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  1. Trying to come to an amicable agreement with them via consent order, I just can't afford to chance this in case it goes against me.
  2. Tarka 2 What sort of limited gurantee did you give was it the same as mine. Have you got your defence posted anywhere.
  3. Sorry I should have said hearing for a summary judgement. Which is basically an application by a claimant to say that i have no defence in the matter and there is no need to go to trial.
  4. I have a summary judgement in the next 2 days, is there any way I can have this postponed. Especially since they have not complied with the CPR and also in their statement of truth they they have attached a letter which they say they have sent me, but i actually have the original with a different date and amount.
  5. They didn't comply with the CPR and all they gave me way a copy guarantee and printed ledger sheets purporting to be bank statements. I have no way of verifing the statements since I do not hold the company records.
  6. One such format Barclays use is here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/business-claims-bank-charges/132425-business-account-chasing-me.html#post1434474
  7. wandajane were you asked to seek independant legal advice before offering the guarantee/charge.
  8. there is a hearing in the next 10 days-Summary Judgement. They have refrained form supplying me any information under CPR
  9. I have my own issues with Barclays http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/business-claims-bank-charges/132425-business-account-chasing-me.html I have a hearing for summary judgement.
  10. NEED a bit of clarification If a judge has ordered That the claimant by 4.00 pm on a certain date send to court and the defendant a reply to the defence. and the claimant doesn't, what do I do next
  11. Thanks Slick and nicklea, I'll will incorporate the amendments, also forgot one very important factor that the bank wanted me to sell my house and cover this OD.
  12. in reply to comments made in p.4 yes the company did make request for more advance. p.6. yes i did make a request under CPR 18 p.10 & 11 - I was not privy to all the company documents and thus I need them to supply me all the information requested.
  13. THE PROBLEM IS THEY HAVE SUPPLIED NOTHING APART FROM SOME STATEMENTS AND A COPY GUARANTEE. The other thing is that they are claiming for the entire guarantee and not just for the authorised OD which was less than the amount they are claiming. I vividly remember that the facility letter detailed how the guarantee was to be apportioned i.e. so much for OD so much for credit cards and so much for indemnities
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