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  1. it's not great but it's home! there's a pub called Banker's Draft just up from the courts which i think would be quite fitting....
  2. ha ha ha! I know, might get my post edited for that one!! how funny would that be with all you lot in court as well! It'll be Sheffield combined courts then and i'll let you know of the date.... then we can all go for a big party after with my money-how's that for a donation??? ; )
  3. Thanks guys, I love this site, everyone is willing to help others out both with advice and support!! Now lets see, AQ due in on Monday 23rd April-filed yesterday (20th April) along with new strategy for AQ stuff (don't understand the legal stuff in it but what the hell!!) saved a copy for me-sent a copy to DG, both the court and DG got a copy of my schedule of charges (AGAIN!), just waiting again now.. the only thing I'm worried about is if it gets to court and then I might have to start looking round for a solicitor to help out (HSBC would be paying for that as well don't worry!). To be hon
  4. hiya, sent a letter to DG telling them that time was up, one week to file a defence or else etc.. they filed a defence and now i have an allocation questionnaire.. due on 23rd April, i can fill in the AQ but what happens now? the defence says what i guess everyone else's does, that HSBC deny everything and that they are in the right... i'm starting to get a bit worried now, what if the judge doesn't file in my favour? and do i have to pay another £100 on top of the court fee I've already paid?-can i claim this back too? HELP!!!
  5. got an offer letter exactly 1 week after I was supposed to file N1-luckily I was too busy to file and they offered £3339 (full amount). of course i filled in the form to accept the offer and got it in the post the same day, rang the number on the letter and the lady said that the money would be in my account within 10-14 working days ( so they have until 16th April). unfortunately, since then i have already moved all my dd and pay and stuff to another bank, and have incurred some charges from RBS since...as soon as that money goes into this account i'm going to withdraw what's left, shut my ac
  6. thanks very much you 2!do really appreciate all this as starting to get a bit worrying and haphazard in these later stages as all other cases i have read seem to take different routes. i'll have a read of the letter in the link and send one off 2moro and ring the courts as well. (ps lateralus, what were you doing up at a reasonable hour??)
  7. sorry to sound daft but what does struck out mean? they basically have 2 weeks from when i ask for judgement as a final final deadline then will i get a court date or does the court just tell me of the ruling? (thanks for your post by the way!)
  8. sent LBA on 2nd march, and going to submit my N1 on monday to court. given up on the other case for Data protection and told courts that it had been satisfied, now just want my money.. could really do with a holiday after all this!! to say i started this back in november, it finally seems like there's a light at the end of the tunnel! anyone know how long it takes from court case starting to actually getting some money back from these highway men?
  9. submitted my court case-judgement day was on 12th march so sent my form back to the courts-not heard anything back yet so will give them a ring on monday to what the crack is. can anyone tell me how long it takes for a judgement to be enforced.. ie when i will get a cheque from HSBC?? cheers.
  10. thanks hydra, i think you're right there to be honest! sent prelim letter on 16th feb-amount is now £3339.90! can't wait for interest on that one! i've just done my LBA ready for 2nd march. i figured it would be better to have everything ready with this one as my other claim with hsbc is taking ages! do you think i should just leave the case for data protection or how do i tell courts to leave it now? do i have to wait for a reply from courts?
  11. hi there, received letter from rbs solicitor yesterday basics said were that this is the defence and that i don't have a case to issue a court order and cannot claim damages. saying that rbs have complied with data protection as they sent my statements on 22nd november with a covering letter and they also sent a letter on 23rd november about manual intervention... a few points i would like to send to this smart alec but i don't know whether i should send to him and a copy to the courts. these are, if the statements had been sent, why on the 29th december (after 40 days) did i ring my bank bran
  12. cheers lateralus, i've got the letter printed off and ready to go, just waiting now i guess (speaking of which, my claim with RBS is takin ages, haven't even got statements back yet but filed N1 form on 8th jan for data protection-and i think you'll get this- i paid the court fee for a court order and damages with an RBS cheque!! how ironic!
  13. received letter back today from courts, from what i can gather, because the head office is in scotland they get an extra 7 days to file an acknowledgement of service. the claim will be deemed to be served on 21st january and they have until 17th february to reply. roll on 17th feb, still haven't got my bank statements yet so i reckon i might be about 3 months away from my money back. gutted but at least have had a offer from HSBC of £366 less than my claim... and started claims at same time, so there's hope yet!!
  14. funny that, received offer letter today for £1388 (claim is for £1634), i'm thinking that they only did this to [edit] me off cuz it wouldn't be such a bad offer if i hadn't just paid the court costs i would accept it.. i think i might accept as part payment and advise them of court proceedings already submitted. does anyone think this would be a better idea (court claim would be £1754 plus interest, so their offer is £366 under-not including interest).
  15. taken my court claim form in to courts yesterday and a nice lady there said i should hear something back quite soon.. anyone know how long it takes from this stage to get my money back as repayments on my managed loan from hsbc need paying off...
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