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  1. Hi all I wondered if anyone could help with the following. I recently had a car accident, which wasn't my fault. The next day I had a message on my phone from the third party's insurers, saying "We're sorry to hear about your incident and to put your mind at rest we're accepting responsibility". I told my insurers about this call. But, a few days later, my insurers got in touch to tell me that my third party's insurers received no further information from their client. I mentioned their phone call to me again, but my lot said they hadn't heard anything about it, even though they'd spoken to the third party's lot that very same day. Am I missing something here? Can an insurers company accept responsibility without actually accepting it? And can they change their mind? GG
  2. Got all remaining statements at the end of last week. Decided not to go for CCI, so sending prelim off today. From the posts it looks like I'll be in for a rough ride with Bcard, so wish me luck! GG
  3. Hi all Money in account today, after LBA letter, so that's that. Hooray! Can someone change the title of the thread to *WON* or *SETTLED* or something - whichever is appropriate. Many thanks to everyone for their help - I only wish I was going to see any of the money I'm being refunded and it wasn't going to be swallowed up by my overdraft! GG
  4. Excellent, that's what I thought, thanks. Is there something official I can use to back that up in my reply to them. Their final point in the t&c says "This agreement is governed by English Law", which is good, as it invalidates their charges unless they can prove what it costs them, doesn't it! GG
  5. Thanks bookworm. The thing is, it looks like from their t&cs that they *could* have charged me interest when my account defaulted last time. They didn't - what I paid back was the original amount plus an extra £25 for the defaulted cheque [[edit see below]]. So, could they try and get that money out of me (from the time the payment defaulted to the time I paid it off) even though the account is now clear? It all seems a bit odd to me. I could do with some legal info about this to hit them with, but haven't found anything about it...yet... There are other odd things in their t&cs. In the letter, they say they didn't charge me interest. Yet it is one of these pay day advance things, where you give them a cheque for, say, £100 and they give you £87 back and bank the cheque a month later. In the t&cs, it's described like this: Total charge for credit interest (blah blah) "This is calculated at 13% of the face value of the cheque on the date of the loan". So, in fact, you pay the interest in advance, when you start the process, so, in fact, I did pay interest on each cheque. I may not have paid for the month it was defaulted, though, but in any case they charged me £25 which more than covers it! See what I mean? Am I thinking straight? GG [[edit: amount paid back in total on a £100 cheque = £113 + defaulted fee £25 = £138]]
  6. Also says, later on, in the T&Cs: "Interest on overdue amounts may continue to be charged after any judgement has been obtained against you". But surely they can't apply this after account is clear? GG
  7. Thanks, Bookworm. They've highlighted a bit of what's called 'Key Information' - I'll represent the bit they've highlighted with **, but will include the whole bit: **Dishonoured cheques will incur a default charge of £25 each.** You may also be liable to any other reasonable costs and charges that we incur or pay to a third party, including legal costs which arise out of your breach of the agreement and any costs we may incur if we have to trace you. **We are also entitled to charge you default interest on unpaid sums at the rate of interest above** Forgot to say, that in their letter they also stated that the charges reflect the cost, but didn't attempt to prove it, it was just a stipulation. Thanks GG
  8. Hi all Bit of a strange one this. Am in correspondence with one of these cheque cashing companies about unfair charges (they charged me £25 per bounced cheque, last year). My account with them is now clear, and has been since around the end of 2006, so I don't owe them any money at all. They replied basically saying the charge is in their T&Cs (yes, I know, and I can deal with that) and also saying "we draw your attention to the interest section of the T&Cs. So far, we have not excercised our right to charge interest on your account. Accordingly, we consider the matter closed". So, they're threatening to charge interest on my account if I proceed? Surely they can't charge back-dated interest? Can anyone offer any advice about this? Thanks all GG
  9. any advice with the above, guys? thanks GG
  10. This might be a record... received statements from June 2004 today. Usual stuff in accompanying letter about microfilm. They say they'll be sending the earlier statements later, but it may take "6 weeks or so". Now there's a suprise, Barclaycard. I'll be sending a little nudge letter to you as soon as I've got new toner for my printer. Now, can anyone help with a question about contractual interest?: Firstly, I can't get any of the spreadsheets to download. I've tried to get Vamps' one, but it says it can't find the file. Should I look somewhere else? Secondly, there are different rates of interest on some of my statements, so how do I go about working out CCI for each? I could do it manually by having lots of different spreadsheets and them combine the results into one at the end. Would that work, do you think? Thanks a lot everyone GG
  11. Oh. Re my last point - I see it is now, weird!
  12. I haven't accepted yet, and I haven't filed the MCOL either. This is just in response to the LBA. It's £106 short of the total, but I'm still going to accept, I think. I've got Barlcaycard to concentrate on, and from the bcard forum it looks like that's going to be a whole barrel of fun. Thanks for all the advice, everyone. I'll post when I've actually got the refund in my account. GG ps - anyone know why my signature doesn't show? I've set it up so it should do...?
  13. Received new offer today of £2k. This is only a little short of what I asked for originally, and is in agreement to what I asked for following their first offer. I plan to accept. I'll keep my wits about me until it's in my account, though. Success! GG
  14. The most they can charge is £10, but unless she did a specific 'subject access request' they may be able to try to charge what they like. Did she do it officially or just ask to see her statements? Some banks have tried to charge £3 per statement if the requested isn't specifically related to the data protection act. GG
  15. It's not HSBC who make this charge, is it? I thought it was the companies who run the cash machines. If you use a link machine from a bank, you won't be charged, I don't think. GG
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