stamp duty and his fee's, now my solicitor has had this money for nearly 6 months and it has obviously been earning interest, am i entitled to the interest or does he get it?, if i get the interest it would offset having had two surveys done after the first purchase fell through.
  10. Seems its a known fault with the throttle body or wiring to the accelerator. Ford Fiesta 53 reg! EAC failure - Anyone seen this?
  11. I think you should really put a list here of what the garage say's the car needs, £1200 for repairs for a car that is worth maybe £300 tops doesn't make sense. A radiator is easy to remove and replace with one from a scrapper, the same goes for the seat belt, you should be able to get both items from a scrapyard off the shelf for less than £60. The problem being is what damage you have done driving the car with a water leak, have you damaged the cylinder head as a result ? Post a list of what your garage states the car needs and ask advice before making any decisions.
  12. Take your car to a local independent garage that is recomended by a friend or get a mobile mechanic to look at the car, or better still if your in the AA or RAC get them to look at it, they will confirm or refute whether the pipes need replacing. Ive never known an instance when all brake pipes have needed replacing on a vehicle, it just doesn't happen because they are all fixed at different locations therefore rot or get worn over a different length of time and as has already been stated, they don't weep fluid they burst with the intense pressure once they have rotted through. The only things that do weep fluid are the brake calipers or brake slave cylinders or master cylinders when a rubber seal perishes which again is a rare occasion. Before you do drive the car make sure there is brake fluid in the master cylinder and don't go to far, just far enough to have the vehicle checked which is why a mobile mechanic may be best for you on this occasion, you won't lose all your braking abiltiy because of the dual braking circuitry but you will lose 50% of your brakes if you lose the fluid from one side of the circuit. £300 is an awful lot of money to spend on something that probably doesn't need replacing.
  13. Make sure you time your service interval to occur a couple of weeks before your MOT is due, then your mechanic can include a pre MOT check with the service, this way you will know if your taking the car elsewhere for its MOT that it doesn't need any work doing, also you can take your car for an MOT up to 4 weeks prior to your old MOT running out as long as you take your old MOT certificate and advise the tester, this way you will have a 13 month MOT, If it passes of course
  14. Just to give you an idea of some prices for Rover parts this link shows Rover front discs starting at £11.45 for the 25 and 45 series and a full set of 4 pads at £16.94 https://www.sapmotorparts.com/shop/english/ Put your car part and vehicle and type in the drop down boxes, this will give you an idea of what the parts should really cost, thats even if they were needed, replacing discs and pads is a very simple and quick job and should not take more than 2 hours for all four wheels.
  15. Personally i'd say you've been well and truly ripped off, this type of fast fit company are renowned for telling unsuspecting customers especially women that they need work doing when it isn't necessary, brake pipe is extremely cheap and only needs one nut at each and the pipe flaring, a front to rear pipe can be made up for less than £10 and can be fitted in no more than 15 minutes unless one of the nuts have siezed, even then its not a difficult job to release, then its a five minute job to bleed the system. I'm afraid this is how this type of company make their money, it's MOT time and people are pleased to get their car through if it only cost's a couple of hundred pounds. You need to find a good independent garage or even a mobile mechanic to do your servicing and if your car ever fails its MOT again ask your mechanic if it really needs the work they say it needs, if he says not, you have grounds to complain to the Ministry of Transport, you can appeal against the MOT failure if your mechanic tells you the work is not needed.
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