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  1. Hi all, I have gone through the process of writing 2 letters to NW and now am in process of taking them to small c-court through Moneyclaim online. I have now received a letter 'notice that acknowledgment of service has been filed'. I am assuming this is just a letter to lwt me know that Cobbetts have acknowledged and they have crossed the intend to defend all of claim. It also says that they have up to 28 days to file a defence. What happens now?? Cheers!
  2. I have my statements to hand and just wondering am I asking for the full charges back? So for example I get charged £39.00, should I be claiming the difference between the £12.00 and the £39.00??
  3. I'd be interested to see how you get on with Natwest as I am about to send them a very long letter with a list of charges too! Trust me to pick the 'difficult' bank!
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