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  1. Ok, but utility companies don't routinely attempt to penalise you for going about your daily business.
  2. If these Civil Enforcement Officers are out on the streets serving PCNs as a means of employment, i.e. they do it for a living, and they're making really quite silly mistakes left, right and centre; what redress do we have for taking the time out of our day to challenge them? If the local authotities are vicariously taking such a casual approach in issuing these things then what process can be put in place to counter this? Are we just supposed to be relieved that they've graciously agreed to waive the £50 penalty as a gesture of goodwill? I think I will enclose an invoice with my challenge this time - I mean why not? Then when they refuse to pay I'll take them to court; sure it will be complex and last for years, but on the steps of the high court the verdict will be damning and the consequences long-lasting. Or maybe I'll just leave it...
  3. They returned the charges, plus interest, plus court costs. I would advise anyone with an imminent court hearing with Barclays to call their Litigation Department on 02071161943 or 1944.
  4. I can't seem to find any collected list of Barclays settled claim numbers to go down the 'abuse of process' route, does anyone know if somebody has done this or do I need to collect them myself... :-?
  5. Like dar3n says, everything you need is right here - no need to be concerned.. just make sure you do it right i.e. read up first :-|.
  6. These are the documents I'm putting in my bundle (due in court 25 April ); can any see any glaring errors or things that should be there that aren't? Witness Statement Disclosure by List Correspondence Authorities Schedule of Charges Relevant Bank Statements Summary of Relevant Case Law Early Day Motion from the House of Commons Dunlop v. New Garage 1915 Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 OFT Statement Summary
  7. Thanks M30, i think i'll just suffer the time in preparation as it's been educational if nothing else . One other thing, the OFT Statement Summary that should go in my court bundleL: am i including the three page document or the much longer one (both from the oft.gov.uk website) :?.
  8. Dar3n, don't suppose you have any leads on the link you referred to:?:
  9. About the increasing interest RR, I claimed £132.68 in interest at the date of filing with MCOL (noting the daily rate of increase in the claim particulars). Any idea at what point I should bring the amount up to date?
  10. Geez these guys are stubborn; I can't believe this is being allowed to drag on - I suppose it keeps the county courts in business...six weeks til court I've got, schedule's in the post, working on bundle, wonder if I can charge for the time I've spent on all this? Hmmm...
  11. But for the Welshman I would not even have come this far - MCOL'ed on 8/12 - where would the banks be without us; they forget.. . :evil: No retreat, no surrender.
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