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  1. Jim, i would need you to email me or post here a copy of the agreement..Let me see it..and that we could find out if it's properly executed( or not) and inforceble( or not)... I do not mind you posting here...as you need some help and i am more than happy to help you.. M
  2. Hey Ian... It was a very hard work..but i would be lost without Pam...she is the one that helped me so much and even came to the hearring( can you believe it?)))))))))) Fast truck...with the barrister on their side....My judge was fair...WF should stop missleading people..and those who was missled should fight for their money back..... sending you big hug:)))) xx
  3. Hey Dip, Thank you so much... Let me know when you receive a copy of your agreement.. M
  4. Hey Mack...we ll get there at the end ...you are not along...plus we know more than i knew a year ago.... give us a shout when you receive a reply from WF and let us know who you are dealing with:))) x
  5. Well, the judgement letter came through the post....i should have the refund by 28th:)) Loving it:))))))
  6. Hey Dip, Is it any chance you can post the copy of your agreement here or email it to me? Thank you M
  7. MC, i wish you all the luck...saying that i do not believe the luck helped me:)))))))))))
  8. Hello Hell, I've celebrated well enough:)) and yes, it was a hard year for me and my claim..Howr u doing? ARE Ian and Dave still around? xx
  9. Hey May, I had a hard time( more than 5 hours) at court:))) Was a hard job and i wouldn't do it without Pamela...But hey..it's all over:))) How r u doing? Regards, M
  10. Hey Guys... Just wanted to let you know that i have WON the claim with WF in court...( 7th of Feb..more than a year since the first complaint sent) The Judge reopened the agreement on a based of Extortionate credit bargian and redused APR from initial 44.5% till 34.5%... The judge also ordered to refund PPI and Medicare...and my costs... Thank you for all your help and support.. Please let me know if you need any help in claiming PPI and medicare back... Kind regards, Itsme
  11. lucky u, alp..for some people claiming PPI from welcome is a second unpaid FULL time job with huge of Petty Cash expenses..
  12. Dear McFad, I do not want to dissapoint you, but you won't receive the answers you would normally expect: I had asked same question N 2, reply i had received is: I also have an answers to your question 3 and 4..and they are no better than the answer above... So i am looking forward to hear what Mr O is going to tell you:)))))))) Itsme
  13. Hey Tatty, It's really up to you... If you settle, you will get eventually your PPI back without harassement letters...You obviously have to claim PPI as Miss-sold, do a research, trying to prove it was miss-sold.. If you wont settle than on a top of above you ll have harassement letters, DCA knocking to your door, loads of calls..but the money would be still in your pocket...
  14. Just a quick update, i have received an offer on my Credit Card: £312, which is 100% of all charges applied to the account, but it doesn't include any PPI charges, no interest..no nothing... Question: can i accept the offer but still push PPI claim and interest(+ time spent, postage..etc)? As they included that acceptance form... Thank you... Kind regards, Itsme
  15. Hey con, I had a quick look on your agreement: it looks properly executed...I must admit, this is the best agreement i've ever seen from WF. But you still need to claim your mis-sold PPI back...Have you got your statements yet? do we know how much of PPI has been paid? kind regards, Itsme
  16. Can you scan and post the back of your LIFECARE policy schedule? I am glad you have kept it.( you can also email me the copy but the photobucket is easy to use). You have to send a SAR for all the loans... (Accept fee+ PPI+ Lifecare+)32.9%- these is how WF presented it into my case. You need to scan your agreement and post it here( or email it to me)... If they applied rule 78, than you probably still paying for PPI, Lifeinsurance, interest on the top only and havn't even started paying for the loan. ''Google'' Rule 78 ( as i have to run home)...But i am not 100% if they did applied it
  17. Hello AF, First of all send S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) request and find out how much of PPI balance has been paid. If you do not know you are also paying interest on those insurances, so the quicker you cancel them, the smaller repayment would be. If you look into your policy schedule you should find a cancellation paragraph 8 or 9 where it says that you can cancell your PPI policy.I had a problem with Lifecare insurance cancellation as in my Policy schedule it says that it's cancellable but WF provided me with copy of the Schedule without cancellation rights. So I hope you k
  18. Good news:)) I am so impresed. Have they offered PPI+ interest( your APR)? Were in court stage? Tell us more:) Kind regards, Itsme
  19. Hello Andy, Even if the box is ticked( by you or somebody else). Nothing stops you from claiming it back as a mis-sold one. You have done right thing by requesting all the information on your account via SAR. Follow the normal procedure. Put your PPI charges into spreadsheet and send them your first Prelim. Good luck. Kind regards, Itsme
  20. Hey MICH, I PERSONALLY HAD ONLY £44 REBATED TO MY ACCOUNT WITH FLA help. I think I've kept an email address of Ms Charles somewhere. Let me know if you need it. Before you file a POC you have to make sure that it's well prepared and includes strong points. I haven't heard anybody won in court with Welcome. Good luck and keep us posted. Kind regards, Itsme
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