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  1. Hi Percy, ive not started my claim against RBS, I am tackling others first. However in relation to what you can claim for, take a look at the FAQ section which covers this in detail. The trickiest bit I found was the interest part of the reclaim, ie the interest they will have charged you on top of your penalty charge. However if you have all the statements then you should be able to do this easy enough with the complex spreadsheet for charges which you can find in the templates section. TSB have scuppered my attempt to do this as they have only sent a list of charges and not the full stat
  2. Thanks Livelylad, i checked out the gov website and have got on to NPAS and will be challenging the decision. I am writing to the council one more time to ask for my money back and stating that failure to comply will result in a formal challenge, plus a freedom of information act request which will cost them alot more to comply with than refunding my £20. not that the request will be vexatious as the public have a right to know that the councils signage is resulting in inappropriate charges for unsuspecting motorists. will update when i have a response.
  3. Hi, earlier in the year I got a ticket for parking in stafford close to the train station. The ticket machine said maximum stay 6 hours (just under the slot for the money), so I paid the maximum fee and caught the train into Birmingham. I got back within 6 hours but found a ticket saying I had overstayed the 4 hour limit. Looking around, there indeed was a sign at the entrance that said four hours, but the ticket machine itself said 6 hours. checking the ticket also said 4 hours, but I paid no heed to this as I assumed it was six. I wrote to the council and got back a letter which implied
  4. Hi Wiggins, If I was you, I would go after both, get your charges refunded by the bank and get your employer to pay up as well. Teach them a lesson that it hurts them when they pay you late and enjoy double moneyback.
  5. juttley72

    Uttley V MBNA

    Hi Everyone, received the response to my SAR a couple of weeks ago, along with a good will gesture of £120. Sent back my response yesterday which is of course following the advice posted on this site of accepting it as partial payment. I have just phoned to speak to the ever popular Paul Miney of Colin Pugh to see if they would calculate the interest for me as I am uncertain of what the rate is. I could not get though to them but spoke to another person who basically said that I should wait until they have responded to my letter as they had not yet received it within their dept. Si
  6. Hi, It makes no difference as the Data Protection Act S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) will be for all information held on you regardless of the number of cards or accounts. If they try to charge you separately, (which i doubt) then inform the information commissioners office who will put them straight. regards John
  7. Hi All, I got a response today from Lloyds TSB, similar to the below responses posted by reload, they now include a section about the OFT decision and say they DO NOT AGREE WITH THE POSITION OF THE OFT! and are talking it through with them. They go on to say the OFT decision relates to credit cards and not bank charges which are fixed charges and not penalty payments (not certain how they can differentiate as it amounts to an unjustifiable charge being levied against the account). Anyway, they go on to say they cannot refund the charges and if I am not happy to approach the ombudsman. Nex
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